Connections Above & Within: Celestial Frequencies of the Sun & Moon

No Celestial Bodies Have More Impact on Humanity Than the Sun and Moon.

Discover the Divine Grand Design Reflected in the 'Music of the Spheres.'

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Learn about Sun & Moon in our evolutionary spiritual development and their powerful influences on us – which continue to this day. For excellent results, you will discover practical techniques to reset your inner body clocks – our Circadian Rhythms controlled by the Sun & Moon. The key elements of this Sun Religion endure and comprise the very best elements of all World spirituality. Learn about the “Music of the Spheres” and why this is relevant for us today. Enjoy the vibrations of the “God Gene” that ties to our evolution and journey to seek the divine and the spiritual. Mattson includes 70 minutes of music with the frequency of the God Gene (frequencies from Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options) embedded into the beautiful music tracks.

Key Information:

  • Learn how to utilize and adjust your Body’s Clock/Circadian Rhythms for
    powerful benefits, including:
    o Restored full-night deeply restful sleep
    o Renewed energy and vitality
    o Weight loss & management
    o Stress/Anxiety reduction
    o Emotional balance & relationships
    o Enhance intelligence, mental & job performance
  • Marvel at Mattson’s Presentation on the God Gene… and enjoy 70 minutes of original music with frequencies supporting the god gene…
  • Deepen your knowledge of Mother Moon… discover what phases of the Moon are best for what activities & healings. Then, capture this energy for when you need it the most.
  • Marvel at the grand design reflected in the Music of the Spheres and how Mattson produced two crystal tuning forks – one with the frequency of the Sun & another with the frequency of the Moon. Use these tuning forks to invoke the energy of the Sun or Moon anytime you desire.

The God Gene

Jill Mattson has been composing musical collections for nearly 20 years where a special frequency or set of frequencies are embedded in a complex musical score. This is her secret sauce – where her musical training comes together with her long study of Sound and Ancient Civilizations. Collaborating with Sharry Edwards (renowned founder of BioAcoustics), Jill has produced 70 minutes of music that contains the frequency for the God Gene that Edwards derived. Mattson believes that through sound resonance, subtle energy transfers and a listener can benefit instantly by being immersed in special sound energies. In the case of the God gene, Mattson believes that the DNA (a gene named VMAT2) – which is tied to our natural spiritual abilities – can be strengthened by listening to the energetic equivalent of this gene. After consulting with Sharry Edwards, Jill has embedded Edward’s three God gene frequencies into her music – the gene itself, the “activator” frequency and the frequency of a key protein associated with the God Gene. Together the three frequencies have maximum impact.

Course Details & Materials

Circadian Rhythms

Scientific tells us about the impact of the circadian rhythms on your health. Then, see how people hoping to reverse chronic diseases, slow aging, sleep soundly, lose weight (and more) are syncing with natural rhythms for astonishing health benefits. Learn how to hack your body’s rhythmic codes and reset them to make everything in life more manageable. Lose weight, reverse chronic disease, and maintain your energy for optimum vitality and restful sleep with ease.

Then, Jill guides you through some specific ways to utilize the Sun’s energy and its benefits.

The Sun’s Energy and Its Benefits
Learn about the God of the God. How ancient people used the changing energies of the Sun throughout the day and seasons. Use these energies to empower your goals!

The Sun Altar and Using the Sun and Orange Juice
Enjoy the benefits of rituals to the Sun, and building an altar to the Sun with the ancient understandings, methods, and ingredients. Use the vitality of oranges to amplify your intentions. Kick start manifesting with energy of the morning sun for great success!

Using the Noon Sun
Recalibrate your Sacred Light Body and personal Energies with the Energy of the Noon Sun.

Noon Elixir, Manifesting Using the Sunset Energy
Create an elixir of the Sun’s vitality to use in your daily life. Amplify the energy of the setting sun to fortify and empower your manifesting. Use the setting sun to create a trance to receive a special message from your spirit animal.

Recalibrating Your Light Body with the Morning Sun
Ascension is about raising all energies from this life, childhood, past lives, and energy stored in our subconscious minds. Use the power of the morning sun and breathwork to induce a trance and gather your energies of past trauma, transmute them into positive energy!

The Sun God
Join Jill to learn about the Sun God, Helios, and listen to Helios and Vesta’s channeling!

The Moon
Learn all about the wondrous Moon. Did you know that your garden can grows better if you consider how the Moon affects your flowers, fruits, and vegetables? The ancient priests of the Temple of the Moon taught how to live in harmony with the Moon, using her various phases for specific energetic gifts and endeavors — with success in every area of your life.

Lucid Dreaming & Using the Energies of the Moon for Manifesting!
Use a lucid dreaming state to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, connect with departed Loved Ones!

Fast Track Ascension with the Full Moon Energies!
Directly connect with the energetic blueprint of your highest possible life and recalibrate to it! Select the best life that you can desire by experiencing the future possibilities.

Releasing Weight, Addictions and Bad Habits with the Waning Moon’s Energies
Use the energy of the waning Moon to carry away our bad habits and things that do not serve us!

Astrology and the Moon
The ancient concept of time was an energy to be used for your benefit. We attribute certain times to special feelings but fail to use these times for beneficial purposes. Think of ascension and healing on every level as living in harmony with the Sun and the Moon.

Hathor Sound and Color Healing
Learn how to control your voice to access your subconscious mind and generate tones for healing. Various techniques use sacred geometry, crystals, colors, flexible movements, and copper tape to aid your voice’s healing value. The Ancient Hathors have been called the goddess of the Moon by the ancient Hebrews and Canaanites. This celestial and feminine goddess opened chakras in people’s fingertips to give off colored light, to add to the toning process for more advanced energy healing than reiki. Learn how!

The God Gene Music
18 MP3s: 1 Hour, 10 Minutes

Collaborating with Sharry Edwards, renowned founder of BioAcoustics, Jill has
produced seventy minutes of music exclusive to You Wealth that contains the frequency for the God Gene.

The God Gene was scientifically discovered in 2004. When we have this gene, we exhibit a high degree of spirituality and enjoy mystical experiences! Awaken by listening and absorbing the energetic equivalent of this gene!

Jill believes that subtle energy transfers through sound resonance. By being immersed in the God gene music, Jill believes that the DNA (a gene named VMAT2 that is tied to our spirituality) — can be strengthened by listening to the energetic equivalent of this gene. Jill has embedded three special frequencies from Sharry Edwards into her music. In addition to the God Gene frequency, there is the energy equivalent of the “activator” frequency for the God Gene and the frequency of an essential protein associated with the God Gene. Together the three frequencies have maximum impact.

The Sun Fork: Using the Solar Plexus to Build Your Light Body
Learn how to measure your aura and the light in each chakra. Use this measurement to demonstrate how much energy the Sun Crystal fork creates in your solar plexus. Then, use this solar energy in your solar plexus to build your light body!

The Moon Fork: Sleep, Movement and Manifesting
Amplify chi gong with the Crystal Moon fork. Use the Moon Crystal Fork for manifesting and to aid sleep. Also, use the Moon sound to open chakras above your head.

The Sun and the Rainbow
Use the Sun Fork and learn about the ancient religions of the Sun! Use The Crystal Sun fork to amplify your light body, finding all spots of density and clearing them. Use the sun fork to enlighten your aura, aiding the ascension process.

Sacred Geometry and the Sun and Moon Forks
Find dark spots in your aura and get rid of them. (The dark spots will make you feel bad.) Use body movements to invigorate your aura for an uplifting, emotional cleanse. Learn about the frequencies of shapes and things in nature. Combine these with techniques for clearing negative energy with the Sun and Moon Crystal Tuning Forks!

Balancing Energies in Your Brain Hemispheres for Whole Brain Functioning
Balance energies in your brain hemispheres for whole-brain functioning and improve brain subtle energy flow.

Using Your Forks… When They Are Not Present
Measure your aura to verify the impact of its sound and crystal energy. Then observe how you can command their energy when you don’t have your Crystal Forks with you.

The Moon Fork for Healing
Use Energy of the Moon Fork for body healing. Reduce pain and de-stress.

The Sun & Moon and Acupressure Points
Use the Sun and Moon Crystal forks to clear the body’s meridians as acupuncture does. In addition, use the tuning forks to access healing through acupressure points of the hands, feet, and ear.

Capturing the Changing Energies of the Sun and Moon
Energies of the sun and moon change as the day progresses, as well as the days of the month. Use these ever-giving gifts, which change for beneficial purposes, whenever we need them.

Ancient Sun and Moon Sacred Movements
Two movement sequences connect your energy and the Sun & Moon. Add your
beautiful tones to these sacred movements for an uplifting spa!

(Sun & Moon Tuning Forks sold separately)

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