Egyptian Secrets Class

Deep Egyptian Secrets & Magic

Access Magical Powers of the Ancient Egyptian Tree-of-Life Transformations. Learn and utilize Life-Changing Attunements. Reach new levels of awareness.
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A vast quantity of resources from the great empire of Ancient Egypt was funneled into their Temples. Powerful Priesthood Societies developed highly effective subtle energy methods over thousands of years. The knowledge and techniques can transform our lives. What are these secrets?

Included in this package are 7 hours of Videos and 30 minutes of audio content. Recall your past lives in the Ancient Egypt and regain the prized, secret techniques that the priests guarded closely.

Powerful Secret Techniques in this packet:

  • Strengthen your Body – Magnify your Power
  • Rebirth – Egyptian Style – an ancient technique for Youthening
  • Secret Harmonics for absorbing Higher Dimensional Energies
  • Power Words & Magic – use your energy to manifest what you desire
  • Resurrection Frequencies
  • Elohim Breath – ancient breathing/prayer to connect you to higher dimensions & energy
  • Energetic Wings – activate and use your etheric wings for Powerful Healings
  • Using Egyptian Techniques to energize your Living Spaces for Healing and Transformation!
  • Experience the Egyptian Chakra Flow, an ancient tonal meditation, & receive chords in the proper sequence for opening Chakras to Higher Energies
  • Isis’s Massage & Reiki Toning – Add Isis Toning to your Healing Practices!
  • Living in the 5th D – Guided Meditation connecting & remembering Isis
  • Quantum Entanglement – Balancing for Permanent Healing
  • Pain Removal
  • Egyptian Elemental Healing (The secret of the Emerald Tablet)
  • Using Sound to grow your Plants bigger & faster
  • Solfeggio & Reverse-Solfeggio Tones – balancing Quantum Energies
  • Halo Discs – Opening your halo energies
  • One hour of Sephiroth Attunements on video + 30 minutes of Sephiroth sounds on mp3
  • And lots more!

The sheer longevity and stability of the Egyptian Civilization demonstrate the effectiveness of their accomplishments – both physical and spiritual. Unequaled Monument Builders, Healers dedicated to guiding Pharaohs on to the next life. Their work endures, and now you can access these wonders.

“When I first saw the Sephiroth Higher Dimensional Attunements I really didn’t think much of them and how wrong was I! From the very first track, these attunements will shower you with the most powerful energies and frequencies that you’ll ever experience. Each track opens you up to new worlds and universes. Jill has certainly out done herself composing these songs.” Mario P.

7.5 hours Total

Course Details & Materials

Deep Egyptian Secrets & Magic

6 Hours of Videos on Ancient Egypt, 15 separate videos on energy techniques used in the ancient Egyptian Temples, 1 Hour of Sephiroth Video Attunements

30 minutes of Mp3 audio on Sephiroth Higher Dimensional Attunements

Video #1. An overview of this program: videos, techniques, attunements!

Video #2. What was life like as a priest or priestess? Does any of this seem familiar? The life of a priest or priestess? What was temple life like? Basics of Egyptian Healing & Magic?

Video #3. What gods do you remember? What temples seem familiar? Notice which gods or goddesses seem intriguing or attractive?

Video # 4. Thoth Video – Magic & Sound + Horus! Introduction to the magic and healing work of Thoth, Magic Spells, Planetary chants, healing techniques of Horus, Postures of yoga, raising kundalini with ancient runes, expand your Energy Fields.

Video # 5. Body, Power & Youthening Learn an ancient powerful technique to youthen, influence your cells and DNA.

Video # 6. Make your Room Heal You! How to use your room as an Energy Generator – Egyptian Feng Shui.

Video # 7. Accessing and Healing with Higher Dimensions Accessing Higher Dimensional Energies, Release Energy Blockages, Transmuting your Lower Energies into Higher Energies, Reverse Mediumship – send specific
energy to your future.

Video # 8. Deep Secrets from the Isis Mysteries Isis Toning, Activate your Wings, Elohim Breathing, Isis Temple & Higher Energies Activation

Video #9. Ascension through Balance – the Mysteries of Ma’at Use Quantum Entanglement to heal, correcting root problems coming from other dimensions

Video # 10. The Philosopher’s Stone with Shu, Nut & Geb Elemental Healing using the secret of the Philosophers’ Stone (turning a stone into gold.)

Video #11. Halo Chakras – Depicted on many Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Open your Chakras on top of your Head – forming a Beautiful Ball of Etheric Light that feeds information and energy into your crown chakra.

Video #12. Experience a Past Life Regression from the Ancient Egyptian Temples How did the Egyptian lifetime relate to this life? What temples and Gods were you associated with? What skills did you possess that can help you right now?

Video #13. Egyptian Chakra Chants Chakras are developed with special sequences of tones!

Video #14. Your Sacred Garden

Using ancient sound & music-based techniques (that dovetail with quantum physics) to increase the vitality, productivity, and beauty of your garden and plants!

Video #15. Foundations of Sound Healing & Preparations for Attunements Learn about Resonance and how you receive the frequencies you want in your life – get what you want! Learn how energy works, so you can manage it better. Identify surprising root causes of issues and use astrology frequencies, Color therapy, pendulums, clearing chakra layers.

One Hour of Video Attunements of the Magical Sephiroth: The Higher Energy Portals

Introduction to Attunements What exactly is an Attunement? How Attunements unlock Higher Portals of Light! What are their benefits

Introduction to the Sephiroth – Energy Gateways What is the Tree of Life & Sephiroth? Benefits?

30 Minutes of MP3 Attunements of the Magical Sephiroth: The Higher Energy Portals

  1. Keter Sephiroth – Energies of Wisdom, Male, Will, Selflessness. Other Sound Energies: Centaury Flower Remedy, DNA Tones, OM, Master Numbers Frequencies, planets, Star Frequencies (NASA), Fire Energy, Channeled Energies of Ain Soph Energies
  2. Hekhmah Sephiroth – Energies of Intelligence, Male Will, Selflessness. Other Sound Energies: DNA Tones, OM, All Master Numbers, planets, 222, Whales, Quartz Crystal, ATP, Sacred Geometry, Air Energies, Channeled Energies of Ptah & Tehuti
  3. Binah Sepiroth – Energies of Wisdom, Understanding, Female, Emotions, Stable, Organizes, Intellect, Reasoning. Other Beneficial Sounds: Saturn Frequency, 333, Whale songs, Crystal Frequencies, Crickets, Water, Channeled Energies of Isis & Sekhmet
  4. Chesed Sephiroth – Energies of Mercy, Kindness, Loving Grace. Other beneficial Sounds: Jupiter Frequency, 444, Rose Quartz, Crickets, The holy Sufi Hu sound, Dolphins, Channeled Energies of Ra & Ma’at
  5. Gevurah Sephiroth – Energies of Justice, Severity, Strength, Judgement, Intention, Awe of God, Power Courage. Other beneficial Sounds: Chicory Flower Remedy, Mars, Garnet Frequency, Whales, Heartbeats, Ocean, 555, Air, Channeled Energies of Horus & Herukhuti
  6. Teferet Sephiroth – Energies of Beauty, Balance, Balances, Compassion, Sacrifice, Sincerity, Being True to Yourself, Harmony, Equilibrium. Other beneficial Sounds: The sun (NASA sounds), Fire, 666, Citrine frequency, the holy Sufi Hu, Channeled Energies of Osiris & Heru
  7. Netzach Sephiroth – Energies of Victory, Endurance, Eternity. Other beneficial sounds: Water, Venus, Mimulus Flower Remedy, Citrine, Aventurine, 777, Channeled Energies of Hathor & Het Heru
  8. Hod Sephiroth – Energies of Splendor, Surrender, Sincerity, Controls Practical & Emotional with Mental Powers, Flexibility, Intellect, Balance Thoughts & Feelings. Other beneficial Sounds: 888, Carnelian, Mercury, Whales, Crickets, Birds, Air/Wind Blowing, Storm & Lightening, Channeled Energies of Thoth & Sebek
  9. Yesod Sephiroth – Energies of Foundation, Middle of the Road, Accomplish, Knowledge. Other beneficial Sounds: Rock Rose Flower Remedy, Amethyst, the Moon, 999, Channeled Energies of Anubis & Auset
  10. Malkuht Sephiroth – Energies of Female Vessel, Physical Expression of the Divine, Kingdom, Physical World, Self-Expression. Other beneficial Sounds: Vervain Flower Remedy, 111, Citrine, Garnet, Earth, Channeled Energies of Horus & Set, Channeled Energies of Khepheret & Geb

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