Sound Healing Secrets from Ancient Civilizations

This topic is truly Jill Mattson's "Sweet spot". She has written 3 books on this Topic and has to be considered one of the preeminent experts in the world on Ancient Civilizations and Sound Healing.
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Learn and enjoy Sound Healing Techniques from all over the ancient world – Atlantis, Egypt, China, India, and more!

Learn to:

  • Gather Celestial Energy & that of Higher Dimensions with your Voice
  • Activate & strengthen Telepathic Skills
  • Discard foggy energy hindering your Life Path
  • Discover your Planet of Origin
  • Activate 12 strands of DNA
  • Access Higher Dimensions
  • Use Portals to make Energetic-Changes to alter Life’s Outcomes
  • Enjoy Interspecies Communication – with plants & nature
  • Download Higher Blueprints of Energy
  • Strengthen & Communicate with Ancient Atlantean Masters and Angels

If you are on the spiritual path, seeking to empower yourself with excellent health, intuition and psychic abilities, then join the fun and “blast from the past.” Perhaps you will remember the skills you used in a former life in Atlantis! Refresh your memory from past incarnations and recognize previous accomplishments while increasing your power and skills!

You are vibrational energy! Sound and special frequencies can alter you at profound levels. Slowly but surely, sound energy influences tiny vibrations that compose “all that is you.” Ancient sounds and music are energy treatments to alter your emotions, thoughts, spirituality, and physicality. Experiment with combining these methods with other modalities, such as massage, Reiki, cranial sacral…. wonderful.

Course Details & Materials

Sound Healing Secrets from Ancient Civilizations

4+ Hours of Videos plus attachments

Ancient Healing Secrets: Part 1 – One hour Ground your energy with sound. Use your voice to access and integrate energy from higher dimensions! Listen to the sounds of silence. Learn about Fibonacci numbers and Solfeggio tones.

Ancient Healing Secrets: Part 2 – 53 Minutes
What is your home planet or star? Create Gogi balls for healing and protection. Use your voice to access higher dimensional energies, DNA Healing, Use different dimensions for Healing, Release energy blockages.

Ancient Healing Secrets: Part 3 – 54 Minutes
Directing energy of intent and prayers, Reverse mediumship & being a medium, Using harmonics for Healing, Identifying & removing root energies, Color and Sound Healing, other ancient practices

Ancient Healing Secrets: Part 4 – 1 hour 24 minutes Ancient Sound Healing in ancient China, Atlantis, India, Egypt, Greece, Middle Ages, Classical Music and present music and its impact on us, Languages of light, Levitating rocks with sound

Atlantean Masters: 37 Minutes – Channeling of the Ancient Atlantean Masters

Chanting Om 8 minutes

Solfeggio tones 7 minutes

Egyptian chant for crossing over to the Other Side 3 minutes

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