Balancing and Polarity Therapy with Crystals Health is a balance in your energy fields.

Everything in your body is energy. Energy has a frequency. When you look at the pitches of everything within your body, you see that different parts of your body have different energies with correlating pitches. You are a symphony!

The musical pitches can be lumped into the ranges of musical notes. For example, the musical note of A = 440 the musical note of G# = 415 the musical note of A# = 466 There is a range of frequencies between the smallest of our musical notes. You can lump frequencies in your body into the category of musical notes. 

Also, you can graph the number of pitches in your body according to the musical notes. When you are healthy, you have a more or less equal amount of each frequency in your body. The overabundance or lack of a frequency equates to health and wellness issues. Health is a BALANCED number of frequencies.

There are energy grids in the earth, such as the Hartman Curry lines. Each steam of energy has a positive or negative energy charge. These grids cover the Earth. Studies have shown that severe health issues occur when a person absorbs and radiates too much positive or negative energies. The studies illustrate that spending too much time on a positive or negative earth energy intersection is linked with serious illnesses. Once again, health is created from a BALANCED amount of electrical and magnetic charge.

Polarity therapies work with balancing energies within the body for improved wellness. The body needs tonal energy balance and these crystal instruments, the Crystal Singing Pearls, do an excellent job of evenly distributing all of the tones in the human body’s aura. They create a calming and uplifting feeling helping the body to relax, a state in which homeostasis and healing occur.

Enjoy the video and learn how this is done!

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