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Learn straight from Jill in our professional classes on Sound Healing. Courses contain extensive video content, handouts, music, charts, and more. 

Anchoring in the 5th Dimension

Learn ancient methods of using sound healing to raise your own frequencies. How can sound be used to ingest high energies that enable you to stay in a good mood? You feel healthier after these toning exercises.

Science shows that when healthy, the frequencies in the body are in balanced. These sound-based methods help you to fill in your missing frequency needs.

Ancient masters divided frequencies into ranges, called musical tones, and these correlated them to the colors, emotions and physical health issues.

Disciples “mastered” frequencies, meaning they maintained positive health and emotions belonging to a range of frequencies. Learn how to work with these sound healing rays.

Sacred geometry is essentially healing shapes found in nature. Shapes give off subtle frequencies and many of these nature-based patterns are essential for great health within the human body. When we view or listen to sacred geometry, we ingest these uplifting frequencies.

Jill Mattson teaches how to unify and raise the energies in your body, aura and emotions for health, wellness and balance, making you feel sublime.

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