Cosmic Mid Om Tuner Tuning Fork

Om Tuning forks for Sound Therapy. These are high quality machine made tuning forks which are excellent for sound healing and not moulded tuning forks. Free Rubber Mallet with this Tuning Fork set and it comes with an attractive Velvet Pouch.

The Cosmic OM Tuning Fork creates a vibration that resonates with the ‘Cosmic Om.’  It is believed that “OM” is the mother of all languages. Repetition of “OM” enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding. It is an everlasting, never-stopping tone.Our soul has this same frequency. Indians, in olden times, were given this tune in meditation naturally, as they opened themselves to the cosmos. This Tuning Fork gives amazing results in meditation, reaching out to Universal Energies, journeying, in an energy-work session. Their effect is to relax, soothe, balance and sedate. 

Om Tuner


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