People thousands of years ago cherished their ancient wisdom. Especially noteworthy were secrets about the power of sound and music to heal, balance, and uplift their worlds. 

There was a belief that vibratory energy, aka sound and music, combined with us on every level and altered us. Ancient wisdom incorporates the idea that music can improve the values of people and make their warriors fierce. Sound secrets were prized. 

In ancient times wise sages transformed with special music slowly but surely at every level: body, mind, emotional, and spiritual. They carefully selected a vibrational influence to be surrounded with, whereas today, music is deemed mere entertainment. Whoever started this rumor meant to harm and disempower the human species. If we believe this, we are oblivious to the forces of sound – changing us in ways that we may not want. Not to mention that sound and music, if carefully chosen, can bless us in multidimensional ways!


This article will supply a smattering of fascinating tidbits selected from ancient wisdom to use sound and music to uplift your daily life. Prepare to be awed.

One idea was to alter the tone that a person used when saying his name. This sound of one’s name was a constant energy influence for his or her entire life. Ancient people would say their name with love to align their energies with this emotion. Ancient wisdom held that the constant use of love combined with the sound of one’s name created a remarkable influence on how people were perceived and treated. 

Using ancient techniques, people tuned to their birthdate or astrological energy with sound. Numbers became cycles per second of sound or music. 

The ancient Sumerians converted one’s birth date to a single energetic digit and also to music. One’s birthdate sounds represented one’s vibratory essence. Listening to it was vitalizing and enlightening. People listened to their birthtime while relaxing in harmony, to mis their personal energies with harmony. (For example, 12/30/1954 = 1+2+3+0+1+9+5+4+ = 25 =2+5=7. This person listened to 7 cycles per second (cps) and octaves of 7 cps.

Ancient wisdom held that one’s name converted to sounds represented a person’s vibratory signature. One conversion system between letters and numbers was called Gematria. Numbers were assigned to each letter in the alphabet, and thus letters were converted into numbers. For example, the 25th letter of the alphabet would represent the number 25. Numbers were added until there was only a single digit. So, 25 became 2+5 =7.  Numbers were then used as frequencies. The number 25 correlated to 7 cycles of sound per second or a very low musical note! This is one of many ways to convert sound to numbers.

Music with numeric patterns found in nature connected the listener with Mother Earth, a powerful soul living in the body of the physical Earth. Her sound patterns healed and uplifted the listener. Musical scales reflected the Fibonacci numeric pattern that is so prolific in nature. In this way, people ingested the healing vibrations of nature through music. We do not listen to these scales today. (The tones are in my Paint your Soul CD).

In the Babylonian tradition of astronomy and numerology, ancient priests drew the zodiac on a circle and divided the circle into 360 degrees, assigning constellations to locations on the circle. The ancient sages correlated special instruments to each zodiac sign. The harmonic sounds of the instruments were especially healing during the corresponding time of the zodiac. Within ancient wisdom theory, philosophers assigned each zodiac sign a note on their musical scale. This note resonated with the time of the zodiac. The tone become slightly louder during the presence of a constellation in a certain position at the vernal equinox, without a musician making the tone louder. The tone’s difference in volume was attributed to the resonance between the instrument and the zodiac sign. The zodiac was now like a circular xylophone. The constellations directly across the circle contained energy that balanced one another. They then “played the stars” to alleviate challenging energy coming from the stars. Thus, they harmonized with musical feng shui!

Music was a force to alter the will power and strength of an entire country. Here are a few examples: 

  • Several years before the American Revolution, patriotic and freedom songs were popular. The songs encouraged young men to fight and go to war. 
  • American Indians also used “war” dances to strengthen warriors’ “mettle” and aggression. In ancient Hindu history, terrifying sounds unnerved and scared enemies. 
  • In the Bible, David played the harp to lift Saul’s depression. 
  • Egyptian papyri, over 2,600 years old, refer to incantations as cures for infertility and rheumatic pain.
  • The ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal the body and soul. According to ancient wisdom, the harmonics of the flute and the lyre alleviated gout and sciatica. Paeans were old Greek songs that cured specific illnesses. For example, when the plague hit ancient Greece, they played a particular song with the frequencies and rhythmic patterns to halt the disease. 
  • According to ancient wisdom, Alexander the Great’s regained his sanity from music played on the lyre. The Greek philosophers took people with mental health issues to concerts for therapy.
  • Pythagoras used melodies and rhythms to cure diseases of the body and mind. 
  • The ancient Egyptians wrote musical notes and letters on paper and the ink-like substance dissolved in water. They drank the water to heal certain ailments. Those schooled in ancient wisdom believed that the vibrations created by shapes and words created a subtle energy. When one drank this liquid, they received vitalizing, spiritual, and enlightening healing energies. Masuro Emoto’s work reflected this ancient wisdom. Masuro published photographs of freezing water impacted by positive and negative words. Positive words altered the freezing water crystals, producing pleasing and beautiful shapes. Angry words created irregular and distorted patterns. 


Here are a few quotes of ancient wisdom, reflecting their ideas about the power of sound:


  • Origin described hearing as a “readiness of the soul towards
  • “True inner hearing has not been perfected until one can hear the sounds in a seed or in a leaf. When one unites with the ‘archetone’, giving life to all forms, he joins with the cosmic music of the Universe. Finally, one blends with the tone of his direct star from whence he came”.
  • “It is not a fairy tale that the saints used to speak with the trees and plants. You can speak with them today if you are in communication. Man has the same privilege today if he realizes that he is privileged”. 
  • “Upon the wings of sound, the way of higher evolution is traveled.”
  • “At first, only the light works, but when one goes deeper into creation, there is sound. When one is face to face with spirit, what is first expressed is the light or what one first responds to is light, and what one responds to next, and what touches one deeper, is sound”.
  • “While information and knowledge, the fruits of pursuing the light, provide relative peace and spiritual progress, they pale in comparison to the higher God attributes of truth, love, wisdom and freedom and power which the awakened Sound Current imbued within the sincere seeker of truth….These attributes are enlivened by bathing in the audible Life Stream”.
  • “Sound is a tremendous occult (meaning hidden) power. It is such a marvelous force that the electricity generated by a million Niagara Falls could never counteract even the smallest potentiality of sound when directed by proper knowledge”. 
  • “For there is nothing in this world that can help one spiritually more than music. Meditation prepares, but music is the highest for touching perfection”. 
  • “Since the difference between one dimension and another is its rate of vibration, the key to the transformation of the spirit lies within the music.”  
  • “There is a time to rend and a time to sew, a time to keep silence and a time to speak.” 
  • Pythagoras and Plato said that the nature of the soul is sound. 
  • “The person who has found the keynote of his voice has found the key of his own life.” 


Ancient wisdom believed in sound, as the most powerful heeling modality available to us!

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