Crystal Nightingale

A Crystal Musical Instrument
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Crystal Nightingale


Jill demonstrates the Crystal Nightingale

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The Crystal Nightingale is perhaps the most unique instrument that I have encountered in my 40+ years of study. This wondrous instrument gets its name from the sweet song of the legendary bird and the pure quartz crystal from which it is made.

Like its namesake bird, the Crystal Nightingale Singer, produces the loveliest, most haunting tones. Each note, when struck, lingers on-and-on. There are heavenly after-tones and reverberations that persist – to an amazing extent – drawing in the listener in an enchanting way.

The nightingale has long been associated with love according to poets and ancient mythology. The bird sings its sweet song all night long. The tune it sings is full of ecstasy and perfection, deeply expressed and of endless variety. Legends believe that this small bird has the power to reach and move the human heart with its song – producing sweet vibrations of pleasing and healing energies.

While listening to the music played on this quartz crystal instrument, one can feel the truth that music is a fundamental aspect of the universe! To many, the ringing tones possess an element of the divine.

The modern instrument incorporates the unique ability of crystal quartz to produce the most pure frequencies. These pure intonations ring and resonate – maintaining harmonious energy for long intervals. The listener can easily get captured by the music and drift to new realms and higher states. Other dimensions are accessible.

Ancient Masters understood the power of crystals to focus and manipulate energy. Mystics have long used wands, made of long slender crystals of pure quartz. These crystal wands channeled energy and psychic information at incredible bandwidths. There are respected legends that describe Ancient Masters using musical instruments made of quartz and other crystals. These instruments combined the energy of crystals – and of the earth itself – with pristine musical tones. The results were wave-after-wave of clearing energy. Sound energy flows on pulses of elemental forces, producing a stable energy matrix of ultimate purity and unity. All is possible. Everything is connected, All is part of the One. This is a vibrational path to God.

My life’s work has been the study of the powers of Sound Energy to heal and transform. Music and special vibrational frequencies can heal the body – inside and out, expand our consciousness and transform matter (and work many more wonders). I have learned powerful secrets based on Sound Energy, many of which were first used many thousands of years ago. It was with this context that I immediately appreciated what the Crystal Nightingale can do. Here is an easy to use instrument that can produce powerful effects from the very first time.

This instrument can do many things:

  • An energy clearing tool: the Nightingale can clear the energy of any space making it perfect for meditation or discussions – any session where the surrounding energy is important
  • The harp can be used like singing bowls, gongs, horns and even tuning forks
  • Some users combine the quartz Nightingale and various sizes of quartz singing bowls to generate remarkable resonating tones that last and last
  • Sound Healers combine specific notes played on the harp with other frequencies (Star Tones, Fibonacci, etc., etc.) to produce a “deep layered” effect for their followers
  • Some users have the instrument played in the background while they do massage or meditate or other activities
  • A beautiful musical instrument that can add great diversity to an orchestra or a musical composition

he Nightingale can be played by anyone – regardless of their musical training. It is enjoyed by serious musicians and novices alike. You can begin playing the instrument immediately.

The Crystal Nightingale is subject to a $200 restocking fee. (yes that is about what it costs to ship and pack)

Instructional Videos

Using the Crystal Nightingale to work with Angels and Masters – 8 Minutes

How to use the Crystal Nightingale Pure Quartz Instrument to connect with and & exchange Energy with Angels & Masters. How to select which Angels and Masters to work with based on their Divine Masteries. Learn about these Beautiful Cosmic Beings and the Gifts of the Rays.


Chakra Chants – 11 Minutes

This sound meditation uses an ancient secret Chakra Chant used deep within the Egyptian Priesthood Mysteries. The sound patterns are included so people may replicate this for themselves of clients (energy work, massage, and healing modalities).


Clearing the Chakras above your head with the Crystal Nightingale – 17.5 Minutes

The Crystal Frequencies of the Crystal Nightingale are excellent for tuning the chakras above your Head, learn how


Strengthening your Psychic skills with the Crystal Nightingale instrument – 3:20 Minutes

Discover an ancient Secret to develop clairaudience for communications with Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides

Ascension through the spine – 22 Minutes

Tune up your spine with this method of infusing 5th dimensional energies into each vertebrae. The spine is connected to the body’s organs and systems and tunes then up as well.

432 Tuning – 23 Minutes

The Beautiful Crystal Nightingale is tuned to 432 hertz. Just what does this mean? Why is this special? Why is this good for healing?

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