Energies in this Sephiroth: Beauty, Symmetry, Balance, Balances Hesod and Gevurah, Compassion, Sacrifice, Sincerity, Being True to yourself, Coordinates, Harmony, Equilibrium

• The Location of the Sephiroth Teferet

• The shape of the Sephiroth Teferet

• The harmonics/name of the Sephiroth, Saying the name of the Sephiroth

• What Channeled Energies are in this Attunement?

• Attunement – Sound, Shape (and Indirectly Color)

• Other beneficial Sound Energies: Melody’s Kiss mp3 (vitamin, collagen and muscle frequencies), The Frequency of the sun, Fire sounds, 666 Master Number Frequency, Citrine frequency, the holy Sufi Hu, Taped recording of the sun (NASA), Channeled Energies of Osiris & Heru

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