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~ Gifts of Angel Light~ (Bundle Special)

This Earth and its People are advancing with constant acceleration. We arecontinually given more powerful tools – just when we need them – to lift upourselves and the Planet. Reconnect to the Etheric Energy Archetype of your Original Higher Divine Embodiments. Reclaim the energies that you wielded before you incarnated in time. You never truly lost your power and energy from higher incarnations; this virility rests in your etheric records. You can now activate and reconnect to receive this energy – it is yours from deep within.

Access and inject these robust streams into your daily reality.

Revisit your earliest, loftiest natures. Learn from the immense energy that you once possessed… tie into these high energies, learn from them, and retain some of this unrivaled force – make it part of you forever. Remember who you are – deep inside. This quantum jump in energy instantly takes you closer to God and Angels, and … it quickens you, lifts you up, and drives you forward on your journey.

Connect with your Angels:

  • Learn how to receive communications from Angels and Masters.
  • Experience many ancient secret ways to download and ingest divine energies.
  • Add angle reiki to your energy work!
  • Enjoy angel tuning forks, to open higher chakras and angelic energy!
  • Enjoy receiving high frequencies from Higher Realms and remembering who you are.


What the Bundle Includes:

1. Divine invocations CD (Digital) – $22 Value
2. Contacting Angels and Masters CD (Digital) – $22 Value
3. The Angels Triumvirate Videos (Digital) – $33 Value
4. Divine Names of God Video (Digital) – Free Bonus
5. Angel Tuners (Physical) – $59 Value
6. Learn to use Angel Tuning Forks Video (Digital) – Free Bonus
7. Angel Reiki Class Video (Digital) – $44 Value
8. Angels – Shapeshifting Class Video (Digital) – $33 Value
9. Contacting the Angels and Masters Class Videos (Digital) – $33 Value

Total value $246, plus Free Bonuses!

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