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Learn Techniques for transforming your reality including mind control, trance-hypnosis, and time travel.
Mattson’s program, inspired by years of study, propels wellness, reduces symptoms and pain, reveals the future, and fosters positive changes in behavior for yourself and others. These accelerated methods
shift deeply rooted and recurring issues – with nearly instant success and pain release.

To illustrate what is possible, consider that ancient elders used powerful methods to step out of time or
slow down the passage of time for maximum productivity and creativity. They drew upon positive
energy that was created in the past or even in the future. You can access such mastery right now.
Lightworkers can use information from the past or future to compare outcomes before making choices
and glean: What is your highest path? With more information, you can avoid detours and regressions.
Accelerate your true purpose, receive practical insights, improve your relationships, and attain untapped
skills and wisdom.

Our most difficult situations in life often stem from past lives. Address current problems by revisiting the
past and altering pertinent energies. The past is not set in stone! Recall that you can forgive someone
for a former injury … your impression of the old situation changes – present pain dissolves. Go into the
past to improve relationships and change karma. Dissolve blockages, and achieve grounding, centering,
and calming. Specific Mind Control and trance-hypnosis practices are dimension-spanning vehicles.

These Ancient Mystery Schools closely guarded their techniques to access higher dimensional energies.
Mattson reveals these teachings for all – to overcome challenges large and small – physical and
emotional. Use these methods daily! Masters could absorb such energies and once returned to the
physical body, these energies were incorporated, resulting in health, peace, abundance, rich and
rewarding relationships, and deep insights.

The “Frequency guided music” in this package disrupts your consciousness and timeline enabling
transformative growth in any area of your life. These immersive frequency experiences stem from
ancient “time bending” methods.

6+ Hours of Content

Course Details & Materials

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time – Part One

30 Minutes

Explore ideas about dimensions – to make the energy of other dimensions more

Learn about mini dimensions, group thoughts, and wave pools. What does science
say about dimensions? Metaphysics? Enjoy a fun exercise on learning interspecies
communication – communicate with plants!

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time – Part Two

30 Minutes

Learn about internal portals that you can use in your body to access higher
dimensional energies. Receive and download fine healing energies through these
“wormholes.” Use your right brain hemisphere to access higher dimensional
energies and information. Learn about binaural beats to achieve brainwave states
that create psychic phenomena. Remove blockages to channels of higher
dimensional healing energies. Learn to clear the energy channels in your spine for
greater connectivity to higher levels of consciousness. Learn about resonance,
entrainment and toning to receive healing energies. Use prayer to lasso higher
dimensional energies and understand the science behind prayer.

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time – Part Three

24 Minutes

Learn ways to target positive energy flow to others (call it healing, energy work,
or prayer). Use and identify energy portals. Do an exercise of movement to
download higher energies and amplify manifesting. Learn to impart good energy
to your drinking water. Do an exercise to vitalize and improve your DNA so as to
get higher dimensional signals. Learn an effective method to improve your

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time – Part Four

1 hour

Use time itself as a portal to gather desired energy. Learn to allow your
consciousness to go into your past and alter your choices to drastically improve
today. Learn three methods of altering your karma to improve today and your
future are shown. Go into a past life and clean up negativity today. Use

mediumship in reverse and leave energy in your future for yourself as you desire.
Go into the future and see how getting what you want works out. Sometimes the
worst thing is to get what we want – experience your future before you choose it
in the first place. Learn how to make your manifesting stronger. Use your feelings
to transverse into various dimensions. Enjoy a process to use musical harmonics
to clear nasty energy within our genes, or energy fields to lighten up and change

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time – Part Five

41 Minutes

Use sound like a subway train to transport your consciousness to higher
dimensions. Learn to manage bad premonitions and lift the negativity before the
situation arrives in time. Locating root causes in our past in this life or past lives.
Eliminating the cause of problems that don’t make much sense today. Find root
causes for health, abundance and relationship issues from our past and clear this
energy. Experience methods to clear negativity in your subconscious mind that is
feeding a current problem. Use music to transport negative energies of karma and
today out of your life. Learn to “un-numb” your feelings to be able to tell what it
is that makes you happy in life. Learn how to download energies from silence and
how to 5th-dimensional downloads coming in the form of intermittent high-
pitched metallic tiny sounds in your ears. Use sound to release pain. Use sound to
lasso great energies to heal on all levels.

Healing with Time! – Two hours session

  • Go into the past to alleviate negative karma – improving today’s physical health, relationships, and situations (such as abundance).
  • Go to the future when you have solved a problem or have a situation you desire today and download that energy, for example, abundance.
  • Look for a life with a root cause of a current problem in this life. Fix the problem in the past.
  • Explore your past lives. Learn techniques to select past lives to explore for targeted purposes.
  • Experience your Higher Self, and your future self – incarnated in the body
  • Go to the future to observe the projected outcome of current decisions.
  • Learn Reverse Mediumship – go to the future and leave desired energy for yourself and others. For example, before a sales call, talk with your potential customer through these methods and have the sale made before you even call.


Healing from Higher Dimensions – Two hours session

  • Learn about the dimensions, their specific energy, and how to download and use it.
  • Use sound to identify and lasso higher dimensional energies
  • Use higher dimensional energies to alleviate pain
  • Use many portals to download higher energies for precisely what you want.
  • Unblock energy streams of creativity, health, and positive energy
  • Adding higher dimensional energies to specific relationships, problems, and health issues
  • Add higher dimensional energies to your chakras, clear blockages on multiple levels
  • Transmuting your problems and pains into higher energies where negativity doesn’t exist


Time Bending – Dimension Shifting Sounds

The Time Bending – Dimension Shifting Collection consists of 7 tracks (approximately 73 minutes in length) and a short pdf. These are original compositions by Jill Mattson incorporating Ancient elements combined with findings from modern science. They include Hindu Chants and Nature Sounds with Dolphins and even the frequency of adrenaline.

Listen to these tracks to alter your Wheel of Time or loosen personal dimensional boundaries! Free yourself and discover amazing possibilities. The powerful sounds and frequencies immediately enter the central nervous system reaching every cell in your body. Play along with a Crystal Singing Bowl or your favorite instrument.

The Ancient Hindu Chant to stretch Time (29 minutes)
Join Jill Mattson and explore the ancient Hindu chant to stretch time. Einstein presents that the passage of time varies. Time is “relative” – moveable energy – it can be altered. Ancient Masters knew this and manipulated time with the sounds in this chant. Need more time to complete a project? Late for a critical meeting? Can’t seem to complete a project in the allowed time. This chant is designed to solve all of these dilemmas.

“Stopping Time” – from Duke University (4 tracks ~30 minutes)
There are three brand new songs containing invigorating, time-warping music. Best results are obtained by meditating while listening.
1. Sacred Dreams (3:10) Dreamy sacred music featuring the feeling of being out of time.
2. River Trail (3:10) Take a journey while resonating with the biochemical adrenaline – experience the bio-chemicals of people who step out of time.
3. Mountain Pass (4:35) Enjoy a mountaintop experience by meditating to music entwined with adrenaline.
4. Continuous Loop All three songs above are looped in a double 20-minute track – only do once a day.

In an experiment, Chess Stetson, Matthew Festa, and David Eagleman from Duke University investigated the possibility that time slows during a terrifying event. Many feel that Time seems to move in slow motion during a life-threatening event, but can this be measured? In this experiment, a hand-held device measured visual perception speed while participants experienced free fall for 31 meters before landing in a net. 1 If time slows down – the way it does in the movies – then this slow motion reflects an altered perception. Participants estimated that their fall lasted 136% longer than it did. The researchers concluded that time-slowing is a function of recollection, not perception: a richer memory of an event makes the actual time elapsed seem longer.

Sharry Edwards, the founder of BioAcoustics, points out that adrenaline flows strongly during a life-threatening event and postulates that this could cause the sensation of time slowing down. With this phenomenon in mind, Mattson added the frequencies of adrenaline to three new meditation compositions for marvelous effects. Enjoy the time warp!

Nature sounds as links to Higher Dimensions (2 MP3’s – 14 minutes)
1. Animal and Dimensional Sounds – (4 minutes). Spiral up into higher dimensions via the sounds of animals that ancient masters connected with higher dimensions.
2. Sound Chant with Crickets – taken down 3 Octaves – (10 minutes). Enjoy an ancient vowel chant from ancient Egypt with the sounds of cricket chirps taken down three octaves, revealing angelic human sounds.

Ancient Masters and modern hypnotherapists teach that animal sounds carry energies of higher dimensions. Enjoy recordings of animal and star sounds that gently provide energy from dimensions 1-11. Masters have suggested that natural sounds provide influential but microscopic does of high dimensional energies. In another track enjoy an ancient vowel chant from Egypt with the sounds of crickets lowered three octaves, revealing angelic choir sounds.

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