Crystal Skulls & Two Healing Techniques Crystal Skulls have captivated people’s imaginations for many years and for a good reason.

Crystals are widely used for empowering and healing in a variety of ways, as well as enhancing meditation, balancing emotional states and restoring inner-harmony.

Ancient Masters understood the power of crystals to focus and manipulate energy, as well as to channel energy and psychic information at incredible bandwidths. (Our computers do something similar via the silicon chip which is a crystal.)

The powerful energy of the Crystal Skull can be transferred to your skull, via “shape resonance”! Energy and frequencies transfer when they are nearby. This is called resonance. Shapes create frequencies. Science is advancing and can measure frequencies emanating from forms.

Pyramids are known to quicken healing times and preserve foods, for instance. The shape of a skull creates frequencies that can transfer to your head, as your skull is the same shape — the crystal skull has resonance with our skull. Energy transfers through resonance. This crystal sends radiant energies to your head!

Learn about the powerful secrets of using Crystal Skulls for healing and enlightenment. Learn how and why crystal skulls work.

Why were skulls important in ancient Atlantis? The early Atlanteans were highly evolved beings, with technology and a connection to spirit that is far more advanced than that which we possess today. A

t one time, Atlantis had 12 ancient temples, each containing a crystal that had been skillfully crafted into the shape of a human skull. These Crystal Skulls served many functions and were incredibly dominant. They were responsible for generating and storing energy and information for civilization. They induced profound visions, psychic experiences, and healing.

What were the Atlantean legends about their crystal skulls?

Why did the skulls do? Think that our computers send and receive frequencies. They have silicon chips (crystals). The crystals emit and receive signals. Likewise, crystal skulls throw and receive messages.

 You can connect your crystal skull to the Atlantean crystal skulls.

Learn how to position your crystal skull to send powerful, uplifting energies to others and yourself. Learn how to communicate with your skull.

Ask it to clear energy dark spots within you and provide deep energy healing. Get fresh vitalizing crystal energy and massage areas in your physical and emotional realms to achieve vitality and wellness.

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