Keter Sephiroth

• Energies in this Sephiroth: Wisdom, Male, Will, Selflessness

• The Location of the Sephiroth Keter

• The shape of the Sephiroth Keter

• The harmonics/name of the Sephiroth, Saying the name of the Sephiroth

• Keter Words – Ain Soph Aur, Eyah Asher Ehyah

• What Channeled Energies are in this Attunement?

• Attunement – Sound, Shape (and Indirectly Color)

• Other Beneficial Sound Energies: Centaury Flower Remedy, DNA Tones, OM, All Master Numbers Frequencies, 111 Master Number Frequency, All planets in our solar system – their Orbit Frequencies, Six Star taped Frequencies (NASA), Fire Energy, Channeled Energies of Ain Soph Energies

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