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The unique matrix of sound and other energies, combined in a special pattern, is the Attunement. (Remember all energy is fundamentally vibrational.) An Attunement – the secret matrix of sounds, shapes and color energies – opens new dimensional portals. The Attunement in Reiki is the viewing of a sacred symbol. Mattson’s Attunements include the sacred symbol AND matching sounds and colors. All of which increase the Attunement’s potency! An Attunement can send us soaring upwards… to become, once again, the former higher energetic beings we once were and bestow countless, almost unimaginable benefits!

Ancient-Sound-Healing Master, Jill Mattson, has recovered the long lost Attunement codes and methods. For the first time ever, Mattson is releasing ten powerful Attunements in her new program.

Learn more about this remarkable program.

Ten powerful, mind boggling Attunements, never before offered:

  • The Chakra beneath your feet – Recalibrate your energies to Mother Earth and Higher Dimensional beings within the depths of the Earth. This activation reactivates life purposes throughout many lifetimes, so that you may combine and capitalize on them.
  • The Root Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – connecting to Higher energies within the nurturing Earth and up inside your physical body
  • The Sacral Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – reestablishing passion for the greater good and ourselves
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – bestowing & restoring power, understanding your life purpose, and powerfully unfolding it
  • The Heart Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – unconditional love for all
  • The Throat Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – understanding your voice in your personal life, the importance of your essence and sharing that with large groups of people
  • The Third Eye Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) – Opening your intuition, awareness, and psychic powers for yourselves. Increased awareness of others. Linking and connecting with group energies, thoughts and powerful streams of energies
  • The Crown Chakra – (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) Opening your portal to your Higher Self and integrating that with your human energies. Raising your whole body energies to hold longer and closer connection with your higher self.
  • The Causal Chakra – Unifying your physical energies with your soul & accessing your soul’s purpose
  • The Stellar Intensity Chakra – This functions as an antennae, receiving and transmitting frequencies. Develops telepathy, manifesting & miracles. Enables you to receive and remember teachings from the Solar Logos and Masters. These energies come as light codes, geometric symbols, sounds & archetypical images.

4+ Hours

Course Details & Materials

Astonishing Chakra Attunements

Grand Total over 4.5 hours of Activations, Attunements, Meditations, Attachments…

Course Details:
1. Foundations & Preparations for Attunements Video – 50 minutes Learn about Resonance and how you receive the frequencies to get what you want! Learn how energy works, so you can manage it better. Identify surprising root causes of issues. Using astrology frequencies, Color therapy, using pendulums, clearing chakra layers.

2. Supporting your Lower Chakras – 10 minutes Why are the lower chakras important? Channeling the Earth Energies, strengthening lower chakras.

3. Egyptian Chakra Chants Video – 11 minutes
This sound meditation was used deep within the Egyptian Priesthood Mysteries.

4. Chakra Permutations Video – 17 minutes
Listen to all chakra permutations for activations and expanded consciousness in your energy fields.

5. Regenerating Back Chakras – about 30 minutes The back chakras are entirely opened in higher dimensional beings. These chakras
bestow energy to heal others, support world service and lift humanity.

6. Introduction to the Attunements Video – 9 minutes What exactly is an Attunement?

7. Chakra Tipping Video – 19 minutes Change the directional flow of your chakra system. For example, chakras normally flow from the front of your body to the back, but your chakras can tip to create a column of white light floating around the spine.

8. Chakra Attunements videos – about 2 hours. These ten videos of chakra attunements open the back and front chakras and unify them. Included with the chakra attunements are their symbols and sounds. In addition, each Attunement includes a channeling from an advanced being from the Egyptian pantheon. the ten chakra attunements are for the chakra beneath your feet and two chakras above your head. Also included are the front and back chakra attunements for the seven major chakras.

The Attunements Collection includes an hour of mp3s. The 10 chakra sound attunements are in mp4 and mp3 formats. Each Chakra Sound Attunement includes additional beneficial frequencies: dolphins, whales , great turtles, languages of light, frequencies of elements, star recordings, ancient sacred geometry sounds, and much more!

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