God Using Sound Towards Oneness (Bundle Special)

Many ancient great civilizations used secret practices to evolve faster, to achieve optimum health, personal power, and self-mastery.

How was this? What did they do?

Special sound sets radiated the higher manifestations, octaves, or frequencies of God. Masters today still profess this is the fastest way to health and mastery.

Great sages believed special sound sets radiated divine energies, such as God’s names (and pitches). Taking this even further, certain language components created a subset of higher divine energies, that you can re-awaken within you.

The GUSTO package includes:

  • The Names of God (and their pitches) in ancient Hebrew
  • The Egyptian Vowel Chant
  • The Sounds of the Sephiroth found in the Tree of Life
  • The Sounds of the Runes from the Druid epoch

Listen, receive and ingest these ancient sounds to activate your Higher Nature and energies!

BioGeometry has measured a beautiful shape to radiate the energy of the names of God. Enjoy this energy and protection in a sterling silver necklace. BioGeometry had scientific studies completed verifying that their shapes improve human functions at various levels. Specific frequencies penetrate into your vibratory cells and influence your unique energetic genetic code. Try resonating with your God

Gene’s frequencies in Mattson’s “Echoes of God” musical collection to enhance your spirituality and personal mastery. Geneticist Dean Hammer identified the god gene, and Sharry Edwards created the system to discover the frequencies to support this gene. Mattson’s “Echoes of God” musical collection is a fascinating personal experience using select Sound Frequencies embedded in pleasing musical compositions to harmonize and bolster your very genes. The deep human drive to seek a higher spiritual connection is written indelibly in our DNA – in every cell of our bodies.



What the Bundle Includes:

1. Sounds of God (Digital) – $22 Value
2. Echoes of God Divine Echoes CD (Digital) – $22 Value
3. Video with God gene music (Digital) – Free Bonus
4. BioSignature Subtle Divine Name Energy Necklace in sterling silver (Physical) – $55 Value
5. Sephiroth Attunements Audio and Video (Digital) – $44 Value
6. Egyptian Vowel Chant – Fast Track for Ascension (Digital) – Free Bonus
7. Runes – Audios and Videos (Digital) – $44 Value

Total value $220, plus Free Bonuses!

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