11 Planetary Chimes!


Planetary Chimes!

The Planets are closer to us on Earth than the stars in the zodiac constellations – exerting a powerful influence over our daily lives. Each planet radiates distinctive energy that influences us. When a specific need arises in our lives, listening to the associated planetary chime and planetary music draws in our desired energy.

Stellar energy comes through our solar system as it makes its way to Earth. So the planets influence the energy that comes from stars in the zodiac.

The benefits of a planet are strengthened with its connecting zodiac sign and vice versa. Listen to Zodiac Music with the chimes to magnify their impacts. For example, an Aries person reestablishes their divine blueprint by listening to the Planetary Chime of Mars. (Videos teach the connections.)

The frequencies of the planets were first created by Hans Cousto, Swiss mathematician, musicologist and author. He used the formula, Frequency equals one divided by the planet’s orbit time period, to derive these tones. The planetary chime bars take the planet tones up octaves so the instrument is portable to move around the body and space. They chime bars twinkle like beautiful stars.

Energy of the Planetary Chimes:

  • Sun-tone: Energy Booster! Enhances strength, motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance. In addition, it promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness and determination. 2019.52 Hertz
  • Moon-tone: Promotes emotional tranquility, softness and intuition. It enhances feelings, feminine energy and a flowing flexibility with life. Calming and centering. 3366.72 Hertz
  • Earth-tone: Enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth. It is the cosmic sound of “om.” It grounds and centers us. 3106.88 Hertz
  • Mercury-tone: Strengthens cooperation and understanding. It sharpens communication skills through reason, writing and speaking confidently. 2260.32 Hertz
  • Venus-tone: Enhances our ability to feel, love, nurture, receive, share and have close relationships. It enhances creativity, love of pleasure, harmony and self-appreciation. 3539.68 Hertz
  • Mars-tone: Builds strength, desire, motivation and action. It brings out decision-making abilities and assertiveness while strengthening our courage and sexual nature. Mars symbolizes the human libido, not merely sexualized energy, but human energy – the chi. It represents how you get what you want, your drive and energy to be active, sexual and aggressive urges, ego, individuality, survival, initiative, motivation, courage, competition, sports, combativeness and war. It is the passion behind your feelings. Release neediness. Long awaited action finally happens! 2315.52 Hertz
  • Jupiter-tone: Promotes openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, abundance and brings laughter. It helps one to be receptive to grace, luck and adventure in life.  2937.28 Hertz
  • Saturn-tone: Develops discipline and sets limits – providing protection. It helps us to be structured, organized and responsible. 2365.6 Hertz
  • Uranus-tone: Enhances flexibility for life changes, inspiration, insight and freedom of expression without self-imposed limitations. 3317.76 Hertz
  • Neptune-tone: Creates spiritual experiences and emphasizes compassion. It supports our dream life, artistic nature, Music, art, dance and    3383.04 Hertz
  • Pluto-tone: Helps us face our deepest secrets and brings light to the darkness. The energetic forces of Pluto help us let go of old patterns, bringing a rebirth in consciousness.[1] 2244 Hertz

For example, Sun frequency is 126.22 x 16= 2019.52. Frequencies are tested to be within +/-0.5% accuracyNeptune

11 Planetary Energy Bar Chime Set – for sound healing, along with 11 wood Mallets.

Chime bars are suspended above a quality wood base to create a clear resonating tone. These unique chime bars are made from special aluminum alloy that produces rich, long-lasting frequencies and harmonics.

The sound vibrations emitted by these energy chimes are rich in natural harmonics, which are a healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration, deep relaxation and homeostasis within the body.

They vibrate the pipe/wind chime/chime bar and create the frequency in the surrounding air space when struck. We resonate with this tone and ingest it through chakras and cell-to-cell transfer systems on our skin. Their incredible resonance helps to focus the mind in meditation. The energy bar chimes are also perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and harmonic balancing. These products treat everyone from children to adults and even pets.

These Planetary Energy Chime Bars include:

  • Energy Bar Chime “Sun”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Moon”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Mercury”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Venus”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Earth”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Mars”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Jupiter”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Saturn”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Uranus”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Neptune”
  • Energy Bar Chime “Pluto”

Each Tuned Chime Set consists of the following items

  • Tuned Rod / Rods mounted on wood base.
  • 1 Wood Mallet.
  • An attractive color box.

Quality & Accuracy

The quality of Chime Bars mainly depends on the type of material used and frequency accuracy. These excellent tuned chime bars are made from particular grade Aluminum alloy and frequency is guaranteed to be tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.05%. Sometimes there are multiple frequencies and tones.

[1] – Planetary Tuners

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