Energies in this Sephiroth: Splendor, Surrender, Sincerity, Controls Practical & Emotional with Mental Powers, Intellect that is flexible, Balance Thoughts & Feelings

• The Location of the Sephiroth Hod

• The shape of the Sephiroth Hod

• The harmonics/name of the Sephiroth, Saying the name of the Sephiroth

• What Channeled Energies are in this Attunement?

• Attunement – Sound, Shape (and Indirectly Color)

• Other beneficial Sound Energies: Cloud Dances mp3 (vitamin, collagen and muscle frequencies), 888 Master Number Frequency, Carnelian Frequency, The Frequency of Mercury’s Orbit, Whale songs, Cricket sounds, Bird songs, Air/Wind Blowing, Storm & Lightening Energies, Channeled Energies of Thoth & Sebek

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