Roadkill Ministries

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This video expands our compassion and healing for animals. Humans have responsibility for the care of animals, and shamefully we have done horrible things to them.

This video teaches a technique to expand compassion and spiritually uplift animals’ souls that have been killed by automobiles. If you heal and bless others, such as animals on the side of the road, that effort blesses you, too.

The act of blessing an animal requires that you learn to tune into its energies, then lift up and bless them. This technique blesses you (you sow what you reap), while developing your intuition and spiritual sensitiveness.

When an animal is hit on the road, it experiences acute trauma. They must
eventually clear this negative energy, but you can do this for them. It is a gift of love. I clear any animal that I see that has been killed on the road. Next, I do a clearing for the entire animal kingdom.

These acts of kindness make our world a better place. Our world is only as good as how we treat the least among us.

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