It is twilight and the Druidic Priestess reverently touches the ancient rune carving, tracing the distinctive shape with her finger. She feels energy surging in the rune form. She voices the rune’s name and softly sings its sound. Rembering well, She invokes the unique magic of this rune and lets the memories and energy flow through her entire being. She lingers a moment, then moves on to another old rune friend, repeating the process. After completing her session, she gathers up her sacred runes and puts them in an old leather bag. It is now completely dark, but before leaving the clearing in the old wood She recalls the feeling of several favorite rune shapes and then carves them in the nearby stump – leaving the mystical shapes behind for Other Realms to receive. The gift of the rune’s message and that of her heart’s song create light for the forest, the animals, the elusive Faeries, and others even more shy…

The ancient runes were simple shapes formed by straight lines – roughly akin to printed letters (in an indecipherable alphabet). They held and produced subtle energies from wave interference patterns emanating from their shapes and the magic that was infused into them at their creation. When we view a rune, our eyes capture a bit of their embedded subtle energy in addition to the normal light frequencies; the rune’s subtle energy gets combined in the image that is formed in our brain. The experience goes beyond the normal sense of sight. In that way, you are not separate from what you view. Most and foremost, the runes gave strength, balance, and wisdom (whatever was most needed) to those who viewed them. Their energy could also be elicited by tracing their shapes with a finger or even singing their sounds. Each rune had a “name” just as every letter in an alphabet has a sound associated with it. A shape and a sound – and a meaning – and underlying energies connecting all – that can be used and adapted and combined with other runes. Some said that the runes could be used to puzzle out meanings or even predict the future…

There are 22 runes passed down from the old Druid Tradition. There are also 22 letters in the ancient Hebrew alphabet. The 22 Hebrew letters were not believed to be only symbolic, but to radiate the energy that created the Hebrew world. Each rune represents a distinctive and vital element of the consciousness and essential conditions in the ancient Druids’ universe. 

The effective use of the old runes has been long forgotten by most. Conquerors who sought to control the Druidic countries seized this powerful magic and made every effort to eliminate all trace and memory. 

Today some consider the runes to be only letters from an old alphabet. But they are still far more. The runes portray broad concepts and even emit active energies: the healing-rune conveys powerful physical, emotional, and mental healing of every type (the rune symbol means healing and it holds energy that literally performs healing). Similarly, the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs possessed a literary symbolic alphabetic purpose (that archeologists learned to interpret) but the hieroglyphs also were believed to radiate the actual comprehensive energy of an action or a thing; far beyond any symbolic word or letter.

Despite all efforts throughout the ages the runes endured… Today some people toss the runes to make prophecies. This practice is similar to the predictions and insights people receive by throwing the I Ching sticks. Neither system predicts a specific outcome of events but shows the energy that will emerge in time. This knowledge gives the “informed” an edge to prepare for the change in energy that will shortly affect his life. 

The ancient Druids used the runes in these ways – among others. Those who believe that prophecy was the only purpose of the runes are badly mistaken. In the hands of a skilled Master the runes and their magical shapes can directly produce powerful energy that radiates healing and counteracts competing forces. 

In an altogether new application of runes and Druidic Lore – Jill Mattson has created the sounds and harmonics possessed by the ancient Druidic runes. Mattson’s work preserves the energy of the runes but converts it into Sound Energy. Gazing at the rune shapes is a powerful method to absorb their tiny but potent energies. Listening to the Sound version of the rune shapes also effectively bestows their healing powers and magic! 

Mattson used ancient methods of converting shapes and sacred geometry into pitches and crafting their harmonics. You can listen to the runes in sounds and subtly transport your imagination to the magical realms of the ancient Druids. … Experience the Druidic runes turned to Sound with Jill Mattson at the Master Classes on … Learn to shape shift and how to use the powerful tool of Nature!

The shrouded light of the full moon shows a sliver of itself outside of the misty clouds. The priestess tosses the runes. She selects three of them that call to her. Their energies seem to sing through her. She receives exactly what she needs at this moment.

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