Echoes of God ~ The Light Gene

Encoded in Human DNA is a “GOD GENE”

Jill Mattson has long studied the dynamic relationship between Vibrational Frequencies and their impacts on the human body. Motivated by Dean Hammer’s book, “The God Gene.” Mattson has compiled compositions containing the frequencies of the actual God Gene (VMAT2), which are linked to advanced spirituality.

Did you know that specific frequencies can penetrate your cells and resonate with your unique genetic code? Just listen and achieve a deep spiritual resonance of body and soul with the Echoes of God ~The Light Gene.

Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options developed the expertise to capture frequencies of the God Gene and generously shares them with us.

More Details on The God Gene Music!

Jill Mattson has composed musical collections for 20 years in which special frequencies are embedded in a complex musical
score. This is her secret sauce – where her musical training comes together with her long study of Sound and Ancient Civilizations. Jill produced 70 minutes of music that contains frequencies for the God Gene that Sharry Edwards provided. These special frequencies support a healthy God Gene, its activator, and protein.

Mattson believes that when listeners hear unique sound frequencies benefits are instantly delivered. The benefit is associated with something in the physical world that has the same frequency. The gift becomes stronger as listening is prolonged.

In the case of the God gene, Mattson believes that the DNA God Gene – that enhances our spirituality – is strengthened by listening to its energetic equivalent.

In 2004, geneticist Dean Hamer published The God Gene – How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes. In this revolutionary work, Hamer makes a compelling case that spirituality connects to a single gene. Spiritualism can, in part, be inherited. This gene predisposes a person to be spiritual and have mystic experiences. Hamer focuses on spirituality, not religion.

Hammer uses "Self-Transcendence" to measure a person's natural affinity (or lack thereof) for the spiritual. He calculates spirituality with three components: 1. Self-Forgetfulness (ability to be entirely engrossed in something you love – being completely "in the zone"). 2. Feeling a sense of unity and being connected to everything around you. 3. Mysticism.

The God Gene helps us seek out life meaning and spiritual experiences. Why is this important? Hammer concludes that spirituality provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with innate optimism. You may help yourself; your loved ones awaken by listening to beautiful music!

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