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Follow the Divine flow of Nature – connect to the One Spirit

The Druids were lofty evolved beings in the same tradition as High Egyptian Priests, Hindu Masters and Powerful Shaman… probably related to very old Atlantean Masters.

Much of the Old Druid Knowledge has been lost – or neglected – to the detriment of mankind. These “Natural Wizards” have much to offer and I feel that this program will be an important contribution to all interested seekers aiming to improve their daily lives and advance spiritually.

Course highlights:

  • Revisiting the vastly underutilized modalities of the Druids for powerful self healing and regain a deep connection to Nature; know and manifest what you truly need
  • The use of Runes and how I converted powerful Positive Rune Symbols to Sound – Use the frequencies derived from the runes for clearing, to gain abundance and insights for critical decisions that you will face
  • Shape Shifting… all about this skill including exercises; elevate your consciousness; move to a higher plane with peace and tranquility
  • Constructing a personal Talisman for strength and support
  • Use of Ceremonies, Spells, Incantations and Conjuring for manifesting and attracting affection and abundance
  • Identify Nature’s Portals; visit different worlds and dimensions
  • And throughout the program we will see how Magic is just another name for the powerful petition and application of Energies – based on the order of Nature and Her forces woven into the fabric of ourselves and the entire Universe
Course Details & Materials

The Way of the Wizard

– 4 hours of Videos, 1 hour of mp3s: rune sound attunements + attachments


Wizard Techniques: Acupressure & Tween Worlds – 8 minutes Use seven acupressure points to stimulate extrasensory perception. Develop your ability to see into other worlds. With your glance, learn to “glamor” and create invisibility!

The Magic Cloth – 2:45 minutes Amplify your spiritual practice by energizing a meditation cloth!

The Druid Mantra: Awen – 6 Minutes A guided meditation to empower the Awen and the threefold polarity of the Druids

Spells, Prayers & Manifesting – 5:45 minutes How to create with Great Power using secrets of the Druids.

Making a Talisman – 3:20 minutes Create your own powerful talisman to augment protection, manifesting and healing.

Using the Runes – 11+ minutes Use the runes to create what you want or use as a healing modality!

The Magic of Nature – 11:30 minutes Identify portals. Commune with elves, faeries, and other realms; make sacred space.

Ceremonies and Ancestral Healing – 9 minutes Learn a sacred ceremony to enhance manifesting and love. Use nature and Druidic practices to clear ancestral energies and to lighten up your children’s world!


  • Preparations for Shape-Shifting 15 minutes What are the benefits of shape-shifting? Discover actions, movements, and dances that resonate with other species and dimensions.
  • Shape-Shifting and Movements 9:30 Minutes Channel animals to see what they see. Shape-shifting is a positive practice to increase your physical health and consciousness.
  • The Bird Shape-Shifting 22:30 minutes Step into the bird, fly, see the big picture and rise above drama around you.
  • Your Higher Self Shape-Shifting 11 minutes Embody and absorb higher versions of yourself.
  • Angels Shape-Shifting 20:45 minutes
    Discover a technique that imparts higher energies, much like Reike. Use a vortex to activate your “wings” from incarnations “way back.” Use wings to download higher etheric records, healing, and gain protection.
  • Water and Nature Shape-Shifting 7:45 minutes Experience your possible futures, be flexible, release fear, nurture yourself, ground, and balance with the energy of the elements.
  • Dolphins and Whales Shape-shifting 21 minutes See through these beautiful creatures’ eyes and experience their consciousness. Receive the wisdom and strength of the whales and dolphins.
  • The Turtle Shape-shifting 13:35 minutes Experience the Old Turtle’s wisdom and pure joy!
  • The Trees Shape-shifting 23 Minutes Combine your energy with the trees to gain insights, wisdom, awareness, healings, and invisibility.
  • Polar Bears Shape-shifting 15 minutes Need strength? Someone pushing you around or putting you down? Enjoy the joyful and powerful consciousness of a polar bear.

MP3 Sound Attunements

An hour of rune attunements. Receive the energy of the rune by listening to its sounds.: Enjoy the ancient sound codes from 17 Runes and receive their blessings! Runes attunements include the energies of wealth, the strength of will, vitality, growth, generosity, joy, rewards, stability, strength, protection, success, victory, fertility and companionship, nobility, hope, and happiness.

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