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Jill Mattson has put her considerable powers to work, molding the personal keys to unlock the love, purpose and abundance that is waiting for you. Shred the obstacles that are in your way. Join Jill on her four-step journey:

  • HEAL. Renew your body. Blow away any nagging health & physical issues that interfere with the Blossoming YOU
  • CLEANSE & CLEAR. Unblock detrimental energies so that New Power can surge into your being. Wash away past failures and unresolved issues.
  • FOCUS on the Future. Compel yourself. Eliminate distractions. Reset and Sharply Clarify your Personal Priorities and Goals. Rewrite your Akashic Record. Renew and strengthen Relationships. Claim your Life Purpose with Laser Focus.
  • SOAR. Breakthrough and BE the Ascended Soul that YOU were destined to BE! Enjoy the highest energetic life that you have ever known. With the doors flung open, you can continue to new heights. The evolving YOU will know no limits.

Specific teachings, exercises and techniques are presented for practical application and startling results. Some elements of Mattson’s program include:

  • Learn and utilize the Power of your Voice for Healing and Life Changing Purposes
  • Create & Manifest with Sound
  • Receive Energy Healings
  • Use Vibratory Energy to link with Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides
  • Use the secrets of Ancient Civilizations to BECOME a Healer
  • Perform Subconscious Mind manipulation to access your deepest needs and drives
  • Clear issues from past lives – do past life regressions/rewrite Akashic Records
  • Much more

4+ Hours of Content

Course Details & Materials

Flights of Rebirth & Renewal

Jill channels Masters and Angels who deliver Energy Work to YOU!

Video Details:

90 Minutes of Energy work for your Body:
Head…. Channeling Jesus
Chest and arms Channeling Raphael
Mid area Channeling Melchizedek
Lower belly and legs Channeling Buddha
Ancestral Healing, Miasmas, Healthy Energy Flow Channeling Melchizedek
Toning & polarity Balancing Channeling Buddha

90 Minutes of Powerful Clearings for Growth and Abundance:
Chakra clearing
– Chakra Sounds
Ancestral Clearing – Isis
Akashic Records – Melchizedek
Past life clearing in Atlantis – Lord Lanto
Entity Clearing – Ra
Checking other Dimensions – Ascended Being from Sirius
Contract Clearing – Mary Magdalena
Closing with a 1000 roses meditation – Mother Mary

90 Minutes to Soar Higher Energies for your Goals:

  • Goal setting – Does it ring true?
  • Remove blockages to your goal – Astrological, life purpose, contracts, past lives, karma, group karma, other dimensional energies
  • Take your goal into your future
  • Leave the energy of your goal in the future
  • Take your goal to the universe, is it big enough?
  • Straightening your silver chord – Ascended Being from Arcturus
  • Opening chakras above your head – Being from Pleiades – Listening to sound portals to open up chakras
  • Receive energy downloads for the new year and your goal – Ascended Being from Sirius
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