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Experience the joys of sound healing through our handcrafted metal singing bowls.

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Singing bowls, also called healing bowls, can be traced back to Asia as early as 2000 BC. A particularly powerful type of bowl is made of an alloy of seven different metals – connected to seven “planets”. Once “singing” the alloy of the seven metals creates a broad range of sounds, overtones and after-tones. The original seven metals and their celestial connections are:

  1. Gold – as the Sun
  2. Silver – as the Moon
  3. Mercury – as Mercury
  4. Copper – as Venus
  1. Iron – as Mars
  2. Tin – as Jupiter
  3. Lead – as Saturn

(These above seven celestial objects were the most important known in very ancient times. The
other planets such as Neptune and Uranus were not yet discovered.)

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Singing Bowls have been widely used for thousands of years beginning with Buddhist monks for meditation, religious ceremonies, musical purposes, sound healing and energy clearing and cleansing, sound massage and therapy applications. Bowls have even been used for food preparation and religious offerings through the ages.

These bowls will produce a wonderful ringing, “singing” sound when they are struck or rubbed by a wooden striker. Bowls have a characteristic “note” or tone. Due to the bowl’s circular shape, the sound waves reverberate inside the bowl producing harmonics and pleasing after-tones. Listeners can benefit by both holding a bowl and having the vibrations pass directly to their bodies and by listening the ringing sounds. Bowls can help clear a room and focus a group’s attention – similar to a gong.

All Singing Bowls offered on this site are Made in Nepal or Tibet in the Ancient Himalayan Tradition. These bowls are handmade by skilled masters.

Science has long confirmed that music – as an organized form of sound energy – can directly affect mood, brain waves, nervous system and body chemistry and metabolism. Music and tones from instruments such as the Singing Bowls has long played a central role in religious ceremonies and healing practices.

The vibrations of the singing bowls stimulate the body to create its own harmonic frequencies and to produce the alpha waves that are present in the brain during deep relaxation. Many people report that they are “touched” and their souls feel cleared and refreshed when they listen to the sounds of a singing bowl. Some listeners describe a sensation as if “time stands still”. Feelings of peace, relief of chronic pain or contact with “something beyond” are often experienced by sincere practioners.

The Tibetan Lamas were renowned for their use of singing bowls in secret rituals. Among many of the benefits mentioned above, the Lamas used their bowls to facilitate out-of-body travel.

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