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Use a Drum (with its added benefit of having tones and rhythms) for Healing, Opening Chakras, Clearing and More!

Drumming can be an extremely fun and effective form of Sound Healing. Drums possess a characteristic tone or tones just as other musical instruments do, however Drums can forcefully produce a Rhythm beyond any instrument or other means. Blend into the repetitive rhythm of a drum and let the feeling “take you away”. Our body has its own rhythms – the heartbeat, breathing and circulation, brain waves – to name several. I believe this is why we naturally take to drumming and rhythmic patterns. Drumming is not child’s play, however! it is an ancient tool for serious Sound Health pursuits.

People on the Spiritual Path today are well acquainted with frequency healing. Many enjoy the benefits of listening to their music with the A = 432 Hz. scale; or hearing the solfeggio tones and the spiraling Fibonacci series played out in notes. The use of rhythms of sound can be a highly effective modality to apply to personal healing and growth. Think to the Shaman who took out-of-body forays. These journeys were enabled by a deep trance state and drumming was an important element in achieving the trance. Drums can be extremely effective for reaching desired states of consciousness.

Drum beats and rhythms can alter your brain waves. When your brain waves entrain to delta and theta states of consciousness your body enters into homeostasis for ultimate healing. During normal daily stress our body is busy coping with constant challenges. Drumming can bypass such stressful states of consciousness and slow us down bringing reduced heart rates and lower blood pressure. Our emotions settle and we become calm – this is a positive and pleasant condition that facilitates healing and grounded thoughts. Faster rhythms can lift us up and give us energy. You do not have to be skilled – drum to a rhythm of your own or play with another. De-stress, calm down and get clear. Balance or re-energize with the appropriate drumming techniques.

Some rhythms can shake up blocked negative energies helping clear stuck emotions and moods – catharsis results. Sound can be a carrier wave and the drum beats combine with and drive our emotional energies – feelings and energies can be amplified or sedated.

The drums offered on this website are simple drums. They come in various tones and numbers of notes. They deliver both frequencies and rhythms. Some of the drums include all of the chakra tones. They can be played as a musical instrument or only as a source of specific frequencies for targeted purposes. They are great aids to meditation and clearing the mind.

Sound Demo

Listen to the rhythm of healing.

Instructional Videos

Heal, Clear and Learn with a Drum!

Use a Drum for Healing and Clearing! The percussive element of a drum slows down your brainwaves. You can enter a deep, altered consciousness, in which your body heals quicker. You can seek answers to difficult questions as well. Learn about entrainment – the use of rhythms to alter brain wave states for precise benefits. Next, learn to use this drum’s pitches to select past life memories in a prescriptive way to relieve today’s current problems.

Amplify Love & Prayers with Drums

Learn about sound as a carrier wave. Sound combines with and amplifies Feelings and Prayers. Use drumming to carry intent and amplify feelings in between your words when you are speaking. Prayers are energies and you can turn up the volume on them! Learn how to do this with drumming!

De-stress, Calm Down Balance or Energize with a Drum

De-stress, Calm Down, Balance, or Energize with Special Drumming Techniques! Give your nervous system an enlivening workout with this healing method of drumming and body entrainment! Entrainment and Beat Induction are processes where a beat or a rhythm from a source can induce the same beat or rhythm in a second body.

The first example that I learned – when studying Entrainment – was the case of a roomful of clocks. In a room with multiple mechanical clocks (clocks with a pendulum), a dominant clock (such as a large Grandfather clock) will entrain the periods of all the other clocks nearby. Eventually, all of the clocks will be beating in time (in-phase) – their pendulums will sway together. The master clock has entrained its beating with all of the other clocks present.

Other examples are synchronization (for example, foot-tapping) of organisms to an external beat or rhythm. Wikipedia defines Beat Induction as the process in which a regular pulse is activated in a music listener, causing foot tapping in rhythm to the external rhythm. We have all experienced involuntary foot tapping when the right musical stimulus is presented.

“Joseph Jordania recently suggested that the forces of natural selection developed the human ability to be entrained. This was an important part of achieving a specific altered state of consciousness – battle trance.[2] Achieving this state, in which humans lose their individuality, do not feel fear and pain, are united in a shared collective identity, and act in the best interests of the group, was crucial for the physical survival of our ancestors.”

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