6 Piece Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set
This six-piece set of tuning forks comes in the sacred frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio. These frequencies were re-discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes revealed a series of 6 sound frequencies that correspond to the 6 missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.

These original sound frequencies were used in Old Gregorian Chants. These chants and their special tones were believed to give tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. The same frequencies can now be produced with these Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks.

The 6 Frequencies of the original notes are:

UT – 396Hz – For liberating Guilt & Fear
RE – 417Hz – For facilitating Change & Support
MI – 528Hz – For Transformation, Miracles & DNA Repair
FA – 639Hz – For Connecting & Relationships
SOL – 741Hz – For Awakening Intuition
LA – 852Hz – For Returning to Spirit
Six-piece Solfeggio Tuners come with a beautiful Velvet Pouch and a Rubber Striker

6 Piece Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set


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Where does the term Solfeggio come from?

Today Solfeggio is a singing technique used to teach music students how to recognize musical intervals. We are all familiar with the Solfeggio scale either from singing it in elementary school music class or from popular songs like Do Re Me from The Sound of Music.

CDEFGAB Do Re Mi Fa So, La Si

The Christian roots of Solfeggio go back to a Gregorian Chant titled The Hymn to St. John the Baptist, written by Paul the Deacon in the 8th Century A.D. The hymn contains the original Do Re Mi although in the those days it was Ut Re Mi. Ut was changed to Do in the 1600’s and the change from Sa to Si is lost to antiquity.

The Solfeggio (set of 6) includes the 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz and 852Hz tuning forks.

  • UT – 396Hz
  • RE – 417Hz
  • MI – 528Hz
  • FA – 639Hz
  • SOL – 741Hz
  • LA – 852Hz

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