Return to Ancient Wisdom to Clear Harmful Energy Pollution

Sacred Sigils counteract Pervasive Problematic Electro-Smog

We are inundated with harmful frequencies… WiFi, 5G, electromagnetic energy fields, negative Earth energies, low-level radiation, microwaves, and more. BioGeometry technology can clear and neutralize these unwanted energies. Combines Advanced Old Egyptian secrets with modern science..

What is BioGeometry?

From Egypt, the cradle of civilization, a modern science has emerged that re-introduces the concept of “energy quality” and its ability to improve our lives and the environment.

The science of BioGeometry® stems from ancient radiesthesia methods of measuring subtle healthy energy – even the smallest subcomponents of subtle energy. Consistent with 40 years of independent work by Jill Mattson, Radiesthesia asserts that all things, living and inert, as well as shapes, symbols and materials, emit waveform or frequencies. All of Nature and Humankind are living energy systems in constant interaction with each other and the external environment, exchanging energy on all levels. The lack of balance in these minuscule subtle energy levels correlates to significant problems in (otherwise) healthy living systems. Fortunately, with BioGeometry solutions, the subtle components of energy can be balanced, altering and harmonizing the energy qualities of diverse things and living systems. The balancing and improvement of these minuscule energies have dramatic impacts on our health and holistic nature.

BioGeometry uses the subtle energy found in specific geometric forms to introduce natural balance to the different energy qualities found in any living system.

BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 40 years of research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research discovered beneficial subtle energy in certain locations and aspects of shapes and also in energetic centers of all living systems.

BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the body’s energy fields, to strengthen and amplify highly beneficial energy “qualities.”

BioGeometry is the only science that has been effectively applied on a broad scale to harmonize the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (Earth energy grids) on biological systems.

Science cannot measure subtle energy components yet, but it can measure improvements in living systems (people, animals, plants) after BioGeometry shapes and forms use subtle energy to neutralize these harmful EMFs. In a case study in the Swiss town of Hemberg, the mobile telecommunications provider Swisscom worked in collaboration with BioGeometry founder Dr. Karim. As a result of the application of BioGeometry shapes and colors the residents electrosmog symptoms were greatly alleviated.

The Canton of Appenzell in Switzerland commissioned a second project to rid the town of Hirschbergand of deleterious electrosmog effects. The research confirmed that after installing BioGeometry shapes, people’s negative symptoms associated with EMFs were gone. They also measured positive effects on the local ecology from Karim’s shapes.

BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions can be used by individuals in their own homes and lives. You can eliminate & improve problematic energies due to: architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, boats, and airplanes (transmute the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation), structural design, cosmic and earth-energy radiation, chemicals, and artificial intelligence treatments.

BioGeomerty Subtle Energy Balancing Products:

  • The Home Balancing Kit
  • The ElectroSmog Car Clearing Strip
  • Clear EMF Signals from your Phone
  • Pendants to clear Pathways in your Body
  • Necklace to clear Electro-Stress
  • Books:
    • Back To A Future For Mankind
    • BioGeometry Signatures

Home Balancing Kit

The Home Kit protects against electromagnetic fields, earth radiation, low levels of radioactivity and other forms of environmental stress.

BioGeometry Signatures

Included are three objects to place near electric wires that come into your house. These objects neutralize negative electric energies. There are two attachments to improve healthy energies in your drinking water. There are 8 objects plus a master object to clear electro energies such as 5G, computer signals, microwave signals, etc. Finally, a Home Energy Lifting Cube is included with a special clearing tray to keep its signals and positive energy flowing strongly.



BioSignatures Ring in Sterling Silver ~ adjustable sizes

New BioSignatures Ring in Sterling Silver

BioSignatures, are precisely constructed linear diagrams with geometric resonant configurations that harmonize vital energy patterns within the organs in the body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians but are related to the energy flow within the organs, which play a major role in “forming” the organs’ functions.

There are a wide range of BioSignatures in special configurations that when worn close to the body which become activated by the body’s peripheral energy systems. Energy is channeled in a manner similar to electricity activating the circuits on a computer chip. The activated BioSignatures then resonate (like musical notes vibrating in resonance) with the corresponding energy patterns in the organs of the body; causing a harmonic amplification that clears subtle energy blockages and restores proper flow and qualitative balance within the functions of the corresponding body organs.

The rings come in small, medium and large sizes. Each size is adjustable.
Comes with a charging tray and pouch



Pendants to clear Energy Pathways in your Body

BioGeometry Signatures resonate with the body organ’s energy pattern to harmonize the body’s energy field. BioSignatures, a special branch of BioGeometry, are precisely constructed linear diagrams with the same geometric resonant configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the organs in the body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians, but are related to the energy flow within the organs. The BioSignature products contain a wide range of shapes in special configurations that, when worn close to the body, become activated by the body’s peripheral energy (like electricity activating the circuits on a computer chip). The activated BioSignatures resonate (like musical notes vibrating in resonance) with the corresponding energy patterns in the organs of the body; clearing subtle energy blockages and restores proper flow and qualitative balance body organs. The shapes, of and on the pendents, clear subtle energy pathways within the body’s organs. Wearing these items is like giving the body’s organs an acupuncture treatment!

The pendants come in bronze and sterling silver.

The bronze pendant, energy clearing organ pendant.

The pendant has a diameter of around 3.7 cm

BioGeometry clearing tray included
Chain not included


The sterling silver pendant has a diameter of around 3.7 cm

BioGeometry clearing tray included
Chain not included


Divine Name Sterling Silver Necklace

Combing the energy of divine names from many different traditions, this pendant’s shape connects with the emotional and mental energies that are similar to the divine names of God. This pendant features the BioSignature which goes into
resonance with energy manifestations of Divine Name “Compeller”. The Compeller is known as “the One who completes all that is lacking without any opposition.” This pendant is used in BioGeometry to increase Psychic Protection.

Sterling Silver
Chain not included


BioSignature™ Subtle Energy Necklace in sterling silver for tuning and balancing organs



Sterling Silver Necklace to clear Electro-stress

This pendant is also known as the “Migraine Pendant.” It is designed to balance energetic disturbances and eliminate pain in the head caused by electro-stress and other electro-sensitivity symptoms.

3.5cm long
Chain not included


The ElectroSmog Car Clearing

New cars create environmental EMFs and harmful stress factors, especially with current electrical systems (engine, dashboard, seat motors…etc.). As a result, subtle negative energy circulates in the car’s metal body. BioGeometry shapes balanced and improved the quality of subtle energy of the driver and occupants in the vehicle.

BioGeometry successfully collaborated with race driver Mr. Rami Serry. BioGeometry shapes in his idling vehicle to reduce his physiological stress markers, giving him an edge in the race. In addition, BioGeometry shapes balanced and improved the quality of subtle energy of the driver and occupants in the car.

The BioGeometry Car Strip includes selected BioSignatures and the new Wi-Fi L angle to harmonize the effects of electro-stress in the car environment by superimposing the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry and BioSignatures shapes into the electromagnetic fields inside the car.

The strip can be attached anywhere on the dashboard.
Size: 1.5cm x 8.5cm


Clear EMF Signals from your Phone

The Cell Phone Sticker harmonizes the energy interaction between the phone’s electromagnetic fields and your body’s energy systems. Furthermore, the phone’s thermal effect on the head is reduced, as seen using thermal imaging.
BioGeometry Clearing Tray Included


The BioGeometry Energy Balancing Charging Tray

The BioGeometry Energy Balancing Charging Tray is designed with specific angular relationships and geometrical ratios to produce an energy-balancing field in the central area inside the shape.

The tray charges objects placed on it, such as food, water, and medicine, with a natural energy-quality balancing effect that balances biological subtle-energy functions. In turn, this effect is introduced into the body’s energy system through

the charged object. The charged object is then more compatible to the body’s subtle-energy functions.

Energy Balancing Charging Tray Details

Product Dimensions: 15.5cm x 8.7cm

Instructions for use:
1) Place the object to be charged in the central area inside the Tray.
2) The object should be left on the Tray for the longest time possible, and returned to the tray after use.

Note that the energy-balancing charge will dissipate if the object is removed from the Tray for more than a couple of hours, so it is best if it is placed back on the Tray (for even a couple of minutes) before use.

BG Clearing Tray

BioGeometry clearing plates are used to remove negative energy impregnation from a variety of objects. The BioGeometry Energy Clearing Tray is designed with specific geometrical shapes to produce an energy-clearing field in the central area
inside the tray. The tray clears objects placed on it, such as personal jewelry, crystals, and any objects that can be impregnated with detrimental electromagnetic and psychic energies.

Simply placing an object on the plate for a minute or two, will clear the negative energy.

Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x .2in



Back To A Future For Mankind

Solutions to the Global Environmental Crisis
New Energy Secrets of Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid Revealed

By Dr. Ibriham Karim


This is the first-ever published collection of writings by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the founder of the Science of BioGeometry. BioGeometry is the science that uses shapes, colors, motion and sound to induce harmony into subtle energy qualities of the environment.

Harmony is a subtle energy quality found in the transcendental centers of things of nature. This same energy radiates from sacred sites. With his experience as an architect and a scientist, Dr. Karim combines Pythagorean harmonics, subtle energy sciences, radiesthesia, geobiology, sacred architecture, and modern wave theories to produce a new physics of quality.

*BioGeometry bridges science and spirituality and produces a natural harmony in the environment.

*BioGeometry improves the quality of electromagnetic radiation’s effect on living systems. Successful research and projects in Switzerland prove its efficiency.

*BioGeometry improves negative Earth Radiation, which is a serious health hazard.

* An analysis of the Great Pyramid of Giza reveals they understood and implemented these principles of energy quality to benefit their people.


Harmonizing the Body’s Subtle Energy Exchange with the Environment

By Dr. Ibriham Karim


Based on over 45 years of research, BioGeometry Signatures are linear diagrams that help balance the subtle energy of body organs. The organ’s subtle energy patterns are accessed through BioGeometry Signatures placed externally on the body to create a connection through Resonance of Shape.

“This is a book that will change the way you think about your body and health. It shows that we are not separate from the shapes, angles and proportions that surround us all the time. Instead, shapes can create energetic patterns that introduce equilibrium and harmony into our biological makeup.

This is a modern science of energy balancing that helps us understand hidden ancient knowledge of great civilizations. Finally, Dr. Ibrahim Karim shows how powerful, simple shapes can be in altering the functioning of our physical, mental, and spiritual worlds.

BioSignatures can be used in architecture, health and wellness projects, spiritual pursuits, and balancing electro-pollution and geopathic stress. Learn how powerful specific carefully created shapes can be to alter the physical functioning of organ systems, in supporting healing, and in changing physical and mental states. Work with them, let them touch you, and feel how they can assist you in your search for harmony.” Michael J. Maley, Ph.D. Instructor in BioGeometry.

BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment. Instead, it is long-term environmental support for the Body’s energy system and all types of treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry replace or interfere with medical treatment.

BioGeometry Signatures Mandalas Coloring Book by Doreya Karim

The BioGeometry Signatures Mandalas Coloring Book includes a collection of 20 mandalas that combine the beneficial meditative effects of Mandala coloring and the subtle energy balancing harmonization achieved using BioGeometry Signatures designs. Mandalas, by virtue of their design, focus our minds towards the center of the circle, a special point that goes beyond time and space. BioGeometry Signatures are linear diagrams that represent specific energetic patterns found within the body’s organs (similar in concept to how the Chinese energy meridians take the shape of and represent the energy flow of the human body). By introducing the BioGeometry Signatures into the Mandala designs each Mandala allows us to communicate with our internal energy structure while pulling us into a meditative stress releasing state through a detailed coloring experience.



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