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Enhance Spirituality ~ 4 Musical CDs

Original price was: $132.00.Current price is: $88.00.

Enjoy 4 Hard Copy Healing CDs!

Contacting Angels & Masters CD takes you on an experiential journey to connect with Angels & Masters.

Divine Invocations CD – Ancient elders taught that the most powerful way to raise your energies was listening to the ancient names of God and the names of 72 angels. Lighten up with the 72 names of God in ancient Arabic dialect, with the sound key codes to connect you to 72 manifestations of God and 72 angels.

Echoes of God CD A specific gene within us is related to the robust expression of human spirituality and all of its gifts. The frequency of this gene can penetrate your cells and amplify your spiritual genetic code.

The Cosmic Streams CD tunes chakras with frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, subtle emotional energies, Tibetan bowls and more. Uses chakra techniques from 11 Mystery Schools.

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