Contacting Angels (Bundle Special)

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Connect, Communicate, and Receive the Energies of Angels

This Earth and all its People are advancing spiritually – with constant acceleration. We are continually provided more powerful tools – just when we need them – to elevate ourselves and the Planet.

Reconnect to the Etheric Energy Archetype of your Original Higher Divine Embodiments. Reclaim the energies that you wielded before you incarnated in time. You never truly lost your power and energy from higher incarnations; this virility rests in your etheric records.

You can now activate and reconnect to receive this energy – it is yours from deep within.

The time is here to reconnect to your Angelic Energies. Return to your Divine Embodiments and a Higher Plane.

You always truly retained your connection to your loftiest nature and the divine. Utilize Jill Mattson’s “Contacting Angels” Collection to reopen the immense energy channel you once possessed.

Angels and Ascended Masters are our guides to recapture our Divine Heritage and restore unbelievable energies.

Open communications with Angels and Masters. Gain instant, profound insight and enlightenment.

You can change your life forever and reclaim the majesty you once wielded before you incarnated into time and matter.

The Contacting Angel Package includes:

  • Three Angel Tuners, plus striker and carrying case $69
  • Divine Invocations Musical Collection (digital) $22
  • Contacting Angels and Masters CD (digital) $22
  • Angel Reiki Class $44
  • Angel Triumvirate Videos$33
  • Angel Shape Shifting Class $33
  • Video on using the Angle Forks $22 Value
  • Contacting Angel and Masters Video Class $33
  • Names of God and Angels Video $22 Value
  • Bonus: Heal & Transform class from the Master Classes Series $66

Everything in the Contacting Angels Combo is for a special price of $144 (plus shipping).

Retail value is $368, 61% Off

1. Angel Tuners 69 $59

Angel Tuners come with a Velvet Pouch and a Wooden Striker

The Angel Tuners are a set of three metal Tuning Forks based on 4096 Hz., 4160 Hz. and 4225 Hz. The Angel Tuners open our spirit to the Angelic Kingdom. The Angel Tuners are based on the ninth octave of the corresponding harmonic or overtone series.

In the overtone series, a fundamental tone creates a frequency pattern of ascending subtle tones that spiral into higher dimensions. The sounds will be delicate and very high in pitch.


  • Enhance connection to universal energy
  • Gain Spiritual insights and experiences
  • Greatly aid in manifesting
  • Foster spiritual states of consciousness and deep meditation
  • Connect with higher powers
  • Expand your creative expression

It may take a while for your listening ability to open to the higher overtone intervals. Keep at it – learning to listen to the Angel intervals opens up higher dimensions and dream doorways.

2. Learn to use Angel Tuning Forks Video

5:09 Minutes

The Angel Tuners provide universal energy for manifesting, inspiration, and a meditative state to facilitate higher powers, visions, and creative expressions. The Angel Tuners act like an uplifting sage, clearing and purifying your space and those within. These three forks clear Crystals of negativity and open the Chakra above your head that sends light through your whole body! Learn how!

Divine Invocations Musical Collection

61 Minutes total contained in 9 tracks.

Names of pitches of 72 Names of God and Angels –
Music & Sound Codes

Divine Invocations
Sounds of God

An experience, unlike anything you have ever felt before… Certain Words possess great power, as do special Frequencies of Sound. This work has BOTH!

Bask and soak in the pure divine energy from sounding God’s Names in a long-extinct language. Mattson has recaptured Divine Aspects of God, encapsulated in 72 Names, each linked intimately with an Angel.

Each essence of God is expressed in an ancient Sound Code of four unique tones. Pitch and pronunciation are faithful to the original. With the enunciation of each Name, a powerful wave of energy emanates forth.

Each of the 72 Invocations expresses a divine attribute of God and connects to a dedicated Angel – who embodies the blessing. Receive and reset Godly Virtues, such as Great Compassion, Faith, Strength, and Forgiveness… 72 in all.

Nourish your soul and elevate your energy and well-being in unrivaled pristine energy. Attain great virtue!


“I listen to this CD twice a day. The pain in my crippled hands has completely disappeared, and I can use them again. This music works.” R. Hasty

“Dear Jill, your music is amazing. I chanted and received while listening. I just took a couple of regular photos of myself and saw a starburst of brilliant light sweeping in and around my body. There were sweeping lines of pastel colors of light around my body too. I believe the music has brought this light to me!” – Love, Cindy.

“Jill, OH! This is truly beautiful and sacred work.” – Dyan

“The Other Beautiful Thing about this music is that It keeps playing even after turning off the player. In the ethers. Some music does that. Yours does.” – Pamela G

3. Contacting Angels and Masters: Music, Meditations and Class

78 Minutes
(Digital $22 Value)

This CD teaches how sound energy influences us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn how to communicate and receive energy from Angels. In one meditation, bathe in the channeled subtle energies of the angelic essences.

In yet another, take a journey to meet your guides, usually a group of angels and masters that can help you in various situations.

Contacting Angels and Masters includes subtle elements & energies in the background:

  • Channeled Energies of Ascended Masters & Angels
  • Schumann frequency – Associated with Healing & Grounding
  • Frequencies of Master Numbers
  • Chakra Tones, Crystal Tuning, Elemental Sounds
  • Sounds Associated with Sacred Geometry
  • Music in the key signature of the Ray of the Angel or Master Become “enlightened” regarding how sounds and colors relate to angels, masters and yourself! Discover your fundamental frequency and how to keep that tone in balance.
  • Select Angels and Masters to work with YOU based on your needs personally – to aid you – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • After guided meditations, recognize and absorb subtle energies for healing and enlightenment – energies associated with angels, masters and the rays, next learn ways to communicate and recognize their communications to you!
  • Finally, take a guided meditation to meet and greet your guides, angels, and masters aligned with you to guide, and protect you!


“I listened to the Angel Garden from the Contacting Angels and Masters CD. I went into a state of bliss and connectivity to higher beings. I downloaded high energies and felt joy and love for hours.” – Lennie P

“The Angel Garden music felt like angels, dancing across my cheeks. I feel so connected to the Angels, rainbow colors, and musical sounds. I am sealed and “One” with this music. This CD is very, very powerful.” – TN

“This helped me to recognize the presence of angels and ascended masters. A big upward movement for me!” Susan J

4. The Angels Triumvirate Videos

Clearing Karma, Releasing Pain, and Purifying Negativity.

Learn about the three Angels that have teamed up to clear karma, pain, and negativity for humanity!

15:43 Minutes
Value $33

  • Jeremiah Angel Attunement Video 3:26 minutes
  • Zachariel Angel Attunement Video 3:29 minutes
  • Arch Angel Zaphkeil Attunement Video 2:30 minutes
  • Channeling of Arch Angel Jeremiah Video 4:58 minutes

5. Divine Names of God Video

9:56 Minutes
$22 Value

An experience, unlike anything you have ever felt before…. Certain words possess great power, as do special Frequencies of Sound. This work has BOTH.

Bask and soak in the pure divine energy from sounding God’s Names in a long-extinct language. Mattson has recaptured Divine Aspects of God, encapsulated in 72 Names, each linked intimately with an Angel.

Each essence of God is expressed in an ancient Sound Code of four unique tones. Pitch and pronunciation are faithful to the original.

This is a group of 9 Angles from the 72 Names of God Musical Collection, with accompanying video images.

6. Learn to use Angel Tuning Forks Video

5:09 Minutes
$22 Value

Learn skills and techniques for using your Angel Tuners!

7. Angel Reiki Class Video

1 Hour 12 Minutes
$44 Value

Ever received Healing Energy directly from an Angel? How Divine would that feel? Experience ANGEL REIKI Receive an Angelic Reiki Attunement!

Have a guided session to open your Etheric wings and use them for healing, and protection.

Get ready to receive whatever the angels want to gift you right now.

8. Angels – Shapeshifting Class Video

21 Minutes
$33 Value

Discover a new energy technique that imparts higher energies, much like reiki.

Use a vortex to activate your “wings” from incarnations “way & back.”

Learn to move your wings to download higher etheric records, healing, and protective energies for yourself and to bless others.

Activate your 12D divine blueprints. Use this energy in your daily life all day long!

9. Contacting the Angels and Masters Class Videos

74 Minutes of Video Classes
Value $33

Angels and Ascended Masters surround us. They are unseen but reside “across the veil” in other dimensions. Use vibrational techniques to access angels and other realms – for communication, information, and healing.

Identify portals to gain knowledge from other planes of existence for improved decision-making and contact with your guides.

  • Contacting Angels Video Class – part 1 14:19 minutes
  • Contacting Angels Video Class – part 2 19:15 minutes
  • Contacting Angels Video Class – part 3 42:33 minutes

Value $33


Heal and Transform with Vibrational Energy

3+ Hours of Content
$66 Value

Vibrational healing with sound is incredibly powerful! Properly employed sound alters emotions, brainwaves and physicality. But how do you know what frequencies you uniquely need? Identify lacking frequencies and ways to get them quickly.

What you Get!

2 Digital CDs valued at $22 each
Angels Triumphant Video Series $33
Angle Reiki Video Training $44
Three Angel Tuning Forks, pouch, and striker $69
Angel Shape-Shifting Video $33
Contacting Angels Video Class $33
Using Angel Forks Video $22 Value
Names of God Video $22 Value
Heal & Transform with Vibrational Energy $66

Total Value $368
Special Bundle Price $144
(plus, shipping)

Everything in the Contacting Angels Combo
is for a special price of $144.

Retail value is $368, 61% Off

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