In the Video about singing bowls, learn:

 • Learn why Singing bowls heal you … the secret of harmonics and what that means for you The different harmonics of different materials that singing bowls are made of

• How to choose a singing bowl,

* The tone of a singing bowl and what that means for you

• Resonance pitch of the singing bowl and what each pitch does for you

• What frequencies do you need? Discover the easiest way to figure this out!

• Ancient correlations of different metals, health, consciousness, and emotions

• Singing bowls and the chakras (linking pitches, colors and benefits) (front and back chakras)

• How to physically place a bowl for unique healing benefits

• Select bowls for your unique health issues

• Select a bowl for your unique personality • Linking astrological signs and singing bowls

• Discuss the type of bowls and the sticks – why you use one type versus another. Learn about the metals and their impact on your consciousness, personality, and health.

 • Intensions and Singing Bowls. Your thoughts and energies combine with the tone of your bowl.

• 7 Metal Bowls, the ancient multi healing bowls

• How to make your bowl sing. It is easy to make a bowl sing. Although each singing bowl is a bit different.

 • Why change the direction that your stick moves on the bowl How different directions change the target of the healing tone of the si8nging bowl.

 • The frequencies of Sanskrit and shapes on Tibetan and singing bowls • Complex versus single harmonics in singing bowls

 • The angle to hold your stick on the singing bowl

• Speed of the striker on the singing bowl

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