Strengthening your Psychic Skills with Crystals –

Discover an ancient Secret to develop clairaudience. This facilitates communications with Angels, Masters and Spiritual Guides in this video.

Clairaudience and clairvoyance require the ability to focus on and feel very subtle feelings and energies. Everyone can develop this skill. It is not for the few gifted psychics but a latent talent that most of us have forgotten how to do.

Listen to a sound, such as the beautiful ongoing tones and harmonics from crystal instruments, such as the crystal singing pearls. The lingering sound from the crystal instrument makes developing this skill easier.

 Focus on the sound and listen in between each tiny portion of the sound. Pay attention. Then listen within a minuscule part of each tone.

You may need to invoke your imagination to aide your hearing. Your imagination is a tool that can open your psychic senses. If you focus on and even imagine tiny sounds in between the smallest fragment of sound that you can hear, then you develop the ability to discern very subtle and fine energies. In other words, you develop clairaudience.

Our energy bodies have many chakras, not just the seven major chakras that most people are familiar with today. As we evolve, we can interpret and wield finer and more complete sets of energies. New chakras will open. For example, the reiki attunements open the chakras at your fingertips.

With these chakras open, we can heal others and transmit other energies out of our fingers. We receive an ability to heal when these chakras open, and many more chakras are beginning to open.

This video shows another chakra that can open and enhance communication with angels, masters, and spirit guides. Use crystal tones to open up a new chakra to strengthen and develop your abilities to channel and communicate with spiritual beings!

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