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Ancient Vibrational Energy Secrets Revealed

Jill's Wings Of Light is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of Sound Healing; to spread awareness of the many novel uses of Sound Energy for the benefit of mankind. This website reveals sound healing techniques that have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. The information of ancient origin is combined with modern scientific findings to present innovative methods to achieve restored health and vitality, emotional strength, intelligence, and higher consciousness.

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Jill combines modern science and ancient wisdom in her books, videos, articles, and lectures. Jill uses intricate Sound Healing techniques in her magical music that offers deep healing possibilities. This site also presents other expressions of healing arts, including inspired paintings and selected unique product offerings.

Selections from Paint Your Soul, Star Dust, and Healing Flower Symphonies

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First Free Mp3 Paint your Soul CD - Songs from Paint your Soul contain Fibonacci tones - created by a mathematical pattern found in the stars, your body, flowers, beehives and transposed to music. Ancient people listened to the Solfeggio tones (that are also in this music), to enhance spiritual enlightenment and uplift their souls. For example, the fifth tone is the frequency of DNA.

Second Free Mp3 Star Dust CD - This selection from Star Dust contains heavenly music with the sounds of the planets and trace elements in stars - converted into twinkling tones! Harmonize with the heavens and balance astrological energy.

Third Free Mp3 Healing Flower Symphonies - Listen to the literal sounds of flower energy, embedded in this delightful music! Clear negative emotional energy and build positive feelings! You can feel negative energy as you get rid of it!

Jill Mattson, author, musician and composer, seeks to further the use of sound in healing. She is committed to teaching techniques that enhance spiritual, mental and physical growth through vibratory energy, and encourages communication and the universal sharing of new information on Sound Healing around the world.

Jill combines her extensive research of modern Sound Healing with the 20+ year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her works. Discover a multitude of Ancient and Modern Techniques using Sound Energy and special Sound Healing Frequencies to achieve remarkable results. Realize Tomorrow's Total Wellness Today!

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