The priestess in the Druidic tradition runs her fingers along the rough bark of the ancient Oak Tree, inhaling its ever-so-slight fragrance. Closing her eyes and concentrating on the tree’s smell, she becomes part of this same landscape in her mind. Connected to the oak, time vanishes for the lady…

Soft moonlight shines through the leaves as the white orb reveals its glow underneath the misty clouds. In her mind’s eye, the priestess watches a small herd of deer slip from the woods and stop in front of the giant oak tree; silently they stare at her. They are her brothers and sisters. She joins them in her mind. She lifts her skirt to freely run into the woods, singing and laughing all of the way.

The Druids valued nature above all else – it was the embodiment of the One Spirit. We all know the grounding, centering, and calming influence we get after spending time with nature. The ancient Druids took advantage of this influence in incredible ways. They studied and worked with pure subtle energies from nature to receive healing, wisdom, and answers in their daily lives. Their path to the Divine was based on recognizing, honoring, and merging with Mother Nature. 

Druidic priests and priestesses honored their imagination, believing it to be a powerful tool to transport their consciousness and open doors to other realms. Stop for a moment and look at your imagination with wonder. You can really do anything in your mind. Is this not incredible? The first step in any manifesting is to create a mental image of what you want to create. The Druids would have scoffed at the idea that imagination was only child’s play. To lose wonder at the imagination was to lose one’s own power. 

Prayer, intent, chants, meditations, and dreams carry energy. These techniques were combined to purposely birth conditions that they wanted in their lives. Careful observation of “what things felt like” enabled them to gather the necessary energy to create the conditions that they desired. 

Druids harnessed nature’s energy in surprising ways. Blending with an aspect of nature, such as a storm, would entail internally copying the storm’s energy or “feelings.” Once that connection was strong, the Druid wizard created a powerful sense of calm and then transferred this stillness to the storm. The Druid was not separate from the storm. Druids constantly connected to nature and exchanged energies. For example, a rose is beautiful and carries the energy of beauty.  A shared flower imparts beauty to another – both physical and energetic beauty. 

In another example of how the Druids worked with nature, they imaged the forest through the trees’ awareness. How did they do this? They concentrated on becoming a tree… they selected a tree that seemed to call to them and then stood near it. They focused on feeling the roots gripping the moist soil; then the strong trunk …slowly moving up their consciousness to the highest branches.  They spoke with that tree in a language made up of feelings and the energy of emotions. They did this so often that they acquired an awareness of the being of a tree. And the connection to the entire forest became very close. As they learned the woods on a deeper level, they experienced the animals that lived there intimately. The Druids practiced becoming one with nature all their lives. The depth of understanding and knowledge that they attained is hard to appreciate – they truly became one with the natural world around them.  

Using their imagination as a powerful tool, the Druid paid attention to little places deep within the forest that felt better than others. They believed that the higher energy in a particular tiny spot radiated from a higher dimension. The veils were thinner here! Physics is today teaching us that there are other dimensions, realities, and possibilities. To the Druids, this was true and real – attainable. The worlds of elves, faeries, and others … were real. You found their doorways by closely paying attention to how you felt at unique locations. There was an exalted feeling that radiated in a special location.  The Druids created bridges to places that felt healing and uplifting. 

In other examples, to perform healing, the Druids would sometimes connect to a giant oak tree – as the tree’s immunity is different from ours. A tree and doesn’t get a cold or the flu. Sharing the tree’s energy bestowed some qualities, such as immunity against a cold. The priests and priestesses blended with a pack of wolves. They gained the wolves’ fierceness to block enemies who wished to hurt them. The priests and priestesses could see the world from the eyes of an eagle who enjoyed the big panoramic view and rose above life’s daily dramas. 

Shapeshifting was the name given for combining different species’ energies, blending us together.  With practice, by remembering the incredible power of our imagination, we can once again join with other animals – even plants.

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In the light of the moon, the priestess feels the deep softness of the moss with her fingers. This opens the deep softness within her own heart. An owl hoots. She returns to her roots, blending with the land, sky, and sea.

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