contacting angels and masters

Contacting Angels and Masters

Have you tried everything and still no ideas or even hope for how to change your life? Try some "Divine" advice. Take Jill Mattson's course on Contacting Angels & Masters.
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This course teaches techniques to expand your multidimensional capacities, enhancing your understanding of unseen beings, energy, and worlds.

Download information from different realms. Return to your divine, energetic blueprint. Realign to the truth of who you were meant to be!

Learn about the energy of various angels and masters and select who you work with – for your physical and emotional needs at the moment.

Experience hands-on exercises to access different dimensions and times to reach sources of discord and illness. Like cascading dominoes, if you don’t eliminate the cause, negative energy is continually created – forming endless healing requirements. Identify and transform your multidimensional energy.

Use downloads from Angels & Masters to enhance your communication and energy and to accelerate your manifesting. Use frequencies and vibrations to amplify your manifesting.

Sounds have been used for creation in many ancient religions, harness this power for personal manifesting. Add to this vibrations & crystals to amplify your healing and manifesting. (BYOC – bring your own crystals!).

  • Contact Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides Receiving Angels’, Masters’ and Guides’ energies
  • Channeling Ascended Master & Angels, ancient Gods
  • Contacting Star Beings (Pleiadians, Sirians, Archturians)
  • Listen to Languages of Light – powerful vibrational energy
  • Increase your Psychic Abilities
  • Use Frequencies to eliminate Negative Energy
  • Understand & incorporate the Frequencies of Angels and Ascended Masters
  • For Ascension and Enlightenment – use a Rainbow of Frequencies and Energies
  • Clearing/ activating/ directing /communicating with crystals. Bring divine energy into yourself.
Course Details & Materials

Contacting Angels and Masters

77 Minutes of videos with attachments:

  • Find your fundamental frequency
  • Attracting Ascended Master & Angels
  • Using the frequencies of Ascended Masters and Angels
  • Creating your cosmic team
  • Opening up your senses and psychic skills
  • Amplify your communication
  • Energy blessings of Angels and Masters

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