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I can still remember – as a young child of 4 or 5 – playing “Magician” with my father … As we prepared to cast a spell, He always whispered, “Say the Magic Words”: It was “Hocus pocus” or “Abracadabra,” and then magic occurred – we were usually making something disappear (up to my Dad’s sleeve)! We were taught the mystery of “magic words” at an early age. Surprisingly, there is a strong tradition and a real basis for uttering strange magic words! Ancient Masters understood that certain Sounds (or frequencies/combinations of frequencies) possessed powerful energy. Special types of sounds were specific in the energy they generated and the results that they produced. Ancient sages actually used the vibratory components of words or particular sounds for many benefits. Often, they created words that contained the desired vibratory components… so strange-sounding words produced Sound energy that a skilled Master could control. Magic incantations were born. Since most people don’t fully understand this “magical quantum science” today, the ancient ideas are relegated to child’s play. 

Recall legends that tell of Jewish musicians who played music round-and-round Jericho’s walls for seven days and nights to make the huge, impenetrable fortress crumble. Think to images of a snake charmer mesmerizing a snake with music. There IS something to this. 

Music was an ingredient that magicians often combined with numerous other items in a magical spell to accumulate enough subtle energy to alter matter. 

Music and magic were neither child’s play nor trickery. Subtle energy from “magic sources” is a form of quantum energy… that we are still puzzling out today.

Another ingredient often used in a magic spell or a mystical ceremony was a unique “shape” or form. For example, as pictured, angel sigils are shapes that create energy in resonance with an angelic being. These shapes are used in white magic. 

In another example, to be a reiki practitioner and to enable healing light to flow out of your hands, you view the reiki symbols, which are believed to open the chakras at your fingertips. See reiki shapes below. Ancient masters believed that viewing a Hindu Yantra could result in a person achieving ascension in just one lifetime. Without extensive viewing of the Yantra shape, ascension could sometimes take 700 to 1,000 years. Wow. Who would have thought that gazing at a particular shape could make such a difference? Many ancient disciplines viewed certain shapes to obtain energy that literally changed lives. 

How does viewing a shape change you? Simply – all shapes (like all living and inanimate things) are essentially energy. Everything has a wave nature. Special shapes – just like special sounds or frequencies and certain people have a powerful coherent energy that can be absorbed by others. As an example, BioGeometry Founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim uses certain forms to improve crop growth. The energy produced by his geometrical “shape installations” is so subtle that science cannot measure it. Yet, science has documented enhanced crop growth with use of his shape installations; significant improvements have been demonstrated. Dr. Karim believes that everything is energetic. The energy inside of a body or a shape – even a 2D shape – vibrates. Since the energy is confined to the shape, the energy bounces off the boundaries and wave interference patterns can result. Special shapes produce powerful interference patterns – these become the shape’s signature energy.

Sigils were also used in the Kabballah Tree of Life. Each sephiroth (a circle on the Tree of Life) contains a written symbol from the ancient Hebrew language. Most Ancient languages were not symbolic as languages are today but were based on the literal meanings of the sounds of the words. It is analogous (roughly) to what is called onomatopoeia in English today. These are words that resemble the sound that they describe, like oink, meow, roar and chirp. In another example, bees buzz. Both of these words have literal vibratory meaning – a child would understand. Ancient languages made extensive use of encoded-sound-vibrations; these languages contained beneficial sounds in many syllables and words. 

In the case of the sephiroths each symbol was believed to be a gateway to the energy of an attribute of God. As mankind involved into matter, we lost the higher octaves and vibrations of God. We became a “Shadow of God” or “Children of God”, that entered duality, experiencing positive and negative energies. We felt separated from the wonderful all-encompassing energies of God. Kabballah disciples intently viewed the sephiroth symbols for literally many hours to receive emanations of divine energy. The sephiroth symbols were a “portal” to the energies of God. 


The Tree of Life with 10 Sephiroth and the Shapes of ancient Hebrew Letters that create the energy of the first Sephiroth

Many ancient traditions revere the “sounding of the names of God”. Each name represents the energy of an aspect of God that we hope to acquire in this lifetime… such as mercy, forgiveness or kindness. This deeply spiritual practice of reciting the names of God is professed to be transforming. The sounds and their symbols represent the energy that we hope to emulate. Since the earliest of times, great masters have taught about the benefits of reciting the names of God and connected angels. Listening to and repeating these names have been linked to early enlightenment, improved health (tuning and balancing the body’s organs), raising your awareness, consciousness, and more.

In the ancient Jewish tradition, when additional syllables are added to the names of God, you have the name of an angel who also embodies the particular blessing of the name.

The author has learned to pronounce the ancient Hebrew names as they would have sounded in earlier times. Looking and listening to the spoken names of God are a powerful combination. Both create divine energies. To make this sound energy more potent, the author has recovered the ancient method of transposing the visual Hebrew letters (making up the names of God) into sounds. The author has composed audio recordings where the ancient pronunciations of the 72 names of God are combined with the frequencies that she has obtained from the shapes of the Hebrew letters. 

One can access the 72 names of God with much research, but never before has anyone had the angels’ proper pitches and frequency patterns. Mattson has recreated the musical tones to link to each attribute of God and the corresponding angel. Never before have you been able to listen to the 72 names of God and angels with the resonant pitches that amplify their presence. Also, there are correspondences for each angel, such as a linking planet, zodiac sign, herb, color, gemstone, and more. All of these things have frequencies. Their sounds are in the background of the angel soundtracks. Enjoy a most potent connection to angels and aspects of God. Gain great assistance in elevating yourself. 

In Mattson’s Sound Healing Virtual School, located at her website, you can enjoy ancient teachings. Experience sound-sigils of names of God angels and much more at both of her websites. 

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