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Jesus and other great Avatars performed miracles by spoken commands alone. Numerous Ancient Masters “diagnosed” people and provided appropriate healing energy on the basis of the quality of sounds in the afflicted’s voice. Modern Master, Sharry Edwards works near-miracles of healing based on information captured in electronically recorded voiceprints.

The Human Voice is a window on our personal wellbeing.

Having trouble understanding the possibilities in the power of the voice?… Go back to your childhood memories… recall how mother could soothe your worst troubles by merely speaking to you with her loving voice – only talking. She would speak softly and slowly and with heartfelt sincerity… and pretty soon all your problems were washed away.

Learn to use vibrational information in the voice as a means to analyze and fulfill vibrational nutritional needs – with amazing success! Add (or subtract) frequencies to your voice to create harmony and balance and healing.

Ancient Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, correctly taught that you can judge the success and health of any man – by the sound of his voice. Take this to the next level: modulate and control your voice to acquire that “voice of success” that you desire. Learn how to add the influential tones that are lacking. You will be amazed how people will respond to you and how you will get the results that you want. Your life can change immediately for the better – Rebirth and Renew – through understanding and controlling your voice. And it works exactly in the same manner while listening to other people’s voices. You can quickly understand what they want and what they are trying to get you to do – hidden information – deepest meanings. Use your voice to control your personality characteristics and to achieve important goals. Use your voice to impact others and to attract things that you want into your life.

The video program, Change Your Voice ~ Change Your Life teaches how to:

  • Understand what information is contained in the Human Voice
  • Break the Voice into component pitches and learn what they mean
  • Decipher hidden information in the Voice (of others and even yourself)
  • Make “Sound” Personality Changes – quickly & permanently
  • Use Your Voice and the Voices of Others as a window on the Subconscious Mind
  • Balance Elemental Energy within the Voice
  • Use the Voice to improve Relationships and positively affect People around you
  • Align your Voice with Your Life’s Purpose – get what you most want by Employing the Power in Your Voice

1 Hour 45 Minutes

Course Details & Materials

Change Your Voice Class

1 Hour 45 minutes of Videos, with Attachments

  • Understand the depth of information encoded in your voice and how to
    access it for yourself and others.
  • Decipher hidden information in others and your own voice!
  • Align your Voice with your Life Purpose.
  • Making “Sound” Personality Changes – quickly and permanently.
  • Observe your Subconscious Mind through your Voice.
  • Balance Elemental Energy within your Voice.
  • Alter your voice to alter your relationships and get what you want by changing your voice
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