Sun B. 449.8 H
Moon A# 234H

The Sun and Moon Crystal Tuning Forks

All the Universe is a Wave! Everything is energy with a “characteristic frequency”. The ultimate interaction that can occur when the correct frequencies are brought together is resonance, which is a fundamental property of the universe – and a manifestation of what we are really working on here – The Music of the Spheres! It is truly a wonder that harmony exists on the very largest and smallest scales of this Universe. The Sun & Moon Crystal Tuning Forks are unique instruments for reaching this harmony. Gain the majesty of our Star – the Sun – at your fingertips through its expression in a Quartz Tuning fork. Equally amazing, touch the soft mystery of our closest neighbor: Mother Moon.

The Sun and the Moon have always been the dominant celestial objects for Planet Earth. That these bodies deeply influence nearly every aspect of our world is clear to all. Many scientists believe it is the combination of our Earth’s orbital position around the Sun along with a large solitary Moon satellite that makes life possible on our special planet. We inhabit the “goldilocks zone” where water flows freely in a liquid state – a prerequisite for all life. Our “protector” Moon sweeps away most rogue asteroids and comets before having catastrophic impacts on Earth. The Sun pours out an unwavering stream of energy – Sunlight – to power life. The Moon drives the tides creating a worldwide network of tidal pools, wetlands and marshes that may have been the cradle of earliest life.

From the very beginning – when the first sentient animals gazed at the sky above – they inevitably saw the majestic “Father” Sun and the enchanted “Mother” Moon. These heavenly orbs are indelibly written into our earliest history and religions – carved into our DNA.

The exact frequencies of the Sun and the Moon are not readily available… they cannot be heard on our pianos, or any standard musical instrument. To make the powerful frequencies of the Sun and the Moon accessible to all, Jill Mattson worked with a team of craftsmen – skilled in working with Quartz Crystal – to create two instruments (tuning forks) to produce these Celestial frequencies. The Sun frequency is strong and uplifting – energizing and empowering. The Sun is the master of our solar system – Dominant and masculine – it can give great resolve and power to those who absorb it. The Moon frequency is feminine and has a relaxing and profoundly centering impact on the body. Both tuning forks create natural harmonics to resonate with the mind and body, allowing for an enduring deeper and more nourishing experience.

Made in the same tradition of other innovative Crystal Instruments – designed and commissioned for production by Jill Mattson – the Sun & Moon Tuning Forks are essential new products for the serious Sound Healing Enthusiast or Professional. These are heirloom quality and powerful; they are easy to use and convenient to transport. The forks, respectively, are marked with a band of Gold for the Sun and a band of Silver for the Moon. They come boxed together in a decorative protective case.

The Sun’s orbit tone is a vital and robust frequency, while the melodious moon tone is softer. Low volume tones are extremely beneficial.

Some Basic Applications for Sun & Moon:

  • Use the Sun frequency to energize and uplift
  • The Sun Energy can aid confidence and stamina; growth of physical
  • Put your Sun Tuning Fork outside to soak in the Sunshine at certain
    seasons of the year… gaining fine tuned benefits… consider the Solstice when the Sun is highest in the Heavens, also the Spring & Fall Equinoxes. Noon sunshine is different from sunrise or sunset.
  • Tune your internal clocks and circadian rhythms with both Sun & Moon Frequencies
  • Use the Moon fork to relieve stress, relax and sedate – calm down
  • For some, sleep can be greatly enhanced with the Moon Tone
  • Soften harsh emotions and states of consciousness with the Mansions of the Moon, with her healing and tones to release pain and sorrow.
  • Night ceremonies are enhanced with the Moon frequency and so are contacts with certain ethereal beings
  • Leave the Moon fork out overnight during the Full Moons, new moon waning and waxing moon… each time your beautiful crystal fork captures slightly different healing energy.
  • Any Astrological work where the main influences are due to the Sun or the Moon can be more effective with the presence of these Crystal Instruments

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The Sun and Moon Crystal Tuning Forks


The Spiritually Evolved People of Atlantis, often referred to as the Gods in ancient histories, enjoyed a religion of the sun. The sun’s consciousness was believed to be life giving, energizing and healing.  This energy was combined with the soft feminine nurturing energy from the moon, to create alchemy of healing, and empowerment.

Enjoy the crystal forks tuned to the physical orbit tone of the sunand the moon!

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