Each Healing Flower Symphony supports the transformation from a negative emotion to the mastery of it, like impatience to patience, or panic to courage.

When one is depressed, joyful music is irritating. Likewise, depression needs to be released before one can enjoy upbeat music. Sad music stirs old pain, bringing it to the surface to release. Music reconnects you to ignored feelings, leading to an emotional catharsis.

The Healing Flower Symphonies creatively take you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience versus patience) as a cathartic release – emotional cleansing.

Whatever we repress has power over us. When we ignore emotions, they do not vanish. Instead, they become anger, aggression, or an inward force such as depression, insecurity, or illness.

We all have acquired negative emotional baggage. The antidote is to feel your pain – it allows a release. This is why grieving works. This isn’t as frightening or as painful as you think. It will not destroy you. Instead, within a surprisingly brief time, the pain will dissipate. Listen to music and let it help you feel free.

People overwhelmingly report the release of unpleasant emotional baggage while listening to The Healing Flower Symphonies. Many experienced negative emotions pass out of their energy fields while listening. Catharsis is not pleasant. The Healing Flower Symphonies are not for “pansies.”

Some may dislike cathartic music when they release their negativity. However, it only takes a nanosecond to release. Repeated listening is like peeling an onion – layer after layer of negative energy goes away.

You cant continue a positive attribute when you are full of negativity. It won’t habitually stick unless you first discharge sadness. We need catharsis.

Music – what a beautiful way to release negativity!

Music enables you to acquire virtues – positive emotional habits! Positive emotions have precise vibrational rates, which are always the same for each emotion. That is why we can identify emotions, such as love or envy. We all know exactly what each emotion feels like. This feeling is universal from person to person. Each emotion is energy and has a consistent cycle per second of vibration.

Frequencies (vibrational rates of emotions) correlate to sound and color. Long ago, emotions were associated with colors. We have remnants of these ideas today. Recall the phrase, “I feel blue,” or “I was green with envy.”

All energy vibrates and therefore has rates of vibrations or frequencies. Emotions link to brain waves, physical things, musical notes and colors. (Blue corresponds to G# and green to F.) The Healing Flower Symphonies employ positive emotional frequencies along with music that also creates the same positive feeling. We all have experienced music making us feel. Therefore, music can induce virtues and uplift your spirits.

Healing Musical Vibrations

I observed the emotional and vibratory gifts of music improving peoples’ emotional baggage. After playing violin in a home for the elderly for over a year, I watched people benefit from musical selections that expressed sorrow and self-pity.

At first, I thought that sad music would increase people’s sorrow, and for a bit, it did. However, later I believed it had a beneficial effect. After times of pain, people are hesitant to be vulnerable and open, lest they be hurt again. When asked about something painful, people brush a sad situation off with a statement like, ‘It doesn’t bother me,’ but in truth, it does. Invisible yet insidious pain gathers after years of life’s trials, weighing people down and eventually freezing their emotional bodies.

As I played music for the elderly in a nursing home, I observed my audience, who appeared frozen, sit in cradled positions with never a glance or word to anyone. My captive audience allowed the sorrowful music to connect with their negative emotions and release them. Once this happened – their emotional strength improved. They connected with improved relationships with people.

All the troubles you felt in your life can be released from your mind, body and feelings, so this energy doesn’t poison you and those around you. Pretending that you don’t have negative feelings doesn’t make them go away, but it pushes them into your subconscious mind. Similarly, you don’t get rid of a bad habit by ignoring it.

After you feel and release negative emotions, you can practice and strengthen healthier feelings.

Music vibrated the older adults’ pain until it loosened, enabling them to let go of it. Finally, after six months of giving their full attention to live, emotional music, the elderly began talking and interacting normally. What a change!

Emotions, such as happiness or sorrow, are energies that accumulate. Music rekindles old emotions. Music (not words) is processed in the right brain, which doesn’t utilize language. Music helps people feel an emotion (such as sorrow or pity) while avoiding how they experienced that negative emotion. It is easier to do this if people don’t remember the specifics of what made them sad.

Musical Vibrations of Flowers

The Healing Flower Symphonies are the music of the twelve soul flowers that I composed after learning secrets about music and emotional healing.

A friend of mine showed me how to measure frequencies of an object, such as a rose petal with a sound oscilloscope. He then graciously gave me frequencies for the Bach soul flowers, which I recreated with a sound generator, and imbedded in the music of ‘The Healing Flower Symphonies.’

Whether you listen to the frequency equivalent of a pill or eat the pill, your body gets its frequency. (All things, medicines and flowers included, have a composite frequency!) A flower equivalent frequency has healing benefits, just like flowers lift your mood.

The Healing Flower Symphonies musically weave in and out of pain (such as fear, distrust and insecurity). Each Healing Flower Symphony allows the listener to re-live emotions. Just as the elderly home residents felt a painful feeling before releasing it, the listener gives the energy of an old emotional struggle its due attention to loosen and then remove it.

After expressing negativity, The Healing Flower Symphony then evolves into triumph, giving the listener the experience of transmuting negative feelings into the corresponding emotional virtue. Listen intensely, be conscious of letting the negative feelings go, and then receive positive emotions.

Use The Healing Flower Symphonies to improve your emotions, behaviors, and how people respond to you.

For example, one flower’s music helps the ‘pleaser’ personality, a nice person but not sincere. This person only approves of another’s actions to appear pleasant. At first, this healing symphony’s harmonies appear lovely. However, after the initial tone starts, the note then bends out of tune. The sour after vibration leaves one with a bitter “after taste.”

Later the sounds-like-harmony-but-is-not-music transitions into deep, calm harmony, allowing you to feel inner peace. Again, this emphasizes the contrast between pretentious peace and the real thing.

We are insincere when we express a lovely message that we don’t mean. Often we are not aware of the negative feeling we attach to our beautiful comments, and we act insincerely without thinking.

We may not be aware that we have an underlying negative emotion, because we are trying to be positive. For example, we think we have forgiven someone when we are angry. Since we don’t want to see ourselves as angry, we don’t allow this idea to surface in our consciousness. We try so hard to be good that we don’t acknowledge what we are feeling. But, unfortunately, the anger doesn’t go away.

When we stop burying our pain, we increase our well-being. With emotional integrity, we acknowledge our feelings. This releases harmful emotional build-up, which cripples our upbeat personality.

We forget what it feels like to be free of negative emotional baggage (even though we may not be conscious of this). In contrast, emotional honesty feels like such a relief.

Our subconscious mind stores repeated thoughts and feelings, passing them to our conscious mind for quick decisions. For example, if one lies often, his subconscious mind suggests lies to his conscious mind, because he is in the habit of lying. Let’s clear out unseen negative habitual emotions!

Your feelings are powerful energies. Their power grows when you feel them over and over again. Thinking or feeling things many times creates a habit. Virtues are feelings. For example, patience feels different than impatience.

How do you change habits? You repeat a new behavior many times. Your subconscious mind stores and passes this new behavior into your conscious mind. Later, you use this new, improved emotional habit – without even thinking. After many repeats of this behavior, people will associate this emotional habit with you. For example, they may conclude, ‘you are a joyful person’ after you are
often in a joyful mood

You don’t have to be at the mercy of chronic, negative emotions. Instead, put yourself in the driver’s seat by feeling a good emotion repeatedly. The flower essences and The Healing Flower Symphonies make this happen.

Your feelings also affect your physical body. For example, worry creates ulcers. Your body interacts with your feelings, and you can become ill. Dr. Edmund Bach believed that physical health issues were only a symptom. Accumulated negative emotions (such as our fears and anxieties) are the root cause of physical illness. Therefore, medicine treats the results, but not the root cause of physical disease.

To maintain health, we need to preserve emotions like peace, joy and happiness. By cultivating positive emotions, we reap better health. The Healing Flower Symphonies allows you to feel negative feelings, release them, and let the music prompt feelings that instill beauty, strength, and a bountiful basket of emotional gifts.

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