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Ancient stone circles and pyramid locations captured important celestial alignments. At these sacred times, the ancients prayed at their “observatories” – listening to the silent voices of their gods – speaking through the star light. Celestial vibrations. During special alignments of the stars, great sages and seekers absorbed the cascading fragments of star waves and heavenly currents. These sacred sites harvested special energies when the “Star Gates” were opened: at equinoxes, solstices and special astronomical alignments. They knew that these Star Energies had great powers.

After exhaustive research, Mattson has discovered her own version of Star Gates, which are personalized paths that anyone can use to access Divine Beings.

Mattson’s Star Gates are detailed techniques and tools that put us in direct connection with Ascended Energetic Beings. Some of the secrets and initiations to the higher energies of the stars include: Powerful Sigils and Cosmic Seals (as described in Revelations) linked to the Stars, Mind control and meditation rites, Sound Codes, astounding ancient information and unique Crystal Instruments.

Mattson delves into a number of Ancient Civilizations & Tribes and their ceremonies and techniques connecting to the Stars – including: Egypt, the Dogone tribe in western Africa, the Walbiri tribe of Australia and a number of North American Indian traditions.

Specific properties & benefits associated with three major Stars are presented:

Benefits of connecting to Sirius Star Energies

  • Initiates us into & strengthens Christ Energy and Consciousness
  • Opens our being and deep chambers of our hearts to embrace more & greater Love
  • Strengthens & expands our Antahkarana (conduit of energy between our mind and higher levels of understanding and perception/consciousness. The Antahkarana is a Sanskrit word for “Rainbow Bridge”.)
  • According to Alice Bailey & Theosophy – Connection to Sirius not only strengthens our Antahkarana, but can awaken interactions with the Monad.
  • Opens our Heart Merkaba/Portal to allow our light bodies and higher consciousness to expand
  • Brings the energy of Liberation and Freedom to this planet
  • Bestows the Energy for Mastery of a Challenge (for example, challenges depicted in Gilgamesh & Hercules)
  • Provides Ancestral Healing, clearing of negative energy debris and transmutes negative karma
  • Awakens the Higher Mind
  • Releases/diminishes bonds of duality and connection to materiality

Benefits of connection with the Star Regulus & Benefits of connection with Talitha Kumi are also discussed at length.

Now, you too can share the wonderful benefits that still are in existence in the Cosmic Realms by utilizing Jill Mattson’s Star Gates.

6+ Hours

Course Details & Materials

Cosmic Realms – Your Personal Path to the Stars

Videos – ~5 hours, Mp3’s – 1+ hour, and attachments

  1. Preparing for the Star LightIntroduction & Instructions to start the Cosmic Realms Video Series

    – 13:37 Minutes
    Why connect with the Stars? What stars did the Ancient peoples select?All about Sirius – 26 Minutes
    Learn about our interwoven energies coming from many stars. Understand the resonance and frequency attraction between special stars and the Earth. Discover the benefits of the star, Sirius. Learn about the path most people on Earth take after ascension – the path of Sirius.

    Foundations Video – Sound Basics! – 1 Hour!

    Learn about Resonance and how you receive the frequencies you want in your life – to get what you want! Learn how energy works, so you can manage it better. Identify surprising root causes of issues and use astrology frequencies, Color therapy, pendulums, and clearing chakra layers.

  2. Receiving Light & Expanding your capacity to hold Light Star & Light Language Activations! – 8 MinutesA guided meditation with light languages to activate important subtle energy centers in your body! Receive these activations from the stars – encoded within the Light Languages. Listen to sounds of Dolphins, Whales and Stars, embellishing the activations!

    Healing with the Energy of Sirius – 6:30 Minutes Combining Star and Earth Energies for illumination & grounding, to help you anchor and integrate the High Energy of the Stars into your Life!

    Connecting your Heart to Sirius Conscious – 6:20 Minutes
    In this guided meditation connect to the High Powerful healing Energy of Sirius,

    Merkabah Purification – 10:33 Minutes
    Use the gateway portal of a Merkabah to release negative energy and fill up with powerful Light!

    The Celestial Flames – 9:20 Minutes
    Experience the ancient practice of the “Celestial Flames” handed down verbally to early man, tuning healing & purifying!

    The Activation & Etheric Gift for the Heart – 6:40 Minutes
    Connect with the Divine Mother to receive the etheric gift of the Diamond Heart – for Love & Protection.

    The Sirius Spiral – 9:14 Minutes
    Use methods from our VERY ancient forefathers to open the crown chakra and tie it into a spiral of High Energy from Sirius – lighten up!

    Unify Higher Energies – 9:51 Minutes
    This process creates energy that acts like a force field for clear contact and downloads from the Higher Realms of the Stars.

    Earth and Sky Meditation – 2 Minutes
    Use liquid golden and ruby red flames to balance Earth & Star Energies.

    Ignite your Merkabah and go to Sirius, Regulus & Talitha Kumi – 8 Minutes
    Use the ancient technique to ignite your Merkabah, a divine light vehicle used by Ascended Masters to connect those in tune with the Higher Cosmic Realms and the Stars.

  3. The Star Gateways1. Sirius Star Gate & Light up Preparations – 30 Minutes
    Begins with the Elohim Breath –creating energy like a halo around your head. Next, open your heart with an ancient chant designed to massage your heart and light body with the light and love of Sirius. The Ascended Beings of Sirius channel to you with a special message and energy. A guided Meditation takes you up to the Sirius Star Gates.

    2. Sirius Gateway Experience – 6 Minutes Experience the Gateway Frequencies & receive their benefits on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of the Sirius Star!

    3. Regulus Myths & the Ancient Zodiac – 13 Minutes
    Who are the beings from Regulus? Learn about the ancient Zodiac (before the last Ice Age). Then, understand the benefits of the Energy of the Beautiful Star, Regulus.

    4. Regulus Star Gate & Light up Preparations – 20 Minutes
    Ancient exercises to integrate more light, a channeled messaged from Regulus star people, a guided mediation to transport you to this regal realm and finally, a Gateway Experience in Regulus

    5. Regulus Gateway Experience – 6:20 Minutes
    Experience the Gateway Frequencies on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of Regulus Star!

    6. Talitha Kumi: Myths & Benefits – 2 Minutes Understand ancient people’s fascination with the star! Then, find out how Jesus used Talitha Kumi for healing!

    7. Talitha Kumi Gateway Experience – 7 Minutes
    Experience the Gateway Frequencies on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of Talitha Kumi Star!

Sound Files ~ 1+ Hour

3 MP3 Sound Attunements of Sirius, Regulus, and Talitha Kumi 9 Minutes, 3 MP3s of Angel Attunements 9 Minutes, Crickets, dolphins, whales and stars, 4 Minutes, Fe’s of stardust – Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, 1.5 Minutes, Crickets taken up 3 octaves 10 Minutes

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