• The history, legends, uses, and spiritual benefits of crystal skulls

• The difference between a piece of quartz crystal and a crystal skull

• Using the crystal skull to burn karma, with akashic records, for healing manifesting and connecting to star families

What are the legends, use, and spiritual benefits of crystal skulls? Were Crystal skulls used as an energy source? Stories describe using a crystal skull to beam messages to other stars.

Crystal skulls were used to enable people like you and me to download energy that is stored in the computer-like-energy within a crystal skull. Would you like to learn how to do that? Watch this video!

Use your crystal skull for sending signals to amplify manifesting. Learn how this works in this video. The Atlantean crystal skulls can connect to your crystal skull, just like one computer connects to another computer. Information is stored in computers and according to legends, also in crystal skulls. With your crystal skull, you can link to the information that is stored in the Atlantean crystal skulls. When you connect to the Atlantean crystal skulls, legends tell us that you can download their energy, remember energy techniques, and access their awareness.

What is the difference between a piece of quartz crystal and a crystal skull? Learn the benefits of both! What are the Akashic Records? Your energy in a lifetime is neither created nor destroyed but changes form. The energy that you create during a lifetime does not die. It is energy and it can be changed. In ancient times people accessed the Akashic Records to upgrade their past life energies, clear ancestral problems, and burn negative karma. Learn how can you erase your karma by using your crystal skull.

Use your crystal skull to clear the silver cord above your head and massage chakras above your head.

The crystal skull is a powerful Feng Shui tool. The skull can radiate and clear energies in your home.

The more you use your crystal skull, the more responsive it is to you.

 Get fresh vitalizing crystal energy and massage areas in your physical and emotional realms to achieve vitality and wellness.

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