Vibrational Healing with Crystals

Learn how to use Crystals to empower every aspect of your Life!
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Proven techniques using Crystals to empower your Life!

  • Checking the impact of Music & Crystals on your Aura
  • Use Music to increase the Strength of your Crystals
  • Accessing Crystals when they are Not Present
  • Clearing/Activating/Directing Crystals
  • Crystals and Chakra Clearing
  • Communicating with Crystals
  • Channeling Crystal Souls
  • Crystal Flossing & Kelation
  • Crystals & Sacred Geometry
  • Crystal Singing
  • Crystal Power

One Hour Video, with Exercises

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Vibrational Healing with Crystals

1 hour Video

Crystals increase the impact of your healing while strengthening any energy that you hold and help you focus and direct it. Communicate with your crystals. Receive the crystal’s energy from a remote location.

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