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At conception, incarnation, at the beginning of our involution… we were unfettered and very close to God. For a brief moment, we were at our pinnacle of perfection. Still part divine beings, Angel-Like. Holding 12D Angel Aspects… multidimensional existing on many planes… But the splendor faded as we became fixed in matter – our energy inevitably slowed; many of us became stuck, lost.

Jill Mattson has arrived at a way to reach these times long past. Jill can guide us to the energies and the enlightenment that we all held when we were still near to God. Draw on the Angel Energy you once held.

12-D Energy is Invincible ~ Clearing is Instantaneous

Access your distant past through Etheric records to create a new modality of energy work. Twelfth-dimensional energies are invincible. Dark and slow shadow energies cannot stand in the face of such forces. Clearing is instantaneous.

In addition to the Etheric Energy fields, Mattson covers the stories, opportunities and possibilities that find their roots in many Religious traditions including: Sumerians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and American Indians. All of these faiths teach stories of Real Divine Beings that walked among them and helped them directly. The beings are well documented in accounts from around the globe. They are usually depicted with wings, and they have many names, but most know them as Angels.

Key aspects of Mattson’s program include:

  • Seize your etheric records from former past embodiments – outside of time.
  • Animate new energies for potent modalities: achieve immediate response to life situations. These are more potent than any energy techniques on the planet.
  • Experience ancient methods of connecting with 12th Dimensional Higher Evolved Beings. Receive powerful energies, and total clearing of negative energies.
  • Activate 12-D energies through the control and movement of your Higher Etheric Body, feel your lost wings. Use this “angel reiki” for our own healing, protection and power and to heal and protect others.
  • Listen, connect, and incorporate energies from ancient sigils – sound keys – that attach to 72 Powerful and evolved Divine Beings.

6+ Hours of Content

Course Details & Materials

We Once Held Astonishing Energies – We Can Again

3+ Hours of Videos, 1.5 hours of angel mp3s in sound, 10 attachments

Course Detail:
All about Angels 11:51 Minutes
What angels give us, look like, and how to treat them. Learn about angels around the world.

Working with Angels 20:30 Minutes
Receive a gift from Arch Angel Michael – using your etheric sword. Work with angels to amplify your energies, power, protection, and healings.

The Etheric White Rose Activation 9:52 Minutes
Working with Arch Angel Chamuel, your Heart Chakra and the etheric white rose

72 Names of God ~ 72 Names of Angels 9:02 Minutes
Seventy-two names of God and angels bestow 72 aspects of divine energies from higher dimensions.

Wing Manuel 20:47 Minutes
This new energy technique imparts higher energies, much like Reike.

The Angels Triumvirate – Clearing Karma, Releasing Pain and Purifying Negativity 1 Hour total
Three Angels team up to clear karma, pain, and negativity for humanity! In these six videos, receive a channeled message, healing energy and establish a connection with these angels.

One Hour of Mp3s – Attunements of the 72 Angels of God and the 72 names of God

Never before have you been able to listen to the 72 names of God and angels with the resonant pitches that amplify their presence. Also, there are sounds of correspondences for each angel, such as a linking planet, zodiac sign, herb, color,
gemstone, and more. So enjoy the most potent connection to angels and aspects of God that man has ever known.

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