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Throughout time, Masters believed that energy from the Stars could create challenges for us or positive support. Ancient Astrology was NOT horoscopes – but the energy that constantly bathed us from the key Planets and Constellations. We can use this heavenly energy to restore and rebalance our problematic frequencies.

Numerous Ancient Advanced Civilizations, such as the Zoroastrians, Sumerians, Egyptians, and others, created the original discipline of what we would call Astrology today. However, their knowledge was far beyond the
Astrology and Horoscopes that we are familiar with. Mattson has recovered some of this knowledge and teaches about these ideas.

Mattson records musical tracks that contain the important energy frequencies of the Planets and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The universal energy from these most influential celestial sources is readily available in her MP3 tracks. Add tailored frequencies to your energy field to attract health abundance and more – just by listening.

These celestial energies work on you at multi-dimensional levels. At the highest echelon, you can return to your Divine Self… we were all perfect at the moment of our Creation. This Perfect Divine Design still exists … get in touch with your Divine Blueprint and completely restore yourself.

2+ Hours

Course Details & Materials

Higher Healing – Musical Astrology

Videos – ~2 hours, Mp3’s – 140 mins (26 MP3’s), and attachments

The Videos

Video Cosmic Frequencies and their Benefits: (7:20 minutes)
Realize benefits for relationships, abundance, health and more! Determine which Planet and or Zodiac tones will best uplift your world and provide the energy of what you desire.

Video Jill Mattson’s Musical Astrology: (27 minutes)
Learn how to identify your most needed tones—use Zodiac music to correct challenges in your life and attain harmonic health, abundance and relationship benefits. This is based on Ancient Astrology – not horoscopes. Far more than predictions! Use Zodiac music to tune your spine and your body organs/processes.

Learn why the Zodiac frequencies are beneficial. Learn the ancient frequency, physical and color correlations with the Zodiac signs. Discover the primary and secondary sounds of each astrology sign; tones from physics, and ancient correlations included.

Explore which planets rule which Zodiac signs and how to identify your soul planet for maximum impact. Use cosmic music for chakra tuning. Amplify frequency corrections recommended by musical astrology.

Video Planetary Vowels: (7 minutes)
Across the ancient globe, vowel chants were a most potent healing and enlightenment method. Each vowel sound links to the energy of a planet. The Egyptian priests used this chant to enable the deceased Pharaoh to rise in the
afterworld. The ancient Greeks also prized these chants to link to the stars and attain healing. Use this vowel chant by itself or with the planetary chimes.

Video Benefits of Planetary Chimes and Zodiac Music: (32 minutes)
Learn how to use Zodiac music and planetary chimes for various healings on many levels. Tune your spine with ancient Zodiac tones.

Learn the benefits of planetary chimes and how to use these sound healing tools. Receive gifts from planetary tones as well as Zodiac music. Find your opposite Zodiac sign and incorporate this in your personalized healing.
Certain Zodiac signs combine with the planetary tones for amplified healing. Learn how and why to connect these tones.

Learn to use unique planetary tones for enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Use the planetary tones to tune your chakras.

Learn how to harmonize with important people in your life by mastering and adjusting associated dissonance from the stars. It is much easier to balance tones than to overcome challenges in real life.

Get a free birth chart and harmonize your life challenges with this information.

Video Musical Astrology – Concepts & History: (31 minutes)
A deep dive for musicians and astrologers wanting to benefit from years of research and ideas regarding musical astrology. A review of how and why musical astrology works and the different systems and techniques used.

The Music

Healing Energies from the Zodiac to change your world contained in 15 MP3’s.

These tracks open a gateway to greater creativity, healing, balance and clarity. The Higher Healing from the Stars Collection contains 15 tracks (approximately 60minutes in length) with frequencies to help you with specific areas in your life. Heal and achieve harmony and balance. The powerful songs and frequencies immediately enter the central nervous system reaching every cell in your body bestowing bountiful specific benefits.


1. Aries – Act, try new adventures, receive zest, increase self-power & motivation! Key of C balances large muscles, circulation, female reproduction.
2. Taurus – Ground, enjoy home/family, fairness and perseverance. Includes recordings of Pleiades stars. Key of C# balances tendons, ligaments, tissue linings, digestion, bowels.
3. Gemini – Strength, change, explore, organize, help others, reciprocate. Key of D balances liver, gall bladder, pancreas, digestion, appetite, enzymes/hormone production.
4. Cancer – Calm, nurture, strengthen family/emotions. Key of D# balances cellular oxygenation, minerals, supports eyes/muscles.
5. Leo – Reduce over sensitivity, add to confidence & dignity. Key of E balances moist tissues, lungs, eyes, bronchial structures, diaphragm, mouth, gums.
6. Virgo – Be responsible, meet deadlines/responsibilities, plan. Key of F balances kidneys, allergies, prostate, male reproduction, lower back.
7. Libra – Strong partnerships, balance, follow through, focus on others, share. Key of F# balances blood, mineral balance, flow of fluids/nutrients.
8. Scorpio – Deepen relationships, loyalty, devotion, intensity. Key of G balances neurotransmitters, minerals-enzymes, bone matrix, water.
9. Sagittarius – Adventure, luck, execute, hands-on, manage time. Key of G# balances resource maintenance/storage.
10. Capricorn – Service, meet responsibilities, support community/others, complete projects, be spiritual. Key of A balances eyes, electrical issues, non-physical issues, resource management, aging.
11. Aquarius – Self Understanding, support groups, intuitive, strategic. Key of A# balances the immune system, adrenals/allergies, detoxification, oxygen regulation.
12. Pisces – Overcome ego, transcend, fresh beginnings, meditation. Key of B balances immune system, adrenals, environmental issues, detoxification, oxygenation of the body.
13. Orien’s Belt – Associated with Divine Wisdom.
14. Sirius – Associated with Higher Consciousness, technology, and a portal to Higher Realms.
15. Arcturus – Associated with Strength, Knowledge, Divine inspiration.

Planetary Music with embedded frequencies contained in 11 MP3’s

The Planets are much nearer to us on Earth than the stars in the Zodiac constellations. They exert a powerful influence. Each planet radiates characteristic energy that deeply influences us. Often, we need a specific thing in
life, in those moments listen to the associated planetary chime and planetary Music to draw in desired energy.

The planets also alter the energy that comes from the stars in the Zodiac. Stellar energy travels through our solar system as it makes its way to Earth. Each Zodiac sign is linked with a planet (called a ruler). The benefits of a planet become more potent when you listen to the connecting Zodiac sign. Listen to the Music of the planets/chimes and the matching Zodiac music to magnify their impacts.

Below is a description of each song embedded with a specific planetary frequency.
(11 MP3 tracks total about 75 minutes)
Please note the original Star Dust Collection has been remastered in these 11 tracks to include powerful energy linkages to important individual bodies in our solar system.

1. My Soul goes out to YOU! – Sun-tone: Energy Booster! Enhances strength, motivation, self-identity, vitality, and radiance. It promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness and determination. Overcomes: lack of motivation, weakness, being pushed around, tired and weak. 126.22 Hz.

2. The Touch – Moon-tone: Promotes emotional tranquility, softness and intuition. Enhances feelings, feminine energy and flexibility. Calming and centering. Overcomes: being too mental and not in touch with feelings. 210.42 Hz.

3. Broken Chords – Earth-tone: Enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth. It is the cosmic sound of “Om” It grounds and centers us. Overcomes: anxiety, fear, weakness. 194.18 Hz.

4. Peace to You – Mercury-tone: Strengthens cooperation and understanding. It sharpens communication skills through reason, writing, and speaking confidently; it enhances information flow. Overcomes: poor communication, lack of information 141.270 Hz.

5. Always – Venus-tone: Enhances our ability to feel, love, nurture, receive, share and have close relationships. Enhances creativity, love of pleasure, feelings of beauty and artistic achievement, harmony and self-appreciation.
Overcomes: lack of love & close relationships, lack of creativity, and beauty. 221.23 Hz.

6. My Children – Mars-tone: Builds strength, desire, motivation and action. It builds decision-making abilities, assertiveness, courage and sexual nature. Mars symbolizes human libido energy of how you get what you want. Overcomes: neediness, lack of actions that you really want, lack of inner conviction. 144.72 Hz.

7. You are in the Air – Jupiter-tone: Promotes openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, abundance and brings laughter. It helps one to be receptive to grace and adventure in life. Overcomes lack of trust, abundance, fun and
adventures. 183.58 Hz.

8. Time to Go – Saturn-tone: Develops discipline and sets limits – providing protection. It helps us to be structured, organized and responsible. It can facilitate discarding things from the past that don’t work and begin again; energy to make changes to benefit yourself and your loved ones. Overcomes: negative baggage, resistance to making positive changes, and lack of progress. 147.85 Hz.

9. David’s Song – Uranus-tone: Enhances flexibility in life changes, breaks structures down in a beneficial way, inspiration, insight and freedom of expression without self-imposed limitations. Overcomes: limitations, being stuck, lack of freedom. 207.36 Hz.

10. Softly Sleeping – Neptune-tone: Creates spiritual experiences and emphasizes compassion. Supports our dream life, artistic nature, music, art, dance and creativity. The energy allows for new ways of thinking that emerge from the imagination. Overcomes: lack of imagination, and self-expression. 211.44 Hz.

11. You’re in Me – Pluto-tone: Helps us face our deepest secrets and brings light into the darkness. The energetic forces of Pluto help us let go of old patterns, bringing a rebirth in consciousness. Consistently rid yourself of the old and experience rebirth anew. Overcomes: dark secrets, hidden pain and memories, bad habits. 140.25 Hz.

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