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Frequencies for Defense are free

In these troubling times, we all need to pull together and be our best. Truly, we need to do something for the “Greater Good”. With that goal in mind, I (Jill Mattson) have collaborated with Sharry Edwards on a project to help combat the Coronavirus.

Sharry is the world-famous founder of BioAcoustics, Modern Master of Sound Frequencies in their myriad relationships to the Human Body & Voice, researcher, innovator, and teacher.

Much more background and detail regarding Sharry and myself is available on this website – and I encourage all interested to explore here… however, the punch line of all this is: Sharry has done some amazing work on the Coronavirus and she has made available some countering frequencies that I have turned into energy-packed audio recordings that are available for downloading and listening – NOW! AND THEY ARE FREE OF CHARGE! Everything is contained in 18 mp3’s totaling 67 minutes in length.

I am calling the collection of our collaborative effort: Frequencies for Defense ~ Sound Healing Protection for your Immune System against the Coronavirus.


Sharry Edwards’ life work has been studying Sound Frequencies as they relate to living organisms and the many interactions and possibilities that exist and link the two. She has opened up a new field of investigation – a proto-science, concerning all this – which she calls BioAcoustics. I (Jill Mattson) have worked for over 30 years in a kindred field which I refer to as Sound Healing. Sharry’s specialties include identifying and applying special sound frequencies to assist the human body – in an amazing number of diverse ways. My skills are centered around composing music and utilizing/applying Sound and Music, teaching, writing and making these powerful tools available to the average person.

In early March I was awestruck with the devastating worldwide spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I immediately thought of Sharry who I have known for 20 years. I was familiar with past work that she had done studying viruses and pathogens and protocols that she had developed to alleviate the effects of these. I contacted her to see what we might be able to do together. As I expected, Sharry had already been hard at work on possible solutions to this virus scourge.

Background: BioAcoustics & Sound Healing ~ Sharry Edwards & Jill Mattson

Sharry Edwards has devoted her life to researching and globally sharing the benefits and knowledge of a new field of science that she has named BioAcoustics. Instrumental in BioAcoustics is using Frequency EquivalentsTM to provide harmony in the body. An upset in the body’s wellbeing is usually evidenced by missing or over-abundant frequencies. Sharry can detect such missing or out-of-balance frequencies and her findings have shown that by restoring missing essential frequencies and harmony to the body, it can usually heal itself.

All living things, many inanimate objects, nutrients, and pathogens have a Frequency Equivalent. These items have a physical aspect AND they also possess a vibrational nature – a Frequency Equivalent. As an illustration, Sharry has determined the Frequency Equivalent of niacin, a nutritional supplement that when ingested can often make your face flush. When you listen to this sound – the Frequency Equivalent of niacin – your face will also flush, without taking any physical supplement. The body appears to use/treat the frequency equivalent in the place of the ingested physical substance. In another, vastly different example, music has the capacity to deeply affect our moods. Frequencies found in music can evoke an emotional reaction. These are two very different but specific ways that frequencies can interact with us – touching our physical and emotional selves.

Without attempting to get technical – Sharry’s BioAcoustics relies on mathematical relationships. The human body also has math embedded in its many systems. An important technique in BioAcoustics identifies a harmonic pattern of sounds within the body. A frequency that is out of coherence with the rest of the body’s harmony can be altered to support health and wellness. One of the breakthroughs that Sharry has achieved with BioAcoustics is the discovery of the mathematical foundation of the body in its interaction with and use of frequencies.

I (Jill Mattson) am a musician, composer and a long-time student of Sound Healing and the (more esoteric) Traditions and Techniques of Sound and Music throughout the ages – for the benefit of mankind. I have learned especially valuable information from Ancient Civilizations. After much study and effort, I learned how to compose and produce multi-dimensional Musical & Sound Healing Works. I believe that Sound Energy is uniquely powerful and that it has the ability to interact with us on many levels… the physical and subtle energetic to name two of the most important.

I have learned to lay down track after track of music combined with all manner of musical instruments and specific sonic frequencies… frequencies from Flower Remedies, vitamins, complex chemicals such as amino acids and crystals, emanations from tuning forks, sound generators, chants, vocals and more. These sources are combined in one deep composition – of many layers – many tracks. It is analogous to an entire orchestra playing together at one time – but the combination is designed to impart unique and specific energies and frequencies beyond just the music. The listener cannot detect all of the components present. However subtle, low volume tones can be immensely powerful even though you are not consciously aware of their presence. I wrote the music and performed it using many instruments. Many of my works sound like pleasing musical compositions but there is always much more going on than that. My gifts are my musical and compositional skills to discover and combine balancing and harmonizing tones, special frequencies and much much more. I believe my approach with Sound & Music is the perfect vessel for Sharry Edward’s directed frequencies.

Hopefully, with the above explanations, it becomes clear why Sharry Edwards and I decided to work together to use the frequency equivalents that she determined will strengthen the body against the coronavirus. I have created a matrix of music, and these efficacious frequencies are embedded in that music.

How our work helps against the Coronavirus

Before we try to explain how we believe our work can help against the coronavirus pandemic we MUST make clear that we are NOT medical professionals. PLEASE READ DISCLOSURE DISCLAIMER!

We do not intend to give any medical advice or provide any treatments. We completely support the recommendations to do Social Distancing and Hygiene practices etc. Contact your doctor if you are not feeling well. We believe in the value of our medical system and we want what is best for everyone. We also do not believe that our work – powerful as it is – is in any way a substitute for proper healthy behavior including diet, exercise and rest. We believe that we offer something that can help some people significantly. We first want to make sure that we DO NO HARM.

That said, we believe that the work that Edwards and Mattson have collaborated on can be beneficial. Though Edwards has had success in directly combating some viruses in the past (see the section on Historical Cases – BioAcoustics), in the instance of the Coronavirus the best option appears to be providing the frequencies of two important compounds to strengthen the immune system. Edwards has been able to determine that with the onslaught of the current pandemic, the body is in dire need of specific nutrients to help counter the coronavirus; two critical ones according to Edwards are glutathione and quercetin. A healthy immune system always needs these nutrients – and seemingly in the case of the coronavirus, they are especially essential. We can eat foods that are good sources of these nutrients, such as:

For glutathione – asparagus, avocado, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, garlic, chives, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds and walnuts

For quercetin – onions, apples, grapes, berries, broccoli, citrus fruits, cherries, tea, and capers

Research has shown that glutathione is an antioxidant in plants, animals and some simple organisms. It has been shown to be a critical component in the lymphatic system – supporting the immune system. It has also demonstrated detoxification benefits. Quercetin has exhibited a wide range of health benefits, including the ability to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, protect against cardiovascular diseases, anti-cancer agents, boost the immune system, reduce histamines, fight allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Of course, we endorse eating healthy. Our unique contribution is to offer the listening option! Listen to Mattson’s compositions containing Edwards frequency equivalents of glutathione and quercetin. Your body needs a healthy dose of these energies and this is a powerful way to get them. Altogether Frequencies For Defense consists of 18 tracks and over 67 minutes of listening. There are also frequencies of other valuable vitamins and supplements – contained in these tracks. In addition to the critical compounds, glutathione and quercetin, mentioned above we have included seven other substances that will empower the effectiveness of the immune system and increase the overall efficacy of these mp3s. Some of the other frequencies included are for: Vitamin C, adrenaline, epinephrine, ACTH and others.

One of the earliest observations concerning the coronavirus – that scientists around the world quickly agreed on – was that young people were not being relatively hard hit and were not suffering nearly as many serious complications from the virus.

A much smaller percentage of people 30 and under, got seriously sick. The reason for this is abundantly clear – this is a virus that is usually controlled when put up against a healthy immune system. However, due to the basic epidemiology of the coronavirus and because we have no herd immunity against the coronavirus at all, it makes it potentially deadly when an afflicted person has a weak or compromised immune system. Armed with this information we believed that the fastest way to proceed – to help the maximum number of people possible – was to develop the most potent and effective means available to strengthen our immune systems – and – target enhancing and bolstering the immune systems of older people and those suffering from chronic health conditions. We currently cannot prevent infection by the coronavirus, but we can help significantly reduce the severity of the disease by building up our immune systems.

When one studies the frequencies within the body, it is clear that when in tune and harmonious, the body is well and vibrant. By examining the frequencies of the coronavirus, an advanced expert – such as Sharry Edwards – can determine what tangible things that the body needs and what are the correlating frequency equivalents. Energy transfers on the same frequencies (and musical octaves of the frequencies). This process is called resonance. These areas in the body and components of the immune system are built up when they resonate with their frequency equivalents. The BioAcoustic Institute has not tested anyone who has the coronavirus yet. They have successfully used frequencies for past flu outbreaks to reduce symptoms on a variety of viruses. With the coronavirus, they are using methods that were successful in the past to fight viruses. Their proven method is to observe how the virus attacks the body and then produce frequencies to support the immune system. The sound treatments for one flu often worked on the next flu, to a varying degree.

The music available on this site includes nine frequencies that Sharry Edward’s identified to help strengthen the harmony of the body against the attack of the coronavirus. These sounds stimulate the body to build a wall of “sound protection” against the coronavirus. The sounds are specific packets of energy aimed to support the harmony and strength of the immune system. Our immune system is our best defense against serious illness in general and the coronavirus in particular. The use of specially selected frequencies cannot prevent infection, but they can significantly reduce the severity of illness – alongside a program of good health habits, exercise, proper rest and emotional stability. (Please note that this has not been tested. No cure is claimed. Everyone is advised to follow medical advice and procedures. See full disclaimer.)

Deep Healing Music



Sharry Edwards and Jill Mattson have teamed up with an incredible free gift for YOU!

Studies link anti-inflammation aides that alleviate many problems, including the coronavirus. Dr. Nathaniel Perricone MD in The Perricone Prescription, connected inflammation and most chronic degenerative diseases: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, connective tissue disease, coronary issues, immune disorders, diabetes, meningitis, cystic fibrosis, cancer, stroke, psoriasis of the liver, detox blockage, respiratory stress, and aging.

Many biochemicals have anti-inflammatory properties, such as quinine, turmeric, ginger and berberine. A healthy diet supports lower levels of inflammation.

Cellular inflammation is associated with processes that keep bodies healthy, but excess inflammation can be life-threatening. Sharry Edwards came up with frequency-equivalents™ to lessen inflammation and Jill Mattson has included them is her award-winning sound healing music. This musical collection with additional healing tones is called Deep Healing Music.

  • Co Q 10 – this supplement aides heart disease, supports ATP, helps reduce and moderate inflammation and free radicals
  • Oxygen – Oxygen has been used to aid breathing with respiratory issues
  • Iron – Iron is a mineral present in foods, a component of hemoglobin, an erythrocyte (red blood cell) protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues
  • Quercetin – a flavonoid from fruits and vegetables, boosts the immune system
  • Erythropoietin – a hormone secreted by the kidneys that increases the production of red blood cells and moderates inflammation.
  • Heart–a healthy heart frequency
  • Germanium – a chemical element that supports the immune system, the oxygen supply in the body, increases circulation, speeds up metabolism of body cells, regulates positive and negative ions, relieves joint and muscle pains, alleviates stiffness and cramps and destroys free radicals.
  • Protein Kinase – an enzyme that supports ATP and phosphate metabolism, cell signaling, protein regulation, cell transport, and secretory processes
  • ATP – is an organic compound that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells
  • Adrenalin – a hormone that supports circulation/breathing
  • Vitamin D – supports bones, intestines, the heart, and the immune system
  • Zinc – helps wound-healing, immune system, helps make proteins and DNA. Zinc has also been shown to improve a cold:
  • Luteolin – a flavonoid that performs anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation processes




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“Thanks to Jill Mattson and Sharry Edwards for the Corona Defense tunes. I had a terrible sinus and chest congestion illness that started with a sore throat and continued to worsen despite my rife frequencies and other regimens. The CV defense music download at and cleared my nose by listening to it during the following afternoon,evening and morning. The next day cleared my head sinuses and reduced coughing up phlegm by the 3rd day. I was in good condition though I ran it a few more days to make certain. I can’t thank you enough for sharing these incredible tools. All loved ones were sent your URL. THANK YOU” – Kent E

“Yours and Sharry’s Frequencies for Defense saved my and my Mom’s life. I know I had Cov and it knocked it out immediately! I listened mmm…prob 3x total. My youngest was just very sick this week and it helped pull her through too! THANK YOU from the bottom of my/our hearts!! Please thank Sharry as well for me!! ” – Ivy R
“My friend in her late 70’s with IPF (had it for 6 years) used the downloaded the special sounds of Sharry Edwards and Jill Mattson. She is a no-nonsense lady and said twice publically during our Steiner reading meeting that she can breathe more easily when the sounds are on.”
“I am retired, and my income is less than 1k a month, or I’d donate more. This certainly deserves much more. Thank you!” – Sarah T.

“I think that you saved my life. I was crawling out of my skin with the 5G. I could not sleep or be at peace. I listened to this music and I could sleep and found peace.” – Tarrot P.

“The music is BEAUTIFUL and in only 2 days my throat pain which I have had for 3 weeks is FINALLY improving and it happens during the music tracks. I feel more energy and my head is clearer. My attitude is better too. I have myalgia, but today I played the tracks and it improved some. Thanks so much for doing this Jill with Sharry…. it’s amazing and I feel mentally encouraged!” – Kim

“Abundant blessings to all who are helping us to heal.” – Susan W.

“Thank you, Jill and Sharry for what you are doing for humanity. Deepest gratitude.” – Martha from Texas

“Thank You!! The music is beautiful! Well done Jill and Sharry!!! Amazing!!!” – Gary

“Thank you for this wonderful gift to humanity. You are angels.” – Heather

“Thank you for All You do for humanity!” – Martha

“Thank you for your light.” – Beth

“I wanted to say thank you all for what you’re doing to help others with this horrible virus.” – Cindy

“You all are truly amazing people! God bless you all and keep you safe & healthy!!! Xx” – Tara Cheng

“Thank you to all that contributed, earth angels! Blessings” – Rodger

“Thank you.  I am sharing this with as many people as possible.” – Fran

Thank you for the sound frequencies. We are joining our prayers and angel wings in the collective awakening and healing for mother earth.” – Judy

“Amazing gifting and compassionate offering. Thank you & blessings.” – Mona

“This is helping me heal; thank you.” – Susan from California

“In Wuhan, many people return to work due to economic pressure. My friend runs a hairdressing shop in the city center.  She is using the music album all day in her shop for cleaning and protecting.” 

“It helps to cleanse the meridians and balance the body energies.” – Susan B

Enjoy animated full-length music tracks

I am a Child of God

Druidic Runes & their Secret Sound Codes

The ancient runes were simple shapes formed by straight lines – roughly akin to printed letters. They held and produced subtle energies from wave interference patterns emanating from their shapes. When we view a rune, our eyes capture a bit of their embedded subtle energy in addition to the normal light frequencies; the rune’s subtle energy gets combined in the image that is formed in our brain. The experience goes beyond the normal sense of sight. In that way, you are not separate from what you view.

There are 22 runes passed down from the old Druidic Tradition. There are also 22 letters in the ancient Hebrew alphabet. The 22 Hebrew letters were more than symbolic, but radiated the energy that created the Hebrew world. Likewise, each rune represents a distinctive and vital element of the consciousness and essential conditions in the ancient Druids’ universe.

The effective use of the old runes has been long forgotten by most. Conquerors who sought to control the Druidic countries seized this powerful magic and made every effort to eliminate all trace and memory.

The runes portray broad concepts and even emit active energies. For example, the Joy-rune bestows ecstasy and joy. (The rune symbol, pronounced Wungo, means joy and it holds energy that literally creates joy.)

Today some people still toss the runes to make prophecies. This practice is similar to the predictions and insights people receive by throwing the I Ching sticks. Neither system predicts a specific outcome of events but shows the type of energy that will emerge in time. This knowledge gives the “informed” an edge to prepare for the changes that will shortly affect his life. Those who believe that prophecy was the only purpose of the runes are badly mistaken. In the hands of a skilled Master the runes and their magical shapes can directly produce powerful energy that radiates positive life outcomes and counteracts competing forces.

In an altogether new application of Runes and Druidic Lore – Jill Mattson has created the sounds and harmonics possessed by 18 of the ancient Druidic Runes. Mattson’s work preserves the energy of the runes but converts it into Sound Energy. Listening to the Sound Codes of the rune shapes also effectively bestows their healing powers and energies. Mattson used ancient methods of converting shapes and sacred geometry into pitches or notes and crafting their harmonics. You can listen to the entire set of runes in sound and subtly transport your imagination to the magical realms of the ancient Druids. Experience the Druidic runes turned to Sound in Jill Mattson’s class, The Way of the Wizard.

Use the frequencies derived from the runes for clearing, to gain abundance and insights for critical decisions that you will face.

72 Names of God and Angels

An experience, unlike anything you have ever felt before…. Certain words possess great power, as do special Frequencies of Sound. This work has BOTH. Bask and soak in the pure divine energy produced from sounding God’s Names in a long-extinct language.

Mattson has recaptured Divine Aspects of God, encapsulated in 72 Names, each linked intimately with an Angel. Each essence of God is expressed in an ancient Sound Code of four unique tones. Pitch and pronunciation are faithful to the original.

With the enunciation of each Name, a powerful wave of energy emanates forth. Each of the 72 invocations expresses a divine attribute of God and connects to a dedicated Angel – who embodies the blessing. Receive and reset Godly Virtues, such as Great Compassion, Faith, Strength, Forgiveness … 72 in all.

Nourish your soul and elevate your energy and well-being in unrivaled pristine energy from the Lord. 61 Minutes total contained in 9 tracks, the rest of the sound tracks are available under the Books and CDs tab in the Music Collection entitled Names of God.

Heal the World with Music!

In ancient times the world was viewed as energy – all vibrating! Rather looking at the world through the lens of chemistry or biology, they perceived things through sound. In this way they measured the frequency and rhythmic movements of all things. With this understanding ancient masters used easily accessible techniques of music – for an astonishing array of benefits.

Sigils and Healings of Sacred Geometry in Sound!
Sigil of Arch Angel Jeremiah in Sound

Say “Hocus pocus,” and magic occurs! Or so we were taught as a tiny child. Surprisingly, ancient sages actually used the vibratory components of sound, even special words, for many benefits. Since we don’t fully understand this “magical” quantum science today, such ancient ideas are relegated to “hocus pocus” or just child’s play.

Recall that the Jewish musicians played music around the walls surrounding Jericho for seven days and nights to make the huge,
impenetrable stone walls crumble. Today, we blast kidney stones to smithereens with sound. Conjure up a snake charmer mesmerizing a snake with music. Music was an ingredient that magicians amassed along with numerous other items in a magical spell to accumulate enough subtle-energy to alter matter. Music & magic were not child’s play nor trickery. Subtle energy from magic is a form of quantum energy.

Another ingredient in a magic spell was shapes. For example, angle sigils (shapes) are used in white magic. Recall that graduation from a reiki class requires viewing the reiki symbols. Likewise, ancient masters said that viewing a Hindu yantra (a shape) could result in a person achieving ascension in just one life time. Without extensive viewing of the yantra
shape, ascension could easily take 700 to 1,000 lifetimes. Wow. Who would have thought that looking at something could make such a difference?

We absorb frequencies through our eyes. Enlightenment is advanced by viewing “sacred geometry” shapes found in nature. And, how does that work? Quantum-frequencies emanate from shapes. Everything is energy and different shapes have different frequencies. Angle sigils (shapes) create the sacred sound-signature of a highly evolved being, an angel. Once again, the shape was associated with high energy. This shape established a connection with an angel, like a phone line.

In this video, listen to the angel signal of Archangel Jeremiah, otherwise known as archangel Azreal, who comforts us with soft energies, transformations and blessings.

A sigil is sounds that re-open direct-communications with an angelic being.
This is how reiki symbols work. The viewing of the reiki signal opens the chakras in your hands so that white light flows through them for healing purposes. It unknots the infinitesimal strings that have blocked light that used to flow out of your hands before you were a human. Viewing an angel sigil creates energies that directly connect you to the associated angel. The sigil is like an interdimensional portal.

The 72 names of God are used to create the 72 names of angels. With these sounds, connect to the energies of the angels and God.

Jill Mattson has rediscovered the ancient method of transposing the visual sigil patterns to sounds to increase their potency. Ancient sigils (sacred symbols) were carved into stone to preserve the vibratory pattern that unleashes higher energies, like viewing the reiki symbols that open clogged portals in your hand so white light streams out. Now you can view and listen to them, in a potent uplifting sound bath.

More sigil sounds are available in the class, We Once Held Astonishing Energies – We Can Again -The Return of 12D Energies, and in the Books and CD section in the CD entitled Names of God.

The Healing Flower Remedies

The indigenous tribes of South America believed that a flower is a gift to mankind, a unique gift, in that a person can receive specific healing energy from a flower. For example, one can feel the energy of cheerfulness from a daisy or beauty from a rose. If you get enough of these tiny uplifting feelings, it can change you!

The indigenous tribes have an ancient, time-tested process that captures the essence or energy of a flower in liquid form. The process includes soaking the flower in pure water and bathing both in sunlight. The water absorbs the flower’s essence. If one drinks the water, then he receives the flower’s signature energy. The energy of flowers and our emotions interact. For example, a fearful person drinks the rock rose flower water, so the flowers’ energy transforms his emotional energy from fear into trust.

The Healing Flower Symphonies has captured the actual frequency of the flower essence remedies for the Soul Flowers Series. Listening to the frequency of a substance is akin to ingesting it. For example, if you listen to the frequency of niacin your face will flush, just as if you had ingested niacin!

Listening to the frequencies of the flowers is like taking the flower remedy, which provides emotional healing. In addition, the music creatively and intuitively takes you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience to patience) as a cathartic release – aiding in letting emotional baggage go.

The music transitions into the feel of successful triumph and mastery of the emotion (such as fear to trust). After releasing fear, the music allows you to feel trust and subtly practice the feeling of this successful emotion…and practice makes perfect!

In The Healing Flower Symphonies, the frequencies of the flowers and the flower essences are converted to tones and twinkle in the background.

Revitalize and Restore your Beauty & Vitality using Sound

This beautiful music includes the exact vibrations associated with essential vitamins and nutrients critical to healthy skin. Collagen, muscles and skin tissues are tuned with beautiful toning energies. These healing energies are embedded in special tracks on the beautiful, compelling musical CD.

An exciting breakthrough in Alternative Health & Wellness uses special Sound Frequencies to produce Remarkable Results. It has long been known that through careful application of the appropriate sound frequencies, impressive physical, emotional and spiritual transformations are possible.


  • Plants grow faster and resist disease with special sound frequencies
  • Physical nutrients and vitamins can be absorbed by listening to the vibrational essences of the nutrient or compound
  • Tissues, nerves and bones have been documented to regrow/regenerate through Sound Healing

Deep Wave Beauty is more than just a musical CD. It is multilayered, complex and has tones resonating with collagen, facial muscles and
tissues. The vibrational equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients – critical to healthy skin – are contained in this CD.

Beauty consists of many layers (appearance, skin, mood, attitude, words, clothes…). People are attracted to elements of this layer or that. One layer of beauty influences the next. To be beautiful, you emulate this energy on many levels simultaneously. To enhance your beauty, work on many levels of beauty – as they all interact and affect one another. And this is the secret of Deep Wave Beauty!

“I started listening to Deep Wave Beauty by Jill Mattson around the first of March. When I realized that it carried the frequencies of collagen, I kept in on day and night for weeks. The first difference I noticed was my pores. They had grown larger after I turned 60 and no matter what potion I used on them, they just seemed to get larger. I also developed sagging skin under my chin with deep vertical wrinkles.

It’s been almost six months since I started listening to Deep Wave Beauty, and the sag under my chin has tightened. The wrinkles are still under the chin, but not as noticeable. The effects are not just on my face. My entire body has tightened. I have lost two sizes and I finally have a waist again. I have to wear belts to keep my pants from falling down. My upper arms are tightening. I have not added an exercise regimen that would account for this change.

I am doing nothing to account for my upper arms tightening and dropping two dress sizes. I believe the collagen all over my body has tightened and I seem to be naturally changing back to the body I had when I was much younger. I am 64 and I think I look better now than I looked in my late 40s and 50s.

Not only has my body started reshaping itself, but my energy level and my stamina has also increased. I have only done two things that could account for the change in my skin, body and energy level. I listen to Deep Wave Beauty several times a day, and I have given up wheat. Not eating wheat could account for the loss of two dress sizes, but it can’t explain why the skin on my body is tightening all by itself.” Rayelan Allan

Enlightenment Secrets – Improve Your Energy

The Lost Waves of Time, Sound Healing in History

Rainbow Enlightenment

Roadkill Ministries

Healing with Sound: Secret Sounds

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