Many ancient great civilizations used secret practices to evolve faster,
to achieve optimum health, personal power, and self-mastery.

How was this? What did they do?

Special sound sets radiated the higher manifestations, octaves, or frequencies of God. Masters today still profess this is the fastest way to health and mastery.

Great sages believed special sound sets radiated divine energies, such as God’s names (and pitches). Taking this even further, certain language components created a subset of higher divine energies, that you can re-awaken within you.

All over the globe, these sacred sound sets enhanced physicality, emotions, and spirituality – many of them guarded for a select few, until now.

In the Divine Invocations Bundle, you’ll receive…

  1. Divine Names of God – Sterling Silver Necklace – A shape that invokes the energy of the Names of God – (Value $55)
  2. Names of God Digital Music Collection – Names and Pitches of 72 Names of God and Angels – Music & Sound Codes 61 Minutes total contained in 9 tracks. (Value $22)
  3. Echoes of God Music Digital Collection – features divine music with frequencies of the God gene 18 tracks 71 minutes (Value $22)
  4. You are a Child of God Music Video – 7 minutes 36 seconds (Value $22)
  5. Sephiroth Attunements – Audio & Video – 1 Hour (Value $44)
  6. Egyptian Vowel Chant – fast track for ascension – 2 minutes 51 seconds (Value $22)
  7. Runes – Audios (55 Minutes) and Videos 15 Minutes (Value $44) Sound codes for creating with the ancient Runes – power building blocks for manifesting.

Total Value $231, for only $117 50% percent Off

4 hours of Mp3s, 45 minutes of Videos Divine Name Energy-Producing Necklace



1. Sterling Silver Names of God Necklace

Divine Name Sterling Silver Necklace $55 Value

Combining the energy of divine names from many different traditions, this pendant’s shape connects with the emotional and mental energies similar to God's divine names. This pendant features the BioSignature which resonates with energy manifestations of the Divine Name “Compeller”. The Compeller is known as “the One who completes all that is lacking without any opposition.” This pendant is used in BioGeometry to increase Psychic Protection.

Sterling Silver ~ Chain not included

2. Divine Invocations ~ Sounds of God Digital Music Collection

Names and pitches of 72 Names of God and Angels – Music & Sound Codes 61 Minutes contained in 9 tracks – (Value $22)

An experience, unlike anything you have ever felt before…. Certain words possess great power, as do special Frequencies of Sound. This work has BOTH.

Bask and soak in the pure divine energy from sounding God’s Names in a long-extinct Hebrew language. Mattson has recaptured Divine Aspects of God, encapsulated in 72 Names, each linked intimately with an Angel. Each essence of God is expressed in an ancient Sound Code of four unique tones. Pitch and pronunciation are faithful to the original.

With the enunciation of each Name, a powerful wave of energy emanates. Each of the 72 invocations expresses a divine attribute of God and connects to a dedicated Angel – who embodies the blessing.

Receive and reset Godly Virtues, such as Great Compassion, Faith, Strength, and Forgiveness … 72 in all. Nourish your soul and elevate your energy and well-being in unrivaled pristine energy from the Lord.

3. Echoes of God ~ The Light Gene ~ Digital Musical Collection – The
god gene within Heavenly Music

The deep human drive to seek a higher spiritual connection is written indelibly in our DNA – in every cell of our bodies.

Jill Mattson has long studied the dynamic relationship between Vibrational Frequencies and their impacts on the human body. Motivated by Dean Hammer’s book, “The God Gene,” Mattson has compiled compositions containing the frequencies of the actual God Gene (VMAT2). Sharry Edwards developed the expertise to capture frequencies of the God Gene and generously shares them with us. Achieve a deep spiritual resonance of body and soul with the Echoes of God ~The Light Gene.

4. Child Of God ~ Music Video

7.5 Minutes (Value $22)

5. Sephiroth Attunements

Sephiroth Symbols and Video Attunements – Over One Hour 30 Minutes of Sephiroth Sacred Audio attunements (Value $44)


The secrets of the sacred Tree-of-Life in the Kabbalah tradition originate deep within the Ancient Egyptian Temple Traditions. Each circle in the Tree-of-Life Blueprint, called a Sephiroth, is a portal of higher dimensional energy. There are ten portals in the Tree-of-Life diagram.

The powerful pharaohs of Egypt believed that their Gods guarded these Gateways of Powerful Uplifting Energies: The Sephiroth. These High Energy Streams were locked from human beings, until now.

Legends say that God, or All That Is, descended into the matter to experience life at the human level. We copy his transformation starting at the highest circle with God's complete essence. As we move down the diagram we successively step down and compartmentalize energies; each step down becomes a denser- a progressively smaller –
more limited – pocket of energy.

“As above, so below.” Humans experience a weak shadow of this divine energy.

Within each Sephiroth are ancient Hebrew letters, which are vibrational codes, dictating frequencies, harmonics, and spelling words. Most religious traditions associate creation with sound and the spoken word.

Ancient languages were considered an actual component of “All That Is” or God’s energies. They were not symbolic communication. Soak up the sounds encoded in the Sephiroth Transformational Attunements!

6. Egyptian Vowel Chant – Fast Track for Ascension

2 Minutes 51 seconds (Value $22)

The Egyptian esoteric studies, called the mysteries, were restricted to priests and Pharaohs. The ultimate experience combined music and rite to create a trance that induced an out-of-body experience to transport one’s consciousness to other dimensions, reportedly similar to what souls experienced after death.

This vowel chant “initiation” provided a taste of immortality, showing the contrast between sublime heights and negative energy in the afterlife. This experience was to encourage priests to be good as if they created the energies of their afterlife while living. Further, this chant was sung by Priests the three days following the death of the Pharoah to lift him to the highest sublime levels of the afterlife. Mystics such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Baily taught that this vowel chant is the fastest way to evolve.

7. Runes – Sound-Based Building Blocks for Manifesting

Audios (55 Minutes) and Videos (15 Minutes) $44 Value

The runes are the component of the Druid language, like letters and symbolic as well. According to Druid's ideas, runes were the building blocks of God. The world was created through sound, as our current Bible insists.

The rune symbols sounds and pitches were used for healing, manifesting and powerful acts of magic. Listen to the magical runes – the formative tones and pitches for the first time in a very long time! Empower your own manifesting and healing.

  • Using the Runes Video – 11+ minutes
    Use the runes to create the life you want. Get their powerful energies through your sight, ears, and movements! Use the runes as a healing modality or when you need a pick-me-up! Listen to the accompanying attunements to receive the healing energy of the runes.
  • Mp3s of Runes – Use the music of the runes for healing purposes! 55 minutes
  • Writeup on Runes
  • Video on Wealth Rune – 4:07 minutes
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