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At one time or another, we have all walked into the home of a friend and instantly felt more energized, or relaxed, peaceful or even satisfied. Why is that? Chances are the friend had designed and decorated their space with great care and thought. The well designed Home Living Space Environment is a daily launching pad that propels us forward – every day – with High Energy, Crystal Clarity and Positive Attitude. Alternately a negative environment can hold us back and take
us down.

We are vibrational beings and we are affected by the energies that surround us. Among my most memorable personal experiences are deep spiritual reactions during visits to certain old Cathedrals, Castles and Ancient Monuments… why IS this?

The Ancients wisely understood the critical role that the design and decor of important structures played in their lives. There has to be a link between the key design elements of the Pyramids and iconic Cathedrals. Ancient secrets that made sacred sites that gave people feelings of awe and wonder are revealed to you. What is essential for you today – is to realize that you can significantly change your life and you can do this quickly and for small expense – by making thoughtful changes for the place where you spend more time than anyplace else – Home!

Some of the methods and materials that Mattson will teach you to use include:

  • From Sacred Geometry and numerology: Use specific Dimensions and ratios
    in your Home layout – of furniture and accessories and room function
  • From Pythagoras and Ancient Egypt (and others): Architecture is frozen music. Even those with no musical background can incorporate uplifting and healing music in their space.
  • Shapes and colors produce specific frequencies – it’s easy to match the
    frequency you need for your goals or health issues.
  • The choice of materials – such as wood or glass, stone, or cloth radiate unique healings from Elemental fundamentals. Need to make changes in your life? Add curvy lines, and the spiral branching pattern found so abundantly in nature. Use the colors blue and green. Need warmth – use wood and natural fibers and textures. Want strength – go with clean lines, natural stone or metal.
  • Manage the location of important items in your house – and their position in relation to the cardinal directions, natural lay lines or geological features nearby – rivers nearby, or the ocean for a variety of powerful benefits.
  • Every living space has a flow and a focus area – know these and use them to your maximum benefit
  • Use plants and artwork for specific ends…
  • And the combinations of these factors are almost limitless

4+ Hours

Course Details & Materials

Home of Power

4 hours and 45 minutes of videos, + attachments

Introduction to Home of Power 12:30 Minutes What are your goals in your life? Create these things in your home and watch it come to you! Learn to clear subtle negative energy in your house.

Using Music to create Sacred Space in your Home 26 minutes Create frequencies, musical intervals, rhythms, and harmonics in your space for benefits. Tune your DNA and genes with shapes in. Use plants to remove toxins from the furniture.

Elemental Energies in your House 43 Minutes
Use the elements in your home for health, to accomplish your goals, tune your body organs and balance your emotions.

Nature 34 Minutes Put the healing power of a walk in the woods – into your home. Use dimensions in your home, and purify negative energies with nature’s powers. Learn the secrets
of water, and Earth grids. Rearrange your furniture for benefits, improve your land, and capture star energy.

Healing with Numbers and Colors in your Home 22 Minutes Use the energies of numbers in your house! Learn how ancient architects used numbers to create sacred space. Learn the health and emotional benefits of colors.

The Power of Shapes 26 Minutes
Shapes create energy that alters your health and emotions. Use shapes to attract the energies of things that you want.

Home of Power 9 Minutes Custom designed your home living space to give you what you most want and need.

Creating the Ultimate Sacred Temple…. Perfecting your Divine Energies 90 minutes Use techniques of Ancient Masters that create Sacred Temples and Divine Spaces within your own Body! Use elemental energy in your breath and voice. Create a Merkabah to receive Higher Dimensional Energies, use shapes body to tune, energize balance your body! Use Secrets from Nature to cleanse and purify your body.

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