If everyone stopped talking, our energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy – that subtly changes us! Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words – not from the word’s meaning, but its sounds. The power is soft and subtle but ever influencing us.

Throughout antiquity, spiritual groups emphasized words and our voices. The Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “As we delve into the mysteries of life, we discover the whole secret is hidden in what we call words. All occult science, all mystical practices are based upon the science of the word or sound.” The power of a word is not its meaning, but its energy – it’s sound.

People carry energy and intent in their voices. For example, Jesus’ miracles were triggered by His verbal commands. His energy combined with the power of His words. His voice a crucial part of His miracles. 

Hazrat Inayat Khan commented, “The fortunate person has a different voice… than the one who is not so fortunate. When you compare the voices of great people with the voices of others, there is a great difference. From the voice, you can determine the stage of a person’s evolution. You do not need to see him; just his voice will tell you how far he has evolved. The character of a person is evident in his voice. And there comes a change in the voice with every step of spiritual evolution.”

Khan continues, “Healing that comes through a change of mind or feeling, instigated by personal will, simply does not have the sustaining power to be permanent or complete. True healing requires the transformational ability of sound.  Many masters agree. Theosophist Alice Baily wrote that only sound gives us transformative power to improve our personality substantially. The most potent sounds are from your voice.  

Few people realize that they can change their life force with their speaking voice. We can spend part of every day developing our voice. Our words exchange energy with who we are. It is not just that the voice is a reflection of who we are, but when we can change our voice, we change who we are. Change is more natural and more potent by changing your voice than using our will power. We can increase our vitality and strength by using our voices for healing. 

Throughout time, there are many ways to change your life with your voice. Ancient Egyptians soaked words in water that were written on something edible. Drinking the water – altered by the written word – bestowed subtle energy benefits. 

Historian Schwaller de Lubicz discovered that the ancient Egyptians used “sound formulas” – not comprised of words nor meanings, but… “Sacred or magical language that is not understood with definite meanings. The utterance of certain letters or words which make no sense in themselves creates physiologic changes .” Magic words are more a subtle science than capricious child’s play. 

Language sounds have been used as a subtle energy healing power for the body, mind, and soul in former times. For example, the Taoists from ancient China wrote that:
* Ssss helps the lunges
* Who is for kidneys
* Sshhh is for liver
* Haw is for heart
* Woo is for spleen

As you speak, pay attention to where sounds resonate in your body. Which sounds are enjoyable, making you lighter and feeling better?

Other languages and cultures linked sounds with particular healing benefits! “Hu” is the mystical Sufi’s sacred sound… “Hu” creates a burning sensation in one’s head if you say it over and over. “Ha,” also begins with H, stimulating glands, especially the thymus.  Today, the medical society confirms that laughter sounds (“ha, ha” sounds) boost the immune system. 

Masaru Emoto provided pictures revealing the impact of words on freezing water crystals. Beautiful shapes formed from kind and loving words. How do your words sound?

The sounds of words subtly form matter. Beautiful words create beauty in a subtle form. Can you imagine the impact of speaking with love in every word that comes out of your mouth? Who would have ever imagined that we have such a powerful force – hidden within our very selves…..our voice.

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