Your Sacred Garden

Learn straight from Jill in our professional classes on Sound Healing. Courses contain extensive video content, handouts, music, charts, and more. 

Ancient Secrets of Sages taught how to encourage plant growth. Learn these fascinating sound healing techniques for your garden. The most surprising impact on the health of your garden is sound. Your plants love sound healing. Sound triggers them in marvelous ways. Did you know that your plants sing? Literally?

At Danaher, Italy, scientists hooked up sensors that lie detectors use to the leaves of plants. The plants create vibrations. The sensor sends its vibrations to a musical synthesizer. The synthesizer acts as a joystick and recreates the music of the plants. Each plant has its music, and that is especially healing to the plant.

Jill Mattson, sound healer, teaches you how to communicate with your plants. Each plant is different and loves you. They are so joyful when you are aware of them.

Sacred Geometry includes shapes that are common in nature. These healing shapes create tiny frequencies below our level of hearing (the volume is too low, not the pitch). Different plants prefer to be grown in different shapes. They become healthier and bigger with this subtle sound from the shape of your garden.

The stars send energy to the Earth. NASA and satellites capture this. Studies have shown that these star frequencies from planets in our solar system are incredibly beneficial to plant growth. Learn numerous studies relating sound healing to your garden. Learn about protein music that doubles the growth of plants and improves a plant’s resistance to disease.

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