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Forest Shadows

Enchanting Music with Frequencies of uplifting Crystals and Flower Essences.

Turtle Jig

A beautiful audio creation containing the sound frequencies of the four building blocks of our DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine; also included is Uracil (for RNA), frequencies of the elements Phosphors, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen.

The Healing Flower Symphonies –

Frequencies of the Impatience Flower Remedy plus ten frequencies that BioAcoustic Founder, Sharry Edwards, has identified to strengthen the immune system.

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Jill Mattson has written Four Sound Healing Books and
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Powerful Spiritual Tools

Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are the very best means of producing a desired vibrational frequency. They are reliable, accurate and easy to use. The unrivaled ability of crystal quartz to produce the purest frequencies is astonishing. Once struck, the matrix of quartz crystals vibrate in-sync releasing pure intonations that ring and resonate – maintaining harmonious energy for long intervals.

Mattson has worked with skilled craftsmen to design and manufacture four
quartz crystal tuning fork(s) products:

All come packaged in their own decorative storage box. These crystal products are an important instrument for the serious Sound Healing Enthusiast or Professional.

Free classes on Using Crystal Tuning Forks

Why Quartz Crystal?

After years of research and experimentation, Mattson has determined that Quartz Crystal in the absolute superior material to fashion tuning forks from. Everything has awareness, but the Crystal Kingdom has as “ascended” and it possess the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This high consciousness deeply influences us when we listen to or just “feel” a crystal tuning fork and its 5th Dimensional Harmonics.

Crystal Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral. Its crystalline structure is a continuous network of Si (silicone) and O (oxygen) atoms. The geometry of the SiO2 (chemical formula of Quartz) is a tetrahedron or pyramid shape. Quartz possesses all of the qualities and benefits of natural Sacred Geometry. Silicone (Si) is used in modern electronics to make microprocessors. Extremely pure Si can transmit enormous amounts of information and process instructions at amazing rates. A crystal quartz prism can split white light into the full spectrum (rainbow) of colors – even reaching into the ultraviolet – beyond human perception. Light and Sound are both forms of wave energy, & similarly, quartz crystals can emit and manipulate sound frequencies to great effects.

Metal Tuning Forks

From ancient times, Masters and Healers have understood that the direct dosing of specific vibrational frequencies was an effective technique to impart beneficial properties of Sound Energy. Tuning forks are an excellent tool to deliver specific frequencies and to perform these techniques.

Tuning forks are the best means available of producing a desired vibrational frequency. They are reliable, accurate and easy to use (they require no external energy source!). Most important vibrational frequencies are not found on a piano or other musical instruments. Most of the commonly used Sound Healing frequencies are available in the products offered on Mattson’s websites. Custom frequencies can be specially produced.

The Metal Tuning Forks have many uses. Some possibilities for using the forks and the accompanying benefits include:

    • Lighten your aura
    • Tune specific organs and systems in your body
    • Open & balance your chakras
    • Use tuning forks to work on your living space and to compliment Feng Shui
    • Link with Angels, Masters and the Rays
    • Clear meridians and facilitate the flow of energy
    • Target emotional issues
    • Balance yourself and your energy on all levels

    Crystal Skulls

    Crystal Skulls have captivated people’s imaginations for many years and for a good reason. Crystals are widely used for empowering and healing, as well as enhancing meditation, balancing emotional states and restoring inner-harmony.

    Crystal skulls can transmit energy and vibrational information in a variety of ways. The shape of the skull resonates with the bone structure of your own skull – passing energy that the skull possesses to your head by shape resonance. The skulls are fashioned from quartz and other minerals that have symmetrical geometrical crystal structures at the molecular level. These highly precise
    crystals are aligned and they vibrate in-sync, transmitting and amplifying energies that pass through the skull. You can hold the skull in your hands or just absorb the energy through shape resonance by being in the presence of the skull.

    No conscious effort is required.

    Crystal Skulls come in a variety of sizes. The larger skulls are more powerful for some uses; however, Jill can help match you with an activated skull that will fit your needs. All skulls are activated and come in various crystals and minerals, each with a specific advantage.

    Free classes on Using Crystal Skulls


    They are effectively used to:

    • Clear Energy Blockages
    • Connect to Higher Dimensional Crystal Energy and Higher Beings – especially related to Atlantis
    • Connect to the original 12 Skulls of Atlantis and access their great wisdom, and uplifting & purifying energy
    • Enhance Meditation and elevate Consciousness
    • Amplify Manifesting
    • Uplift, clear and protect your surroundings
    • Expand psychic and intuitive abilities
    • Crystal Skulls can house your Akashic records. Use skulls to purify the karmic energy of your soul throughout time!

    Crystal Skulls: Repositories of Ancient Wisdom

    Natural Crystals can store incredible quantities of information. As modern evidence of this ability, think to the computer age and its keystone component – the Silicon Chip. Sophisticated Ancient Civilizations understood the potential of Quartz and other minerals to store vast amounts of information – this is probably one of the reasons that the original 12 Crystal Skulls were created – to be repositories for critical knowledge of Mankind and our Forefathers.

    The “form” of a crystal skull represents knowledge, wisdom and consciousness – just as our highest human faculties are housed in our brains – protected by our skulls of bone.

    Ancient Skulls reportedly can contain extraordinary amounts of information and they can transmit or channel enormous quantities of energy. A “personal” crystal skull can likewise accumulate and store information of its owner and her life
    energy and experiences. Some students of “Skull Lore” believe that “new” skulls can absorb healing properties and knowledge of other, older skulls when they are brought together.

    A dear long-time friend and customer once purchased three large clear crystal skulls at the same time. When I took her order I asked her, “why three skulls at the same time”? She shared a wonderful thought: “I bought one skull for myself, one for my daughter and one for my baby granddaughter. I plan to keep my skull close to me throughout my life then to leave it to my daughter when I pass. Then my daughter will give her skull and mine to her own daughter when her time comes to leave this world.” Her belief is that the granddaughter will have a lasting presence of mother & grandmother in the form of their crystal skulls. Two lifetimes of experiences and lessons learned will be available for the young girl’s benefit through the Crystal skulls…

    Singing Bowls

    Singing bowls, also called healing bowls, can be traced back to Asia as early as 2000 BC. A particularly powerful type of bowl is made of an alloy of seven different metals – connected to seven “planets”. Once “singing” the alloy of the seven metals creates a broad range of sounds, overtones and after-tones. The original seven metals and their celestial connections are:

    1. Gold – as the Sun
    2. Silver – as the Moon
    3. Mercury – as Mercury
    4. Copper – as Venus
    1. Iron – as Mars
    2. Tin – as Jupiter
    3. Lead – as Saturn

    (These above seven celestial objects were the most important known in very ancient times. The
    other planets such as Neptune and Uranus were not yet discovered.)

    Singing Bowls have been widely used for thousands of years beginning with Buddhist monks for meditation, religious ceremonies, musical purposes, sound healing and energy clearing and cleansing, sound massage and therapy applications. Bowls have even been used for food preparation and religious offerings through the ages.

    These bowls will produce a wonderful ringing, “singing” sound when they are struck or rubbed by a wooden striker. Bowls have a characteristic “note” or tone. Due to the bowl’s circular shape, the sound waves reverberate inside the bowl producing harmonics and pleasing after-tones. Listeners can benefit by both holding a bowl and having the vibrations pass directly to their bodies and by listening the ringing sounds. Bowls can help clear a room and focus a group’s attention – similar to a gong.

    All Singing Bowls offered on this site are Made in Nepal or Tibet in the Ancient Himalayan Tradition. These bowls are handmade by skilled masters.

    Free classes on Using Singing Bowls

    Science has long confirmed that music – as an organized form of sound energy – can directly affect mood, brain waves, nervous system and body chemistry and metabolism. Music and tones from instruments such as the Singing Bowls has long played a central role in religious ceremonies and healing practices.

    The vibrations of the singing bowls stimulate the body to create its own harmonic frequencies and to produce the alpha waves that are present in the brain during deep relaxation. Many people report that they are “touched” and their souls feel cleared and refreshed when they listen to the sounds of a singing bowl. Some listeners describe a sensation as if “time stands still”. Feelings of peace, relief of chronic pain or contact with “something beyond” are often experienced by sincere practioners.

    The Tibetan Lamas were renowned for their use of singing bowls in secret rituals. Among many of the benefits mentioned above, the Lamas used their bowls to facilitate out-of-body travel.



    Drumming can be an extremely fun and effective form of Sound Healing. Drums possess a characteristic tone or tones just as other musical instruments do, however Drums can forcefully produce a Rhythm beyond any instrument or other means. Blend into the repetitive rhythm of a drum and let the feeling “take you away”. Our body has its own rhythms – the heartbeat, breathing and circulation, brain waves – to name several. I believe this is why we naturally take to drumming and rhythmic patterns. Drumming is not child’s play, however! it is an ancient tool for serious Sound Health pursuits.

    People on the Spiritual Path today are well acquainted with frequency healing. Many enjoy the benefits of listening to their music with the A = 432 Hz. scale; or hearing the solfeggio tones and the spiraling Fibonacci series played out in notes. The use of rhythms of sound can be a highly effective modality to apply to personal healing and growth. Think to the Shaman who took out-of-body forays. These journeys were enabled by a deep trance state and drumming was an important element in achieving the trance. Drums can be extremely effective for reaching desired states of consciousness.

    Free classes on Using Drums

    Drum beats and rhythms can alter your brain waves. When your brain waves entrain to delta and theta states of consciousness your body enters into homeostasis for ultimate healing. During normal daily stress our body is busy coping with constant challenges. Drumming can bypass such stressful states of consciousness and slow us down bringing reduced heart rates and lower blood pressure. Our emotions settle and we become calm – this is a positive and pleasant condition that facilitates healing and grounded thoughts. Faster rhythms can lift us up and give us energy. You do not have to be skilled – drum to a rhythm of your own or play with another. De-stress, calm down and get clear. Balance or re-energize with the appropriate drumming techniques.

    Some rhythms can shake up blocked negative energies helping clear stuck emotions and moods – catharsis results. Sound can be a carrier wave and the drum beats combine with and drive our emotional energies – feelings and energies can be amplified or sedated.

    The drums offered on this website are simple steel drums. They come in various tones and numbers of notes. They deliver both frequencies and rhythms. Some of the drums include all of the chakra tones. They can be played as a musical instrument or only as a source of specific frequencies for targeted purposes. They are great aids to meditation and clearing the mind.

    Sound & Light Machines

    A Sound & Light Machine is a useful tool for developing and expanding your consciousness and certain mental abilities (such as concentration and learning). Neuro-Science has known for many years that specific brain wave patterns are associated with certain states of consciousness and mental effectiveness. The Galaxy Sound & Light Machine helps create desired brain wave states quickly and effectively. With practice – using the Galaxy – you can significantly improve control of mental states and performance in a wide variety of areas.

    Free classes on Using Sound and Light Machine

    Benefits of using the Galaxy Sound & Light Machine

    Some of the common benefits reported by Sound & Light Machine Users include:

    Relaxation and Restful Sleep. Sound and Light Machines are widely recognized for their effectiveness in helping users quickly attain a state of calm. This is essential for stress reduction and a general sense of well being. Sleep sessions use theta and delta frequencies to sooth the mind and bring on restful sleep. The Galaxy is effective in combating many sleep disorders.

    Meditation. The Galaxy can help with the practice of meditation. Users find that they can get deeper into their meditations faster for a longer period of time. After sufficient training with the Galaxy most people can achieve successful advanced meditations without the machine.

    Creativity. You are most creative when you are in the right state of mind. Using the Galaxy before creative activities opens the mind to receive novel insights. The complex shifting visual images, that the Galaxy produces during a “Creativity” session, stimulates the imagination and helps us focus – unlocking creative thinking and problem solving skills.

    Accelerated Learning. The “Learn” programs in the Galaxy will help tune you to the optimal states for accelerated learning, comprehension, memorization and retention of material.

    Visualization and goal achievement. Sound and Light Machines are powerful tools to drive goal attainment. The devices help “program” the unconscious mind. This is a powerful technique as the unconscious mind can continue to work on a problem while we are asleep or addressing a different item with our conscious attention. Sessions that use the theta range of frequencies establish the state of mind most receptive to new ideas and creative visualization.

    Entertainment. The stunning effects of light and sound can be used solely for entertainment purposes. Trigger your imagination and enjoy yourself with light & sound shows like you have never seen before.

    More about the Galaxy Sound & Light Machine

    The Galaxy Sound & Light Machine is an extremely compact unit that is easy to use. It comes in its own carry case with headphones and “glasses”. It operates on 3 AA batteries (included).

    There are 30 pre-programmed sessions. You can use your Galaxy daily; minimum suggested sessions are three times per week for best results. You can add your own favorite music or guided meditation programs as an External Audio Input (in addition to the sound frequencies that the Galaxy generates). Connect your phone or favorite audio source (CD Player etc.) to the Galaxy using the auxiliary input and the cable jack included. You will hear your personal audio plus the sound frequencies from the Galaxy. An excellent way to enhance learning: play the audio of your educational course while doing the Galaxy – (and use one of the learning programs)!

    Some of the 30 preprogrammed sessions include:


    • Regeneration (20 minutes): Great session to use at the end of the day or anytime that you want to be deeply refreshed.
    • Deep Relax (30 minutes): Use for sublime relaxation or accessing the twilight learning state.
    • Theta One (44 minutes): Use with language and other learning tapes.
    • Visions (25 minutes): Useful for creative visualization.
    • Mind Magic (60 minutes): Developed for use on long plane journeys to counteract jet-lag.
    • Power Regeneration (20 minutes): Use this program for feelings of mental and physical regeneration.
    • Wave Pattern Breathing (20 minutes): Access a relaxed, centered and focused state of awareness. Excellent for stress management and optimal performance.
    • Lucid Dreaming (20 minutes): Use this session before bedtime to cultivate lucid dreams.
    • Whole Brain Learning: (30 minutes)
    • Long Meditation: (60 minutes)
    • 30 preprogrammed sessions in all

    Note: The Galaxy is NOT intended to treat or cure any medical condition. It is for personal recreational and entertainment use.

    Compelling Readings & Potent Energy Healing Sessions

    Enjoy a personal session with renowned Sound Healer & Psychic – Jill Mattson

    Jill is an “open channel”; this means that she can connect with almost any divine being or spirit that is willing to make contact with her. In a reading with Jill you may “speak” with Arch Angel Michael, Jesus, St. Germaine or nearly whomever you desire. Jill channels Ascended Masters that you may have been close to in past embodiments… such as Isis from Egypt or Buddha from India. Perhaps you want to talk to your “Star Family”? Do you want to know if you lived in Ancient Atlantis – and what you did in that time? Many people are curious to learn which Angels or Masters are willing to work with them.

    While channeling Ascended Beings, Jill is able to direct their energy flow to YOU. This is a wonderful and unique way to receive an Energy treatment. These energy sessions can be extraordinarily powerful and like other energy work you can clear blockages and negativity – allowing the body to heal itself. Remember in this approach you are receiving energy directly (through Jill’s channel) from Ascended Entities! Many who have experienced this connection report that they also received subtle gifts that sometimes gave insights or improved intuitive skills. Great feelings of peace and contentment are common afterwards among participants.

    Do you know what your life’s purpose is? How about destinies for every past life that you have ever lived? The Elevated Beings that Jill can contact want to help you find your highest path and help you get your life on-track.

    Some enjoy a trip to the Akashic Records to learn how past lives may block your current desires – Jill can help you access information in your Akashic Records. Perhaps you lived a past life as an Ascetic and that is blocking abundance in this life? Maybe the root of a current relationship problem comes from a former life – did you know that you can alter past negative energy? You are the author of all of your lives. With love and forgiveness, you can shift the energy that you created in a former life. Negative energy can be diminished today by altering emotional responses from events in past lives. With a trip to the Akashic Records you gain insights from past lives and how they impact you today, further Jill can help you change past energy to clear your karma. These techniques can make a huge shift in your life today.

    Finally, use your time with Jill to create energy flows for manifesting. There are many ways to eliminate blockages to manifesting and to empower your goals and watch them easily crystallize into your life today. >Readings are 30 minutes in length, however Jill gracefully runs over to about 45 minutes.<

    Awards & Recognition

    Jill Mattson has received International Recognition

    for her Books and Sound Healing Musical Collections


    Jill’s Wings of Light

    See our testimonials on Jill Mattson’s Power ~ Life of Light and how it can change your world view.

    jill mattson healing sound composer and author

    About Jill Mattson

    Jill Mattson is a prolific Musician, Composer, Author and Intuitive. A professionally trained musician, Jill is a widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has produced eleven CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies… many listeners claim they achieve profound benefits. Jill is a four-time author; her books and musical compositions have won numerous awards: (DNA Dreams CD, COVR Silver award winner in 2020, Crystal Realms CD–Best Sound Healing CD of 2017, Best Overall Music (popular Vote and Industry Leader’s Choice–Gold Awards), The Lost Waves of Time–Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD–Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD–Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD–Best New Age CD–Silver Award. Jill has been featured on many hundreds of workshops, tele-seminars, radio shows and magazines! She offers an online Sound Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound!

    Mattson has been able to combine three forces in her life for profound results: her love of music, a deep intuitive spirituality and many years study of Ancient Civilizations. Integrating these three pillars – her life’s work – have benefitted and enlightened many. Thank you for your interest.

    Jill Mattson’s lifelong quest has been to understand the reality and purpose of our existence and to get back to the forces and wisdom that created it all. The key “Jewel” Mattson discovered in her pursuits was the Secret of Sound Energy – and that this force was mastered many eons ago by numerous Ancient Civilizations. With diligent study and intuitive powers Mattson has recovered many Ancient Traditions of Sound Energy and has learned how to apply them today. Furthermore, for many years Mattson has worked with Modern Masters like Sharry Edwards, Ibrahim Kareem, David Hulse… to combine the best of modern science with the lost information from thousands of years ago… the result is the best of both worlds.
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