Manifesting! Create w/ Sound Energy!

Learn to use closely guarded Ancient Techniques from Mystery Schools of thousands of years ago, as well as Modern Scientific Methods to increase your energy… that ultimately will increase the power of your attraction!!!
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This in-depth video course demonstrates how to improve your personal power to make manifesting easier and more effective. Use energy within your heart, voice and mind – powerful energy reserves – to amplify your manifesting. Use the Science of Sound to create energy to materialize your goals.

Look into the future to understand obstacles and results of manifesting, before you commit energy to the process. Experience the thrilling “aha” moments of clarity! Leave energies in your future …that you want to later receive!

Learn what obstacle-energies prevent your goal from manifesting?? Pre-birth contracts? Negative Energies of others? Alter your energy fields for receiving!

Remove energy blockages that prevent your goal from manifesting. Use Quantum Entanglement, the Egyptian Ka Body and Astrological Energy to your benefit! Learn about frequencies that build energy & clear obstacles, clearing negative past life energies and circumventing astrological difficulties.

Also in the video, Creating with Sound, Learn to:

  • Retrieve your higher self’s voice – for aid in affirmations, healing and evolution.
  • Alter pre-birth contracts obstructing attainment of your goal
  • Dissolve interfering astrological energies
  • Find Hermetic Magic – to fill your Words with Power
  • Time travel to observe the energy of your future designs… Is this really what you want?
  • Align internal energies in harmony to increase your manifesting/healing strength
  • Increase the resonance and power of your affirmation
  • Clear energetic pathways in your body with purifying sound
  • Ground yourself with Sound, increasing your strength and spoken voice
  • Use sound and the vibrations of your voice to increase your own power!
  • Align your consciousness with what you desire

90 minutes of video

Course Details & Materials

Manifesting with Sound

1.5 Hours of Videos, including techniques, transformative meditations, and tools to use every day!

Increase your personal power with sound, clear blockages to manifest, learn about manifesting techniques – altering your practices for quicker and more powerful results by using sound.

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