Heal & Transform w/ Sound Energy

Many specific applications using Sound Energy to transform yourself
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Enjoy practical lessons and see real results from Sound Healing – topics covered:

  • Sound Grounding – Absorb Nutritious Energies – Earth energies transmit strength, balance, and health. Learn an ancient method to empower yourself physically and emotionally and be perceived as a formidable strength.
  • Clearing Energy Blockages/Negative Memories with Tones – This technique is like acupuncture, only in sound.
  • Long Distance Sound Healing – Improve the energy of your loved ones, those who do not believe in energy healing or are too far to work on their energy fields directly.
  • Sound and Sacred Geometry – Learn how shapes alter tones and what shapes are the best for healing.
  • Sound Reiki – A massage with tones to provide Reiki light and the “color” of healing tones.
  • Sound to Remove Pain – a quick method to remove pain by allowing it to flow on the vibrations of your voice and leave your energy fields, as it eases the blockage causing the pain.
  • Your Fundamental Frequency – What is your fundamental frequency? Why is this important? Experience how you use your fundamental frequency.
  • Chakras – Opening, clearing and empowering your chakras.
  • Crystal Singing – Amplify your toning and focus of healing energies by adding the power and energy of crystals – amplified with sound.
  • Deep Meditation States – Reach quickly with Sound
  • Sound & “Youthening”
  • Tuning Forks – How do you use tuning forks? What do they do?

3 hours of video

Course Details & Materials

Heal and Transform with Sound Energy

3 Hours of Videos

Topics Covered:

  • Sound Grounding
  • Clearing Energy Blockages with special Tones
  • Remove Negative Memories
  • Sound & Sacred Geometry
  • “Long Distance” Sound Healing
  • Sound Reiki
  • Eliminate Pain
  • How to use Solfeggio Tuning Forks
  • Your Fundamental Frequency
  • Crystal Singing
  • Strengthen & Empower your Chakras
  • Sound Meditations
  • Using Sound to promote revitalization & “Youthening”

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